UFA-Wochenschau 334/1962 21.12.1962


01 Bonn. Vienna Boys Choir sing for Adenauer "at the fountain in front of the gates" the choir enter Hall in the PAL. Foam, Adenauer in the districts of some men's Juntas takes such welcome by a d. bouquet of roses, close. Flash light photographer, side. Nah, neb Chancellor. a gentleman sitting on theater chairs, close. Various settings. Boys Choir on stage singing (interview). -02. Bonn. Exclusive interview m. d. new Verteid.-Minister, Kai Uwe von hassel he goes to his desk with a burning lamp, sits down, changing his glasses. frontal, close, his hand b. signing a document is close, frontal, big (o - s narration). Lübke Bild on wall, great.

03. Montauban. British French maneuvers - parachute jump öffnd aerial photographs of themselves. Parachutes, television, total, lowering himself to the Earth screens, top & side. recorded, close A few settings, single-use jumpers. Soldiers in combat fatigues take up arms, etc. MG, close, run away by helicopter, elongated helicopter over smoking field & forest with hinged truck, total and close, settles on lone box him, close; Soldiers waiting on a field and smoke in the background. -Soldiers race with weapons at the ready, tumble down a wall, climbing over the wall, run through the village. 2 soldiers behind firing MG directed on Road (one holds cartridge battery), recorded from rear sight, close. Soldier with rifle and hängd around neck. Road running along frontal, close the battery of cartridge. Series soldiers marching along, close. 5 in the circle franz standing together. & also known as soldiers on a field, close.

04. Paris. Campaign against the flu virus at the Pasteur Institute. -Entrance arch. -On the. falling leaves in the autumn forest, field work, cars & bridge in the fog. In winter clothes with a cup of coffee in hand on road man, large, sneezes, Gr., & m. d. hand wipes up the nose. -Viruses unt. Microscope, bildf., various settings. and on the. Laboratory b. Research using eggs, rat is locked in a glass, great. M. sleeping rat next to the ether bottle, glass, lab assistant puts rat on experiment table, gloved hand of a researcher leads long tube instrument on rat's mouth, close, head one clutching at the neck by hand. Rat, close.

05. accident dangers primer I: children in the household. -Woman standing on the stove, seitl., kl. Boy is added / contains d. of wash pot Gr., altercation on handle. Mother & child original sound (see narration), mother takes away d. hand, kneeling before the boy, smiling her zuhörd. Boy, big, boils, mother throws aprons node and follows him, v. hint. who close their hands, d. when closing kitchen door.
Open page m. history of Eddie from Struwwelpeter books close. Little girl cut hair with scissors before Dresser mirror, close, stroking a cat in kl. Walking around the Living room table, cat tears b. Jumping down ceiling opening Matchbox d. child with down, and m. d. plays cat on carpet, the carpet big; drinking from milk dishes, the child lit a match, cat runs away v. empty plate, the child keeps the burning wood on frontal happy smiling.

06. Baden-Baden. "Sportsman of the year". -Flash photographer, close, Rowing Club "Ratzeburg eighth" on stage, Cup by d. series on the kl. Tax man passed on. Review of worl. in Lucerne. -Gerhard occurs Hetz, large, 2 men in the audience, smiling, depending on size, smear neb m. Cup. Prize distribution for honouring. Answer review of float sequence. -Congratulations and handing-over certificate of commendation to Jutta Heine, big, Fütterer, smiling, front, size.. Archive-run mark. -Jutta Heine and Gerhard Hetz set a brisk twist on the floor, close + size.

07. visit the Atelier a. American Film production built copy of the old Beijing. -The scenes city in the construction and pan finished city, technicians on ladders high film lighting, Director speaks m. Charlton Heston outdoors d. role David Niven, by, in short, standing, close, shortly. Div on the. Street life of m. gr walk-ons when hint. Camera looking through light meter in s hand. Chinese ignited gun with torch, met great building, wall pieces fall away.

b. Workshop mirror:-adaptation of Lehár's "funny. Widow". Excerpt from a can-can scene with Peter Alexander; Karin Hübner and one wide. Actress at the make-up, size. Günther Philipp reads and scrolls in script, side., great. Mirror image by p. Alexander, who sits on styling Chair & is Hairspray awkwardly the injected into face. Illuminator switch lamps, large, short. Intake valve is closed, shoots the scene with Alexander and m. Karin Hübner. Cameramen.

8th Munich. Ski fashion in the Madison clock fashion photographer Relang rotating disc, great. Madame mannequins attitude statements are relevant. Exercises, mannequins individually b. Combs before a large mirror, large, mannequin Hat sets, large, mantle covers, turns out front screen in various poses, various on the. Mme. Relang b. instructions, great, and m. Assistant to see mannequins in ski models always in connection with camera bodies.

09 Amsterdam-wigs-Salon - also for dogs "like the mistress - so's pooch" operation of ladies in a hairdressing salon, A few unt. Hood, Barber puts finishing touches on women's hairstyle, close, mirror keeps the Lady, mounting mirror image of a poodle m. similar. Wig and mirror-looking lady, great. Lady turns to the mirror and allows further styling himself. Poodle wig sitting on styling Chair, close, mirror image of Lady - Spiegelb. a dog hairdresser approaches and combs his wig, big. Intermediate cuts of dog heads, hanging Gr., from archive, uber Chair wagging dog cock, large, woman leaves the salon with similar frisiertem dog, Bulldog pulls on the leash forward, side, mistresses and souped-up dog go great by road, close and in detail.

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Alexander, Peter ; Hassel von, Kai Uwe ; Heston, Charlton ; Hübner, Karin ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Niven, David ; Philipp, Gunther ; Relang ; Fütterer, Heinz ; Heine, Jutta ; Hetz, Gerhard


Spain ; Paris ; Munich ; Amsterdam ; Montauban ; Bonn ; Baden-Baden ; Motauban


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Dogs ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Special events ; skydiving, skydiving ; filmmaking ; Musical events ; Political events ; Armor ; beauty care ; sporting events ; Dance ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Youth ; Buildings ; Maneuver ; Medicine ; Military events ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Viewers and audience ; Dogs ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 334/1962

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title 7, 6 m Wiener sängerknaben for Adenauer camera: Basic, Zakariah, strong Kai-Uwe von hassel as new. Defense Minister camera: strong, Luppa Brit. French Maneuver b. Montauban origin: Gaumont flu research, Paris origin: Gaumont accident series origin: Jupiter-film, Hamburg sportsman of the year (Heine, Pike) camera: strong origin: Archive Studio mirror: Beijing film set origin: No.-do "Merry Widow" camera: fire ski fashions v. Bessie Becker in the Madison bar camera: Vlasdeck dog wigs origin: Polygoon archive final brand 3, 1 m

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