UFA-Wochenschau 325/1962 19.10.1962


1st Rome. 21 Vatican Ecumenical Council. -Div. once. Peter's square m. Wartd. Crowd, people looking up, seen from window Pope Johannes XXIII in the off,. Window standing, blessing the crowd, half close, waiting close, newspaper salesman, newspaper kiosk with buyers, magazines covers, including the Pope, Mr. hand takes a "time" m. Pope-portrait of stack, large, people. a. nuns, Windows flag, arrived German bishops be unt. Applause from crowd welcomes the close 2 honour guard in front entrance, swivel supported by a white-gloved on Sabre. M. some engage hand pair on the other, big, bishops are surrounded by people. -Pan of cars in the rain on St. Peter's square without people, half-dead. Bishops rush of buses due to rain in the Basilica, bishops in Arcade, hand of colored Bishop extracting a pocket in his briefcase, big, is persistent among bishops, great. Sumptuous collection of the Vatican and of the HLG. Father in the Basilica, waving crowd, Pope blesses by lifting Chair down the amount. Div. once. the occupied meeting room in the central nave d. St. Peter's Basilica, bishops are grouped before altar, Pope by bishops and Cardinals surrounded, blesses the Assembly. -Night shots dome of the Cathedral, balustrade with statues of the Saints, Peter wells, - magnificent Torch-light procession to the Cathedral, once., including in front of St. Peter's cross-shaped groups.

02. Berlin. US maneuvers Encl. the anniversary of the 6th US infantry regiment. -Some settings. Churches behind wall. -Close on standing on the edge of the manoeuvres field group of officers, 3 US officers in the conversation. Tanks driving through water cool, tank stops in front of mound m. Barbed wire, U.S. soldiers rush with a ladder from the back door of the tank, storming forward, hold machine guns in attack, storm wood House in village of maneuvers to run over head from rooftop to rooftop, tanks driving through the village, short, soldier falls with door in house and stays, injured man is carried on stretcher, dissipate soldiers prisoner.

03. Uganda. "Independence day". -Div. once. dancing and playing on native instruments natives, Negril has taken their child's hands and makes great applause Bewgung, Negroes holding hand protectively over head, large, swivel on order on his chest, with canoes in Kampala arriving tribesmen, several canoes on the water, landing, the newcomers go by trellis v. locals the Duke of Kent and wife Kathrine gangway descend, honor guard of black, shortly, kl. Girl with flowers of the Duchess, these hands, dancing and waving with flags natives i. d him. Road, passing Duke pair, waving, close, National Guard happens gate, briefly, King Mutesa II is accompanied by space, Crouching black on the edge of the square, finger raised to sign of the oath, swing from an old oaths on a blade, which he shot on his upright keeps, close. -By car motorway the pair of Duke u. Mutesa someone - i. fo. Welcoming, applauding set. dressed Europeans, flag d. jg. Nation is flown at night, applauding natives in European clothes, waving flag b. darkness, great.

04. Munich. "Africans letter". Fountain at the local square m. birds whirring around, large, woman on the square squats between pigeons, pigeon flock flies in face of the afrikan. Students, frontal, big, writes in garden restaurant on the road letter to his father (see narration), sees itself after a passing blonde. Girl friend. Coded images, hauptsächl. from archive. Legs and heads schlendernder girl, the big, people newspaper notice, read seller hint. his fruit stand on d Street, road use outgoing & read newspaper fruit stall at the vegetable market, Lord seller's woman goods on the net, close, old man leads plum to the mouth, big, short, African market, short, cylindrical hats on chairs, close, elegant African Audience at one place. Europ. Mannequin in evening dress, short, elegant gekleid. Mannequins drink liqueur standing, full dance hall with little pairs on Negro dance floor, little clad partners, hip-pivoting bikini wearer - hip-pivoting from behind, short, many hands make beer glasses from tray, toast to men with caps, girl with cardboard Hat drinking from beer mug, front., big, hands briefly drummer on the Congo drums,, in short, wash plate, short, rock ' n roll dancing, twist singer, dancing Negro. (Archive). The African Student in his rented room, reading, notes counts towards the approaching lessor, old. Soldier of portrait on wall, poster "partner d. progress - Africa", big. -Africans at the outdoor cooking, steaming boiler, large. -Our African Student pays the Bill at the restaurant. African Chief, great. Pan across the Bank building by Bababodúle. White-clad Africans go by road with model buildings, Negro head looks onslaught of Negroes in war jewelry from mud hut. Us. Student's letter in envelope at the restaurant table. -05 Frankfurt. Athletics international competition Germany: Poland. -(s.a. NDW 664) input Assembly: Javelin, pole vault. Pole vault by Wolfgang Reinhardt (4.45 m) in slow motion. the men's 110 m hurdles: start, A few hurdles fall hint runners, in the middle of the run transition on slow motion. Winner: Werner Trzmiel (14.1 sec). 100 M: brings German one-two with Firnhaberau"Gamper. "Vault of the German Schillkowski about 2 m in slow motion, he astonished sit One moment, is amazed (still slow) thereof, is turning over to the bar." Faces of spectators, screen-filling.
4 x 100 m relay team. Sprint Germar German victory. Germar is needy boys to autograph flanked smiling on the sports field, makes a stunning away hand movement.
Mr gives go-ahead for the 200-meter run, close. Start. Stops Germar, Sprint in slow motion. Winner: Marian Foik, Poland. -Germar runs at moderate pace alone through the target, goes over the square, great confused and disappointed.

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Johannes XXIII. ; Edward von Kent ; Katherine von Kent ; Mutesa II. von Uganda ; Foik, Marian ; Germar, Manfred ; Gamper, Peter ; Hebauf, Alfred ; Reinhardt, Wolfgang ; Schillkowski ; Trzmiel, Werner


Rome ; Berlin ; Munich ; Africa ; Uganda ; Kampala/Uganda ; Frankfurt ; Kampala


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Flags ; News, communications ; Races ; Religious events ; Armor ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Maneuver ; Military ; Military events ; festivals ; NATO ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 325/1962

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title 7, 6 m II. Vatican. Council opening origin: iNcom, SEDI input & torchlight camera: basic Bernaustrasse Berlin origin: Archive Allied tank exercise in the Grunewald camera: Pahl sen., Pahl Jr.

Independence of Uganda origin: Pathe news letter of Negroes from Africa camera: Vlasdeck, Rahim origin: Archive Athletics Germany/Poland in Frankfurt camera: Vlasdeck, strong final brand 3, 1 m

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