UFA-Wochenschau 326/1962 26.10.1962


01 Bonn. Farewell Lauris Norstads:-General Norstad company walks off, close, short, people and customs police officers in addition to their Krädern on street, Norstad and and. General greet the company close + total, Norstad accompanied by steps to the Ministry rising, half-close side, Strauß says front microphone standing before him General words of farewell, close (o-ton - see narration).

02. training of NATO special forces unit "Hunter-killer group". -War fleet on the high seas, total, aircraft carrier before other ships i. Htrgrd., close to the aircraft carrier fighter jet start with start timer, close, passing on Flugz. -Carrier, short, soldier operated radio equipment plant of a. carrier, unmanned helicopter over the water, flow and outstanding tube of a fahrd. U boat, close, helicopters dropping bomb, in short, impact in the water, short, bombs rain fighter-bomber, close, impact. Destroyer, big + total, gun barrels are automatically aligned technician before bearing device inside, large, magnetic impact depth of drilling pipes, may close, explosion in the water at the front-gr. Ship end shown.), kills electronically steered close packages, explosion behind a fahrd. Destroyer, total, explosion in the water, close, total, aerial view of the exercises area, short.

03. Berlin. New entrenchments between Rudow and Großziethen. -Behind barbed wire and umhergehd. Zone soldiers, Watchtower hint. Stacheldr. -Spank, Armist holds hint rolling wire roller, large, working under guard. Barbed wire, stehd. Sentry, large frontal by engaging Armist, wire, wire link with large pliers.

04. East Berlin. Polish party delegation to Ulbricht. -Conversations at the table, Ulbricht, Gomulka, Cyrankiewicz, depending on size, the delegation and officials of the sector boundary, overhear the crowd before Turnpike declarations of an officer, wehd. East Germany and Poland. Flags, young pioneers, big, work way, Cyrankiewicz welcomes freundl. a boy, big, Gomulka takes a pioneer on the arm. Passing on trellis with jublnd. People with banners, Gomulka and companion in off. Car driving, stands and waves close. -Particpating Gomulka dance game on a party ball, swivel the wine drinking Cyrankiewicz on young lady at his side, Gomulka, close, dancing, close. Move over equivalent people's Chamber (from above) with Gomulka in speech, gr. (partly original sound), applaudrd. Audience and applaud. Officials with G., C. and & close on stage. Soldiers parading to grandstand over, G., C. and and waving, close, beckoning dense crowds in the dark, embrace Ulbricht/Gomulka before watching. People, gr. About waving, side swivel. close to the rear on winkd. Ulbricht i. d. amount of lateral ones. large, Gomulka beckoning from the train compartment, large.

05. asylum for Tibetans. The Dalai Lama, in the home of Tibetan Flüchtl. Children in Simla, India. -Pan over the Himalayas, Archivaufn. Chines. Battle group stormed Tibet, imprisonment of priests, shortly. Pan across mountains. 2 Tibetans lead kl. Boys in their midst, frontal, stops the little, big. Orphanage half total, led a gaggle of orphaned children by carers, children storm garden steps down, the Dalai Lama and wife in europ. Clothing with Entourage come afterwards, close, surrounding Lady & D. L. of children, D. L., sitting on Chair, kids turn to pass, takes their brains. binds the hands, scarf a boy big. Children and monks in the outdoor sitting, watching the D. L. at prayer number zusehd. President jg. Tibet. Sisters, close, a big, with label sewn on the sleeves (SCF), D. L. sits on throne Chair, close, various settings. Children, close + big, D. L. large & totally before a crowd of children and caregivers.

06. Berlin. Pedigree dogs Congress. -Dog licks master div. dog heads, size face, short, kl. Boy, heads v. Beschauern, Gr., rear view lower body of a pair before cage, they with dick. crooked. Legs in short skirt. Dog owners immediately demonstrate their dogs in the Hall. -Dogs are brushed and combed, nurse, summarizes A few dog hair clasp 2 women b. dog styling before sign "Hairdressing course for dogs", great. Total Hall with boxing, legs of the dog owner to demonstrate their dogs close to men and women of the jury with pencil and paper, unt. Viewers, short, presentation d Cup of the German Chancellor, briefly.

07 Warsaw. In the Café "stone steps" are "Requested dogs.". -Dog put paw on the counter of the cafe, Shepherd keeps big newspaper in its mouth, dog plate is pushed out with cake on the counter, dog supplies. -Table round, close, dog between 2 coffee trinkd. Ladies on the sofa, jg. Woman feeds kl. Lap dog, large, jg. Tiger between 2 people, close, on Chair table Chair Barking Dog, great. Mr leg unt. Chair suddenly jerks, hand attacks under pants and scratch on the leg, gr.

08 Hamburg. HSV soccer game: FC = Santos 3-3 (see NDW)

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Cyrankiewicz ; Dalai Lama ; Gomulka, Wladyslaw ; Norstad, Lauris ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Pele


Berlin ; Simla/India ; Belgium ; East Berlin ; United States ; Warsaw ; East Berlin ; Tibet ; Böblingen ; Bonn ; Japan ; Hamburg ; India


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Dogs ; Children ; child care, education problems ; Flags ; Escape ; Refugees ; Football ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Rockets ; Advertising ; Religious events ; Armor ; Shipping ; Ships ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Landscapes ; Maneuver ; Military events ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; NATO ; aerial photographs ; Gastronomy ; Viewers and audience ; Dogs ; Technology ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 326/1962

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

Country of Origin:
Federal Republic of Germany

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Year of Production:


Title brand 7, 6 m farewell v. NATO-OB. Commander Norstad (o-ton Strauss) camera: strong, basic, Zakariah Hunter-killer group (U boat arms) Grenzverstärkg. Bln-Rudow + Großziethen camera: Pahl Jr.

Gomulka in East Berlin origin: DEFA Dalai Lama i. ind. Refugee children's home origin: Pathe news int. Pedigree dog exhibition, Berlin camera: Pahl Jr.

Dogs in Warsaw Cafe origin: Polkronika soccer HSV/FC Santos, Hamburg camera: fire, o Connor, Rau, Jürgens, Seib final brand 3, 1 m

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