UFA-Wochenschau 280/1961 06.12.1961


01 Spandau. Changing of the guard from prison for war criminals:-coming changing of the guard at the prison gate, chained Bulldog standing, total + close, change of Commander, sovie From gate guards marching, Guard soldiers on post, close to half (against exposed).

02. a. Berlin. Propaganda war with speakers:-triple barbed wire at concrete pillars, swing fence along on looking over ' West policemen, half close, div. once. Soundsystem, stehd. + fahrd., close + total, many div. once. Vopo posts, announcement (interview): "countryman in the uniform of the police! You're day to day, night for night on the barriers of Ulbricht. You're not stupid, you have realized long ago that only Ulbricht measures threaten the world peace. You it has long become clear that Ulbricht measures serve not German interests. You see it every day. You also realize that integrating expects you and your comrades with his Schießbefehlen, to become criminals have to criminals... "." Poster, bildfülld, SS-soldiers-picture with the slogans "SS bandits, fascists, murderers, bat, provocateurs"; div. recordings sector border, construction crews m. Guard, various settings, Americ. Soldiers behind sandbags with MG in position, Americ. Post, close, tree branches.

b. pre-Christmas West Berlin:-leaves, busy Ku-Damm with Memorial Church in the background, A few single sweep tree branches, bildfülld., street sweeper. Pedestrian, road dog scurrying, div. once. Attach with ladders of Christmas decoration business houses, Vopos b. barbed wire pulling, various settings. Plug Electr. Candles at Christmas-tree + neb ignite, Christmas tree. Pillar box + weihnachtl in the background wall. Lighting (div. Setup) to Ku-Damm.

c. sausages seller leaves at his booth Esterer s. interview (interview): "and after the war I started with sausages to act, because I said that I think we all are... pretty starved Yes, and then one day a man came and said... -tell yourself... I looked first in the mirror, because I to have a face, like a German beef steak, if you ask me, Yes?... and.. "; Peters, side, close + short, eat a sausage, excerpt from feature film, in which the interviewee defeat is as an extra by Kurt Meisel in the wrestling must allow.

03. world show a. Paris. Bombings of the OAS:-various settings. Destruction (in apartment, car, window, etc.)

b. United States. Transfer d. aircraft carrier "enterprise" at d. Navy:-div. once. of the carrier ship, swivel on gr. Crowd in Hall at the inauguration ceremony.

c. New Mexico. Underground nuclear testing ground:-let down the car, A few settings of the tunnel and Chambers + arbeitd. Nuclear scientists.
Intermediate cutting archive-on the. Fight in people throng, protester led away.

d. Munich. Hermit Timofei Procherow:-various settings. House + chapel, cat s. dressing on sofa T. u. his sister in rooms in the winds of flower garlands for worship in Chapel (ignite candles, sing (original sound), div. part once. Chapel Interior, 3 pigeons side by side, close, T. P. speaks before s House (original sound) (good times Announces) e. Cape Canaveral. Space Chimp "Enos": - rockets-start, briefly, gets Enos sugars, is loaded in a crate in transporter, launcher, total, rocket launch, flying rocket total, Enos, close, while doctors perform measurements on his arm.

04. Moscow of national sport turn match - ladies +: - per a girl in gymnastics on giant carpet, on the parallel bars, to beam. Yuri Titov on the horizontal bar and floor exercises, winning Yuri Tsapenko when floor routine and on the horse, applauding crowd, side to side, picture filling.

05. England boxing Dave Charnley: Darkie Hughes. Charnley WINS by knockout, sheet metal belt gets set viewers to stomach, close (front 2 interested + lächld. young ladies)

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Esterer ; Meisel, Kurt ; Peters, Hans Joachim ; Procherow, Timofei ; Charnley, Dave ; Hughes, Darkie ; Titov, Yuri ; Tsapenko, Yuri


New Mexico ; Munich ; Berlin ; United States ; France ; Spandau ; Paris ; Cape Canaveral ; West Berlin ; New Mexico ; Moskau ; England


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; civil wars ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Autumn ; Interviews ; Justice ; Erdsateliten ; filmmaking ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Rockets ; Advertising ; Religious events ; Armor ; Shipping ; Ships ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Debris ; Gymnastics ; Unrest ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Military ; Military events ; Christmas ; Science ; Jobs ; nuclear science ; Gastronomy ; Military ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 280/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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"Title brand 7, 6 Berlin: new guards for Spandau camera: Pahl, Oakley speaker Berlin origin: Berlin reports Berlin in December, Berlin At night camera: o Connor sausage Maxe of the Kudamm, Berlin camera: Jackson plastic bombings, Paris origin: Eclair U.S. aircraft carrier enterprise" origin: Metro US nuclear bunker origin: Metro: orthod. Hermit b. Munich camera: Vlasdeck missiles and monkey Endos typically space capsule origin: Metro, Metro women's floor exercise, Moscow origin: Sovkino boxes Charnley/Hughes, England origin: Pathe news final brand 3, 1 m

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