UFA-Wochenschau 315/1962 07.08.1962


01 Hamburg. The birth of a plastic - "4 Knight" by George Edwards. -Sculptor George Edwards in his workshop b. editing the plaster model with scraper. -Einströmen of the molten steel in the plaster cast in foundry, close, A few workers, close. Edwards among the bystanders, close, print is slowly hochgehüsert, Edwards and workers interested in watching. Edwards b. files out of the plastic in s. workshop, hands b. file, close. Edwards considered the finished work. 2 part set, plastic, large.

02. Wrocław. Exciting pantomime. -Excerpts from a controversial performance of the pantomime Theatre; 1 "Man and bird". 2. "Cain and Abel".

03. theme of the week: people. -Div. recording crowds (archive). Transfokator ride down on square, serious old woman neb and others. others standing, close, woman with folded. Neb hands in front of the mouth. and. Woman size, people-full beach. -(Archive) brawl in Trafalgar square with police, Mosley fascist leader on arrival at Assembly, sudden attack on the Group produced wild fight, Mosley fought free, is m. companions through the crowd, half close, div. Brawl betw. individual in d. amount of hysterical woman is thrown by 2 police officers on the ground, a man holds close bleeding forehead wound with cloth.

04. Düsseldorf. Congress of the Bachelors. -Man speaks A few words such as topic "Loneliness", big (o - s narration). Coded archive pictures: hikers at lake promenade, A few settings. People in the city traffic. -Older drummer, close, a pair of prostet to be m. wine glasses, close, band, side. Nah, man wraps Campo baby doll on table. dabeistehd. Woman, a woman's face with a cigarette in hand large man m. baby doll in her arms, Ms. Campo kissing the winning beauty queen of the Bachelorette before Chapel I Htrgrd., applauding guests at table. Dance Chapel, side, close, ballroom dancing on the floor, A few interviews with Bachelorette (o - s narration), individually. -05 Hannover. World Congress of the int. Naturist Federation - Nudism. -a. exhibition. Poster in the street "Ausstellg. -Naturism in the picture", Gr., exhibition visitors before images, see freistehd. Picture excellent-looking Mr leg pair, close, div. close Viewer, including Wichmann is amazed as the main character OVR. d. pictures, b. large images. Wichmann Checkin' shield "to the Naturist Sports Park", close, Shield 'insight. Parking not unclothed enter! ", close, back view nudists before Turnpike, of which a Wichmann retaining plate entkleideter cameraman contends, Jürgen on stat." Camera at the edge of the box (thick horizontal line covered the observation), audience m. umbrellas, Minister of Social Affairs Partsch keeps opening speech (k sound), big, viewers unt. Screens, close, Minister sets v. spectators in the tree, close, Wichmann creeps into bushes, peers as well, applaud. Viewers, a girl close, unt. Screen, great. -Camping Assembly in the bushes & back views v. nudists, run Walsh in the water, mother and son go with nudists playing ball, along Lakeshore Wichmann catches b. coming forth in bushes and falls down. -Entkleideter Naturist Board at tables in the open air, close + total, interviews with Naturist President div. naturists (see narration). -Div. pieces of clothing are thrown on the lawn on a pile, close to the total, bare feet tapping in water, close, close, Wichmann in water peeks down wading, legs in the round, visible, Wichmann wring more interviews, each microphone in the water something out (pants) and it throws away, head of floating girl, close, girls in bikini running out of the water, soloseat. close, Walters is amazed, appears with crossed arms raised, poor and to full hands over water, close.

06. Nurburgring. I - car race of the formula to "Gr. price of Germany" in the rain and fog. -Public oversight of unt. Umbrellas (unt. Title), oversight of track and Grandstand total during startup, various settings. of the race, many total shots. Participants include: Phill Hill Graham Hill, Jim Clark, Dan Gurney and Joakim Bonnier. -The Italian Badoni jumps from his Gaither. Embankment patch car tried to pull back, half close, driving to the box, spectator row in front of the boxes, Phill Hill to the box, helmet from his head, tears (in getting) close, close, says a man something in your ear, short, man on track keeps large round scoreboard Huschke delighted by Hanstein with pen in hand, pursuing a passing car, half close, min Strauß. UNT. Spectators, frontal, big, hands on 2 stop watches in box, close, short. -Award ceremony for Graham Hill with oak wreath and flowers, close.

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Badoni ; Bonnier, Joakim ; Engst, Georg ; Jürgens, Curd ; Mosley ; Partsch ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig ; Clark, Jim ; Gurney, Dan ; Hanstein von, Huschke ; Hill, Graham ; Hill, Phill


Hanover ; Düsseldorf ; Hamburg ; London ; Algeria ; Paris ; Berlin ; Wroclaw ; Nürburgring


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Industry ; Interviews ; Special events ; Leisure, recreation ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Police ; beauty pageants ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Cultural events ; Art ; Works of art ; People ; Holiday ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Entertainment, festivals ; Gastronomy ; Viewers and audience ; Industrial ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 315/1962

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Edwards 7 m sculptor: birth of a plastic camera: Rahim Wrocław pantomime Theatre origin: Polkronika introduction people origin: Archive Mosley demonstrations in England origin: Pathe News World Congress of the Bachelors, Düsseldf.
Camera: Rau World Congress of naturists, Hanover camera: Jürgens, Zimpel racing on the Nürburgring camera: reason, o Connor, Brandes finally brand 3, 1 m

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