UFA-Wochenschau 304/1962 23.05.1962


01 Berlin. Day of the American armed forces. -(Tempelhof) airport building with air traffic control station, half total, receiving General Decker (before helicopter stehd.) with salute on airfield, div. once. Parades of US garrisons, impertinent neb. 3 officers parading on podium, 2 colored soldiers m. flag and salute (in the Hintergrd. Military Orchestra), which comes tête of a marching column diagonally in the image (not visible heads), flag bearer onslaught, military vehicles, briefly, (l tank) Willy Brandt, close, on grandstand.

02. the century of refugees a. Laos. Escape from Communist. Partisan associations. -Total in the Gulf v. Siam anchored the US Cruiser, diagonally, soldiers in combat clothing werd. from aircraft carrier in helicopters to Thailand on steppe terrain before mountain flown in close soldier with rifle in the attack in the bushes, snake ält. Laotians carefully beyond primitive suspension bridge road with driving. Bundle download u tanks and burning house, refugees. Close, run bags from open trucks, families with little baggage on bereitstehd. Aircraft to launch a jet passenger aircraft on steppe, total.

b. Hong Kong. Fleeing from the famine in Red China. -Pan on Vali. rotchinesische flag to the mast, total, waiting refugees on border Street, Fluchtl. Current happens to border guards, short clearance. -Pan on misery huts in Hong Kong, a social construction with laundry suspended from, front screen, polizeil. Sign at the edge of the country road with heading "Closed Area", close, lower body about needlegrass listener. Refugees, refugees in police Begleitg. on the way back through fields, remote.

c. Algeria. Repatriation of Muslims and French. -On ländl. Railway station collection Algeria returnees and makeshift bondaged pieces of luggage in the train increases veiled woman with child in her arms, close compartment window seeing beyond father with son, beckoning seitl, glove, off train. Station name "Oujda" on wall, close supervision on train with rising out (Besides Snake of transverse standing truck, men help Muslim woman with child from train, close, A few family scenes: binds in the circles of standing to woman in the knees of her small son's shoe, with a trowel in front of tent on a Muslim, short., 2 Muslims To give food distribution on camp with many tents brother kiss. - div. once. waiting at airport, train station and port Europeans. - 03 France.) De Gaulle advertises his European policy. -Div. once. de Gaulle in the midst of jubilant mass meeting place, shakes many hands, close, A few settings. cheering and slapping people, de Gaulle on pedestal front microphone, side half-close.

04. Paris. Press Conference de Gaulle's in the Elysée Palace. -de Gaulle before Assembly appears under Polichinelle, beckons, de Gaulle, various settings. filled. Hall, de Gaulle speaking, frontal, close to half, partly original sound ("... Italy, all Emans, ils of Français").

05. Rhöndorf. Adenauer takes anniversary Serenade d. Gymnastics Club "02 oak" counter. -Adenauer enters accompanied by the ranks of musicians, beckons, close, various settings. Turner Orchestra, Adenauer before microphone to turn movement typically twenties in the circles standing to speaking (interview - s. narration), close, swivel him down on rose bouquet in hand, a spokesman of the Gymnastics Club is a triple "good healing" exclaim (interview) on him, both To give up the hand, Adenauer beckons, close.

06. spotlight on Chile a. Frankfurt. Departure of the German football national team. -Some members at the exit of the turn, when boarding the plane, Hamilton as well as a chef standing, holding a football, formed from batter, containing DFB before him, Hamilton leads his arm before d. eyes, smiling briefly close (all recordings b. darkness), Herberger looks out the airplane window, close, sees soloseat. Pulpit, short, close, gangway m. inscription "Frankfurt airport" is from the machine removed from fuselage m. Inscription Boeing 720 Jet "nah, steward airplane door closes v. Interior, close, man v. flight service raises arm to start, another adheres to ears, close. -b. reception in Chile. -View from aircraft on Alps on emotions (with snow), pilot, the tax leader, close, halbseitl. seen over shoulder, aircraft landing aerial photographs of Chile, views from the pulpit on runway, greeting installation of the flight service personnel, rolling out Boeing, total, LH car pulls gangway area, total, team descends gangway, including Hamilton close, such greeting at the edge of the airfield with flags, flight service manager says lot greeting words into microphone, large (original sound): "we look forward Very much, to have the World Cup, here in Chile and our audience, which is Very much bamitale and also Very much lens""that will treat our guests Very good." (The same repeat it in Spanish). -General greeting, jublnd. chariot previous children, frontal, bilaf, bus is widely acclaimed, among others by Joldaten, div. Streetscapes, buildings of the Congreso Nacional, half the side, half total supervision on Parkolatz, men fishing dust from cars in parking lot, Shoeshiner operated switches Mr div street scenes, traffic from "Pare" on "Siga", traffic COP suggests that road for pedestrians is free, close, OVR old automobile, upward swing, knitting jg. Woman on a stone bench, close, faces close and large, based on a basket of Pabrikaschoten and cabbage is carried div. Road, A few shots on the vegetable market, loading and unloading of fruit, look from the bottom on neck guzzling Mule, short, stall on road.

c. on the flea market of Santiago: - including: antique lumber, boy & girl on a path next to stalls clean gun barrel, statue, close to the dealer in addition to playing Gramophone, close, Siamese cat licks itself, located in lumber sitzd., several cats on the sidewalk before bridge railing, eat A few somewhat by spreading newspaper, div. Nah-& ziehd part settings of through roads. Military Orchestra.

d. changing of the guard before the Congress;-parade Street and square, spectators, battalion presented the gun on original sound interjection of the Commander, A few settings soldiers, close, close handshake exchange of the guards commanders.

e. military school:-showcase dedicated to d. decorated World Championship. Pan military school, Director d. school in uniform, big, talks about (interview):-the management of the reading. Military school has the honor of being that English. "To have a team here and we wish that d. feels team." Part once. the school with the inscription "Escuela Militar del General del..." Cooking school, in addition to a mate standing:-(quote) "it's all on the best prepared, and the team can come, and I think we get sick of them and?..."

f. div. once. Workers during restoration work at the stadium, including welding, 2 workers on painters scaffolding, Nägelein hitting on stands. -Newspaper readers on street bench, a half empty Stadium groundskeeper speaks A few words on Chilean (original sound). -Little boys, of which the Middle holds a soccer ball, welcomes enthusiastic German team (Uwe Seeler. close), the young, leaving the aircraft image filling: "Alemania! Alemania! Uwe! Uwe: Hooray! RA! RA!"

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Bischof, Hans Jürgen ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Brandt, Willy ; Decker ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Herberger, Sepp ; Seeler, Uwe


Frankfurt ; Algeria ; Berlin ; Laos ; Hong Kong ; Chile ; Santiago ; Rhöndorf ; Paris ; Thailand ; South of France ; Ulm


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Children ; Flags ; Escape ; Refugees ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Musical events ; Parades ; Police ; Press, press conferences ; Armor ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Works of art ; Military ; Military events ; Holiday ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 304/1962

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title 7, 6 m US Army day in Berlin camera: Pahl Jr.

Laos origin: Metro, Metro Hong Kong: d. escape Chinese typically brit. Crown Colony origin: Metro Algeria: Europeans flee to Holland...
Origin: Gaumont, GAUMONT, Pathé Journal de Gaulle press conference origins: Gaumont Serenade for Dr. Adenauer v. rheinld. Turnverein "Oak 02" camera: Luppa, strong Chile World Cup: departure, arrival, bus ride, city pictures, camera: strong flea market, changing of the guards, accommodation etc.
Camera: Jackson, final brand 3, 1 m

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