UFA-Wochenschau 342/1963 12.02.1963


01. Fiji Islands. Visit Elizabeth II. - Harbour m. Palms in the fo, panoramic view over street on Lantern stehd. Director, native paints decorative balls on lantern, large. Melanesierin combs the hair, size other, native beats with leg on gr. Cannon salute shooting at the wharf close sheet role, coast with lush vegetation in the background, supervision on briefly in the water of spaddelnde children, propelled "Britannia" i. d. Bay, total, close, Queen goes to the shore bridge over carpet on indigenous child, close, while Philipp + 2 ladies in front of Pier stop. Queen takes close by the child, flowers entgeg., d. child resigns, kneels, squats on carpet & claps i. hands, close. -Queen's, followed by Philip, honor guard off, close. Series v. natives, mainly children, swing kl. Brit. Pennants, kl. Boy has. smiling big, Royal couple in the off. Car driving, waving, close, 2 close once. Dances in war jewelry, Kön. pair on grandstand, halbseitl. close by aisle of a field of hockd. Natives will be. Gifts borne, close to half the carrier leg. Web work on the Earth, close. A Melanesian press, in the circles of three comrades sitzd., about Shell a kava root, m. d. drives tray around, hands in d. close, looking to hockd. Indigenous women, close to half of the beverage maker pours the Queen the juice in their content. Chalice, close, it empties it, while the outer seat ends & Ph.d. to see old Crouching native, close, Philip drinks + Queen observer. in doing so, close it. One of 2 hockd. Hands clap seriously close typically natives. Scenic m. plants i. fo., shrubs m. flowers, bildf, flower Umbel, great. -02 Berlin winter - "Kohlenhänalerfrühling". -Based newspapers and magazines, bildf, PIC. Wife Gets a., d. str. big newspapers from production (sound), Walsh comes up m. microphone to them (o - s anonymous.), befest m. clothespins. Cover with Sens. -Headlines, big, feet of the woman, she they mutually recommends against each other; Workers shovel & put in the open air. Briquettes in bucket, close, additional weight will be placed on carbon balance, close to the entertainment betw. Kohlenhändlern & PIC. Customers (o - s narration), coal shovels, big, ält smiling spectators. Women, close, coal man helps an old b. humps on a bag, the old assumption v. hint. seen close. -Hand puts chess piece, big, the playing. Mr gets youths ever big boy in a game room billiards and chess, d. leave the hem of younglings, hands grab nacheinand. a child bucket, large, lower body v. boys, who carry up stairs scuttle, close. Boys entering right m. buckets rooms. Wife, close. -Straßenbahner to go from sighting an empty train at coffee stand on road, take each l Cup of free coffee, drinking, big. -Lower body passers-by m. stroller, close. Mrs m. stroller next to wartd road. People close, get baby Fasche of their snippet out, big, smiling looking down people, close, baby, drinking, big. -Organ-grinder drinks from a liquor bottle, big, turns to see organ and begins to turn, close. View v. down to House angle Traditio m. Peek down people on Windows. Organ in the yard empty waste in trash bins, look at organ grinder, which a person put down money from window inhabitants, old couple throws wrapped coins smiling out of window, close, the Drehorgler pulls hat and nods lächld. looking up, close, hat on again, and fuck continues.

03. tanks against Teddy bear a. Nuremberg. Toy Fair. -Porter rejects fast-clad boy before the portal, close, Porter, cigarette smoking, Gr., which carves a boy between adults hiding the way in. -Exhibition stands with mechan. Stuffed animals, young m. rag doll skin to a native American Doll, close. -Mini racing cars go v. Start on d. short circuit. Get freight wagons. m. Log load on a wooden stock, train departs, fahrd. Train m. Loren Annängern prior to mine, looking too young, big, by a conveyor passes white. Sand in lore. -KL boy plays with kl. Car veteran, fahrd. Great car. Boy shoots, lying on tummy, ab rocket, close.

b. Hamburg. Toy test (original sound). Hanging and swinging legs one sitzd. Nah, converse single boys series happy, close. Boys individually designed before. Toys (Teddy, truck, tank, tool & stable construction kit, Masch. gun), 2 + 2 choose wash. -Pist. and the boxes, Esterer... interv. they individually (see SPR. text), the young b. responses, depending on the size.

04. accident story (s. NDW 681) by way of derogation: hand reaching to the key wholesale. -At the end: driver side. Gr., head moves, impact on lamppost from a drivers standpoint, car scrap (archive).

05. Munich. Art exhibition. -Mr considered a compact relief work shaking his head, next to it is a tangle of wire frame with anhängd shaking. Bells, etc. close. -Children cart in plastic sleeve on the wall, in addition to shadow of the wire frame. Forts. Art exhibition:-visitors see Mimmo Rotella. the hint. Glass wall of a poster composition scraps rips off the "artist" hand wipes clean, disk close, behind the audience. Rotella interpreted his work with phonet. Poem, frontal, big (original sound). Interview with Rolf Becker ("serious efforts are undoubtedly"). -An artist climbs ladder next to high tower of stacked one above the other tons of unt. an archway, close, push them still somewhat right, close + total. -Daniel Spoerri is to create "Readymades" (boards with things pinned up on the wall), clean by blowing and wiping strips, affix anything. -Gerard Deschamps is Santiago Campo. Paintings of old knotted-together rags, cutting work, bildf. -The young Niki Potter m. Assistant in the Studio, strange things around, pile of indefinable work material; Niki is in white dress m. Gun before her artwork "Gambrinus", shoots, Gr., upper part of the getroff. Plant large, face of Chelsea before that passes. -Visitor scares before suddenly to shake onset wire frame, swivel about big. -06 Munich. Artist Carnival party with "Bossa Nova". -Many settings. the dancers dressed in crazy costumes, including man in deep tagged complexion. Swimsuit, masks on the back of the head, combo with thicker jg. close colored singer on stage, close (original sound), singer + great.
Rotella speaks phonetic poem (original sound). -

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Becker, Rolf ; Deschamps, Gerard ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Esterer ; Saint Phalle de, Niki ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Rotella, Mimmo ; Spoerri, Daniel ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig


Nuremberg ; Munich ; Berlin ; Fiji Islands ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Hamburg ; Suva ; Bethel ; Holland


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hands ; Interviews ; Carnival ; Children ; child care, education problems ; Education, youth ; Flags ; Carnival ; Musical events ; News, communications ; Plants ; Shipping ; Ships ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Dance ; Youth ; Art ; Works of art ; Landscapes ; People ; transport questions ; winter pictures ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; Viewers and audience ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 342/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 also known as Royal couple fit skiing Islands origin: Pathe news winter in Berlin: help for the elderly camera: Pahl Jr.

Nürhberger Toy Fair + children interviews camera: Vlasdeck, Seib, Rieck accident series (18): drivers and alcohol origin: Cine journal, Jupiter film Munich Gallery Becker Bossa Nova on internally. Artist Carnival party in Munich camera: Rau, Vlasdeck the phonetic poem final brand 3, 1

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