UFA-Wochenschau 302/1962 09.05.1962


01 Sahara. Fireworks Red Adair deletes gas torch. Various settings. Technicians, including discussing before torch in the background, dynamite container is sealed in a drum, removal d. drum, Dozer m. mounted crane approaches see the torch, the flame At night, div. setting. flickering flames, bildf, silhouette of the drum at top d. of extended crane & water cannons from fire, workers on hint. Footboard d. bulldozer before torch, half close, technicians push button one him around neck hängd. Apparatus, neb. him beobachtender. Soldier?, close, Exolosion in the flame ever l far from u. of d. close to technicians with filter binoculars before eyes seen, half side, big. -02 New York. Friendship visit of sailing down "Gorch Fock". -Port of darüberfliegd. Helicopters, sea saw, various settings. the fahrd. Schulschiffs, total and partial settings before New York silhouette, div. Once close, in order-based team, turning the steering wheel, backward swing shrouds and mast with numerous salvaged the sailing navies, various settings. Sailors while pulling the ropes, looking v. unt. on the climbing down sailor, Commander command side., are by Bell close, team up, climbing the shrouds div. shots look by ship, by ropes through and including over looking team at silhouettes of the N. York and port, Mariner, dch. Binoculars are seeing, halbseitl. close, Mariner Captain Erhardt blows whistle, side., big. DCH. Binoculars looking side., close, joy fountain, away.

03. "Our neighbors": Holland report a. Amsterdam. Silver wedding anniversary. -Fireworks, among others with durations (1962) and silhouettes of the Royal couple in neon ground fire work, honor guards, frontal, close, image filling out plane rising u. unt. welcomed royalty: the Persian Imperial couple (Farah, starting, large), Queen Elizabeth. -Prinz Philip. going over to honor guard, close, Philip behind bereitstehd. After front waving the car (behind honor guard and far.) Guests), dense rows of people on railings of fahnengeschmückt airport building?, halbseitl. -b. Holland 17 years ago - juxtapositions "Yesterday" - "today":-various settings. old man on street bench turns old organ, man at the wheel, inserting the Strip into roller, close, frontal, close, behind him traffic (man in the following 2 x appears), driving scenes of modern district. -17 years ago: nurses & 1st workers pull cart with logs by road, nurse and doctor at the crane pulls kenbett of older woman, doctor to the skin its fleshless arms, close, 4 children in war-moderate clothing coming up the sidewalk, close, Schiffer draws on Canal banks laboriously on rope, close. -Today: Steamboat sails under mod River Bridge through the (from the shore from ges.). Driving record mod. big. Ships in the port, (yesterday :) Panning list. destroyed giant ship and destroyed. Station of Scheveningen. (Mod. hotel "Europe" today :), total (before traffic str.), jg.) Girl & jg. Man sit lakeside down (v. hint. ges.), half-close. -Yesterday: Boys collect wood from Lake i. Htrgrd., close. -jg 3. Girls ride on old. Bikes over a place, close to the place "today" mod transport, insertion of man on Bank, barrel roll with continuous band, bildf, organ figure, close, delicacies on vertical shifting borders, children before that sucking ice (yesterday :) old woman frying something primitive fireplace, food in bulk kitchen, old woman licks his finger out pot, close, looks up, freezes the image, (today :) Heads coffee of drinking women behind a screen, looking for temporary, short, 2 boys b. candy sucking hint. parkd. Car, nah, man feeds 2 pigeons in s. hand, close, display organ, (yesterday :) Beggar steps forward and receive money v. housewife in keeping box hinge set.

c. (silver wedding anniversary). Insight into fahnengeschmückte lane m. UNT flags carries A lot of pedestrians, girl in a sports suit. Arm, close look ceramic shop to showcase viewers & revitalizes. Road, frames image with d. King, before waiting merrily bouncing children group of police mass pushes back, königl. Body is d. jublnd. Quantity and bouquet of girl entgeg., Royal couple takes big roofed Stadium, Juliana, in body, both princesses nebeneinand. sitzd., smiling, close, parade ride by Canal, waving the Royal couple from sloop, close, ' Amstel ' Hotel At night, total, gala reception, parade enters Hall of kaiserl. Guests (Elizabeth, Farah, Beatrix), Aufstellg. of all Gäste(Gruppenbild).

04. London. Cup final of Tottenham Hotspur: Burnley FC 3:1-pan across a full Stadium, a Mr maneuvering by wet gesung. Anthem (original sound), various settings. Stadium mass, including screen, with flags waving, Queen Elizabeth go up to pride of place, soloseat. half close, viewers in the foreground beckons m. balloon, jub. Mass, critically observant close to half, bildf., abgewehrter scoring (Zeitl.. Parade of musicians-garde (o) währd. Pause, jublnd. Lot of m. div. things beckoning, frontal, gate in slow motion, Prince Philip halbseitl. see d. spectators close to captain Danny Blanchflower. accepts Cup & handshake of the Queen, half close supervision on cheering. m. flag waving crowd, full-screen, the footballers run holding up trophy space, l footballers drinking in locker room sparkling wine is poured to top, sitting from Cup close, währd. d. drinking the beam on his head, it dribbles champagne from his nose.

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Blanchflower, Danny ; Beatrice von Holland ; Bernhard von Holland ; Diba, Farah ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Erhardt, Kapitän ; Juliana von Holland ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Reza Pahlevi von Persien


New York ; Holland ; Sahara ; Amsterdam ; Hanover ; Africa ; London


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Higher education ; Children ; Fire ; Fireworks ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Musical events ; Oil ; Police ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Ships ; Special reports ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Medicine ; Holiday ; Engagement ; Science ; Jobs ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 302/1962

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m oil fire in sub-Saharan origin deleted: Gaumont German sailing ship "Gorch Fock" in New York origin: Metro Holland: silver wedding anniversary Juliana/Bernhard Holland 1945 and today camera: Jürgens, Zakariah origin: Polygoon, road, world in the film, archive Football Cup final Tottenham Horspurs/FC Burnley origin: Pathe news end title 3, 1 m

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