UFA-Wochenschau 294/1962 14.03.1962


01 de Gaulle's way and Paris: capital of terror aerial view of Paris, partly under the title (the time lapse), wife relies on one child individually around the chairs on lonely terrace (seen from above), man dressing discs a streetlamp, close (in the background traffic), 3 clochards picnic on the sidewalk, close, rear view, one against each other turned seated couple. close.
Evian. Algeria negotiations. -Sign on street corner "Evian - Les-Bains", close. Swing from there down to roadblock to curb (Board with nails and around.) Label), close. Swing from there by road to franz. Standing sentry, on railings, round shield holding / police, large (immediately behind it from the image legs of a guard post), car control (engine casing is opened), before arrival politician in helicopters, driving to the Conference building cars throng of participants in the negotiations and Pressmen in Hall. 2 politician ever close, one of them speaking front microphone, - archive: OAS. Broken roads. -Looking back at the history of Algeria - archive (sunk 3 Africans, in the sight of the mountains in the Hintergrd., through desert people group, dry, cracked soil, filling picture, various on the.) Soil loosening work, downhill rolling clumps, close, Africans continue shoveling sand before approaching rinnendem Brook, kale. Moat, aerial view of trenches by landscape, berieseltes wine field, combine harvester, man flips grapes over head reservoir, kl. sad boy betw. Field workers standing near two women suckle babies close, Negro baby is taken from baby scale, demolition of slums, buildings & roads mod. African Totally, go city, Richard Handley and regards the Tricolor, waving tricolor, maneuver, armed soldiers at brennd. Home past Algerians is forced by soldiers to wall, 3 rebels holding their hands on wall, close, symbolic hanging of Pflimlin, through police column charging road, tear gas bombs at street fighting, applauding old woman, close, meeting by Gaullists m. banners at de Gaulle's visit to Algeria ("Moi, de Gaulle!"), with rally for de Gaulle, d. G. hands series, transparent "Merci a de Gaulle", close, armed soldiers in nächtl. Side street, lifting the fists menacingly young insurgent population and soldiers on verbarrikadierter road, sign on the balcony "Zone française", soldiers. hint. Barricade, close. -De Gaulle cheered by "stand down greeting." Cheering close, u.a.Transfokatorfahrt on ecstatic woman, parades, street battle police gg. Demonstrators, bus goes to street trees & racing gg. House. -De Gaulle, sitza., speaks ("pour la Paix"). -Street fighting in Algeria, de Gaulle: "Vive la Republique, vive la France!" Div. Building fires typically city, de Gaulle on high bleachers to imputed by honor guard, the arms lifting. Street fighting in darkness, de Gaulle sings La Marseillaise, 2 Red Cross workers carry away man, swing from car hood on debris being man shoveling shards and waste of sidewalk on garbage truck, close.)
Paris: Male b. cleaning the street light, group of people helps sitting man on the legs, anglers along the Seine on the ground (from behind, against exposed), close, wounded are carried away and (archive OAS terrorist). -Child woman opts for patio Chair. -Lovers. -(see above) 02. Paris. Portrait Roland Petit + Zizi Jeanmaire. -The couple goes through archway and enters them leafing through books, A few youth memories, Zizi, front door, sitting next to her husband, tells Zizi in a solo dance in classical ballet and performance as a Revue dancer and singer (interview) at the Alhambra, (original sound). -The couple in his Living room sitting close, Zizi, big, talks and laughs (interview), with her husband as coach sings at rehearsal in Revue (original sound).

03. Hamburg. The critics. -Richard Münch in a scene of the film "The miracle of father Malachia" (interview). Folder labeled "price of film criticism of 1961-62 (close on booklet in hand), booklet will be pitched on inside name"Richard Münch": Münch in acceptance of the award and medal;" Robbe-Grillet prize acceptance & complimenting (for his screenplay to d. film "Last year at Marienbad"), Luft of Friedrich, seated, applause, big; the excellent sitting side by side, neb b.Betrachten of medals, u.a.Grillet.Anouk Aimé viewers side., close; Michelangelo Antonioni receives award, faces smiling down, big, Medal is opened (only finger visible). -Scene from "2 million" m. Giller and Hardy Krüger (interview) (in truck driving). -04 sport Stuttgart. Art gymnastics international match Germany: Japan (victory d. japan. Team). -Günther Lyhs on the parallel bars, hangs at the finish with one arm slightly on the handle. Kazuo Abe on the parallel bars, Yukido Endo on the horizontal bar. -(Jeweils meist in Zeitlupe).

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Abe, Kazuo ; Aimé, Anouk ; Antonioni, Michelangelo ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Giller, Walter ; Jeanmaire, Zizi ; Krüger, Hardy ; Luft, Friedrich ; Münch, Richard ; Petit, Roland ; Robbe-Grillet ; Endo, Yukido ; Lyhs, Günter


Paris ; Hamburg ; Evian ; England ; France ; Madrid ; Stuttgart


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; civil wars ; close-ups, detail ; Children ; filmmaking ; Leisure, recreation ; Spring, spring pictures ; Musical events ; Pacts ; Political events ; Police ; Portraits ; Reviews ; Cities ; Dance ; Debris ; Gymnastics ; Unrest ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; People ; Holiday ; Contracts ; Revues ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Gastronomy ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 294/1962

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m Paris in the spring of 1962 I. origin: archive of ceasefire negotiations, Evian origin: Pathé journal, Gaumont Algeria, flashback origin: Gaumont, Pathé journal parades origin: Eclair, archive Paris in the spring of 1962 II.

Couple of dancer Zizi Jeanmaire + ROL. Petit origin: Pathé journal German film critics award KLT. "Miracle of father Malachia" off camera: Jackson, Rieck art gymnastics Länderkampf Dtld. / Japan, Stuttg.
Camera: Luppa, final brand 3, 1 m

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