UFA-Wochenschau 323/1962 05.10.1962


01. monks Gladbach. Men's fashion 1962 - "Leisure suit". Historically gekleid. Mr holding hand on Chin, shakes head, gr. -Pants on hanger next to tie hanging. Top tailors bust m. off. Shirt collar, gr. -Men in history Costumes on pedestals with danebenhängd. MOD shirt. -Mr House suit + m. stripes decorated. Hat, the thoughtful hand unt. Chin holds, gr. a. total on the podium. Is drehd. Wig with tricorn hat, great. Hard cuts during demonstration of leisure suits on pedestals (heads not visible). Mr. Couturier Christel Fausel standing at bust speaks to suit Rod stehd. JG. Man (o - s SPR. text), half-close. Lord gives instructions, mannequin is in. Poznan to put down. Mannequin takes stiff collar from the neck, Gr., Mr hand reaching work in case sewn on sleeves, Gr., fashion photographer b. d. m. mannequin. -Hard cutting mannequin standing on the podium on all four walls. -Theo Petersen comes up in Dioles suit made of water, pulls fish from lapel, Gr., binds to shoe, Gr., Petersen at the mini golf game, close. -02 Chertsey / engl. transport vehicles at military show. -SUV making total whole rotation in forest clearing. From large plastic tent is wide. Hose drained air, technicians slide along one side upwards and out transportation vehicle moves backwards. Tank driving in gr. Foxhole, accident tank drives up, half sunken tanks wheels, large tank is pulled out with steel cable. Div. SUV b. d. ride over humps of Earth, total, test drive of a SUV over steep incline on bridge and by water basin.

03. Hamburg. Crash tests with seat belts. -The young Doris limp climbs cars on crossbar itself puts the strap, large, seen v. external start, going against a car. -Sensation driver Gil Delamare bounces (m. 85 km/h) and. Cars, which in turn drives up on Forebody, extinguish flames on hood of the test car, firefighters, front of a stehd. Red Cross car, Gr., stehd behind a truck. Policeman, gr. Gil Delamare straps in civilian clothes in driver's seat belt, runs great, with 85 km/h halbseitl. Gaitan. stehd. Dare, taken from the car interior, swivel OVR. indented bonnet, Gr., test car flip over 2 times, cars will open, Delamare behind car in the company of several men standing, smiling and stroking himself back hair, close.

04. Studio mirror a. "Road of promise" with Johanna von Koczian Mt. Mario Adorf. Rotating images in Munich. -Intake valve is close. The great actor. Karin Baal, Gr., make-up and a dance scene in Ghost, diamond field in d. camera, short.

b. "90 minutes after midnight". Director Jürgen Goslar, direction statement, short, big. -Scene with d. main actors Christian Doermer and Christine Kaufmann engineer with laufd. Recording device, Klaus of Shibi field on camera, front. large.

05. ride the faithfully reconstructed "bounty" from Calais to Dover. -Div. once, the fahrd. Ship s, sailors put rope together, Gr., views by ropes of fahrd. Ship on the quay with people, div. part once. of the drive. Boat and the crew in views. Clothing, sailors draw the lines, climb up mast, helmsman turning steering wheel, large. -Trevor Howard in civil talks with helmsman and unsichtb. Person, gr. -Tower Bridge and through sichtb. "Bounty" total.

06 Kassel. "Self controllable water ski-tow". Demonstrated by the brothers Edelmann, motor is folded up, motor, operating the hand control lever, gr. Div. water rewarding behind the automatically controlled tow boat.

07. Hamburg. Football defeat of the HSV on the day of his 75-j. gg of existence of. Benfica Lisbon pageant in the filled. People's Park Stadium, historically-dressed men, transparent with anniversary. -Glückwünschen etc., in short, eel seller, short, policeman, short. Football match in diffuse light. Door scenes and A few goals in slow motion, various recordings viewers, 3 children on field embrace and jump for joy, 2nd half by floodlight. Backward swing of floodlight on the playing field.

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Adorf, Mario ; Baal, Karin ; Doermer, Christian ; Fausel, Christel ; Goslar, Jürgen ; Howard, Trevor ; Kaufmann, Christine ; Koczian von, Johanna ; Petersen, Theo ; Rautenfeld von, Claus ; Delamare, Gil ; Edelmann ; Hinkens, Doris


United States ; Chertsey ; Hamburg ; Mönchengladbach ; Rendsburg ; Calais ; Kassel ; Chertsey, England


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Special events ; filmmaking ; Football ; Armor ; Shipping ; Ships ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; Debris ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Military events ; water skiing ; Surfing ; Science ; Fashion ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 323/1962

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7 6 m mens clothing (leisure suits) camera: Jürgens, basic British military vehicles origin: Pathe news seatbelts camera: Rau, Oakley Studio mirror: "Road of promise" camera: Vlasdeck "90 mins" camera: Vlasdeck "Mutiny on the bounty" camera: Seib, fire (self controlled towing) camera: basic soccer Benfica Lisbon/HSV. (75th anniversary. d. HSV) camera: fire, Seib, Rieck, Zakariah final brand 3. 1 m

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