UFA-Wochenschau 312/1962 20.07.1962


01 Rhöndorf. Cherry harvest in the Chancellor. -Div. once. The House children & grandchildren of Adenauer on the private road (Zennigsweg) on House going to near, totally, close, Adenauer and his guests at the coffee table in front of the House sitting, branches with cherries, bildf, various settings. Bowl is cherries on a table surrounded by children Adenauer and the grandchildren b. cherry picking, woman, woman stuffs cherry in mouth their love, children hang themselves Each other their ears, Adenauer, hint. Coffee table seated, surrounded by grandchildren, single, feeds a Very much kl. Girl uses, sitting on bench, alone from kl. Basket, close. -Adenauer accuses cherry dog, dog drinking water from stone basin, close. -02 Bu. -Republic. Section 366 of the criminal code... who against the Sunday punished... - a. Winterberg. Court sentenced a doctor due to injury the Sunday rest. View of roofs and steeple of the city, Transfok. Tour on neb. Caravan on meadow b. picnic sitza. Family Mittelstaedt, the doctor sorted spruce seedlings, close being interviewed, close (see narration), various settings. Family b. plants from seedlings (caravan, resting place i. Htrgrd.). -Interview of the town Director (see narration). -Transfokator ride approach to code page (German laws... Criminal and procedural law), section § 366: "Disturbance of rest". -Part of the AMT courthouse behind wall m. inscription "District Court". -Eye, seeing through gap between bamboo sticks & blinzelnd, frontal, g, 2 young girls b together. Plants v. seedlings before bamboo walls, eye behind bamboo disappears, close. -Interview of the Mayor on street (see SPR. text). -Walton, close, interviewed 2 road (s. SPR. text). Coded archive images: supervision on multiple operating surgeons, look out railway guard House on passing steam train, firefighters b. delete, carpet-tapping, sawing through a tree trunk, close, lawn mower in action, close. -Mr. brand, sitzd in the open air. Newspaper can sink and keeps hands from Blair. the ears, great. -Some interviews b. regarding design of Sunday (s. narration). (Highlighted stock images: brass band b. markmen's Festival in costume, A few close Setup.) Musical) fair stall owner don't get at their booth, Saeed from his flock. interviewed. Chops are m. Kellner gr. Gripper on plate indicates short, man at table takes pork chop dish and bite into it, close, garden restaurant, outdoor dancing couples, short, full Lake Beach, kissing lovers, on back liegd. (Heads front), close, stock men, close, short, dusty motorcycle racing. -Ringing church bells, seen through bars, family goes to church, wife gives her husband walking a prayer book, prayer book carrying little boy, Transfokatorrückfahrt of Spire hint. Trees on garden restaurant in Woods, Transfokatorheranfahrt at contrails v. fighter jet in the sky.

Sports 03. France. "Tour de France" 2 shots, as cyclists b. uphill will push, views of mountains from a drivers standpoint, total shots wheel snakes in the mountains. Winner: Jacques Anquetil. -4 Bu.-Republic of the fastest cyclists d. world, José Meiffret m. world record. -Div. once. the raging drive behind pacemaker, pedaling legs, close, part of the rotating wheel, big, Volant front instrument panel, side. Nah, landscape in the pass rush, view from highway bridge. -Driver of the pacemaker congratulates him. -05 Bad Neuenahr. Clay pigeon shooting for the "prize of the casinos" operating the discs spin and the spin in action, close, div. close shots of the shooters, scoreboard, screen-filling, dipping a barrel in a bucket of water, close (head of the man not sichtb.), evaluator close front panel sitting & block writing, feet go over many scattered bullet casings, close. Winner: Count of the mills. -06 Pamplona. Bull Run man ignited Fireworks rocket in Stadium, Bulls stormed out of arena, various settings. Bull run in streets and arena. -07 Hamburg-Flottbek. Children drive pony in smaller arena, hands with reins and whip front bangs back miniature Derby huh, 2 small boys drive huh 4 ponies, running pony-legs, side close div. children looking to, close + big, little boy on pony galloping, close, jumping over small hurdle, leap an and. Boys in slow motion, close, little boy i. Auditorium fiddling is fun, jumps eagerly awaiting close, pony bucks and discards boys, various on the. Jumping over hurdles, deny, critically observant boy, hand on Chin, great. -Wild ride-hunting, kl. Boy is discarded, making head role, face with distracted expression raises (front), close, from background approaching running man. -

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Anquetil, Jacques ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Brand, Günter ; Mittelstaedt ; Wiedmann, Ulrich ; Meiffret, José ; Mühlen von der


Rhöndorf ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Pamplona ; Berlin ; Winterberg ; Hamburg-Flottbek ; Wolfsburg ; France ; Reims ; Bad Neuenahr


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bells ; close-ups, detail ; Interviews ; Justice ; Children ; Fire ; Fireworks ; Leisure, recreation ; Musical events ; Cycling ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Shooting ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; bullfighting ; Dance ; Technology ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Agriculture and forestry ; Landscapes ; Holiday ; Science ; Gastronomy ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 312/1962

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title 7, 6 m cherry harvest in the Chancellor camera: Luppa § 366 of the criminal code,... will be punished, who against the Sunday...
Camera: Jürgens origin: Archive Tour de France: 4 274 km origin: Pathé journal bike world record 200 kmh camera: strong clay pigeon shooting camera: strong Bull Fiesta in Pamplona origin: No.-do miniature Derby camera: Seib final brand 3, 1 m

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