UFA-Wochenschau 266/1961 29.08.1961


1st ski in Canada, Banff National Park, Canadian winter athletes below the Victoria glacier camp. : Mountains with glaciers, bearing total bearing life husband draws water, woman washing face in a Creek, round Grill, two women sunning themselves, another stretches itself, deer, marmot makes "Males".
(10:00:15 10:00:45) 02 Mecki film "Absentee same report as in NDW 396 (10:00:45 10:02:28) 03 holiday photos"Who photographed what?"
Displayed as different types and what they photograph and the results.
1. the Fiery lovers: A young man (Peter Scheliga, DW driver) photographed his girlfriend (Helga Jürgens, Editor Assistant) on a VW Beetle.
2. the nervous young lady: She runs through the area with the result of noisy blurred images.
3. The artistic photo designer: (graphic design Berwig) he does not surround himself with the motif itself satisfied, but adds various accessories to install, so he builds here still a vase, a Chair and other camera before a harbour panorama.
4. the tourist who takes yourself: When Hagenbeck, a man photographed himself and his wife with self timer.
5. the tensioner (Carl Walther Meyer, cutter): He handled with long focal length, here on the beach with a fishing net to shoot his unsuspecting victims, (Ilona Seemann, cutter Assistant as Bikini girl). But when he appears also on a Naturist place photographed a young lady to grow out, he referenced the square by a man (Theo Petersen, sound engineer) and a naked young lady go away.
(10:02:28 10:04:16) 04 sailing regatta for the Finn dinghies in Travemünde allow two long shots from the Marina, preparations for the regatta, as poles and boats for water. Kick-off, starting, turning, in between demonstrates Willi cow pasture twice, capsizing and righting his Finn-Dingis again. Wet clothes hang after the race on the pole.
(10:04:16 10:05:14) 05. powerboat offshore race of Cowes aerial photographs of the race, total, half total and several close-up shots with A lot of spray, tail water and passing of the winner.
(10:05:14 10:05:36) 06 Pony-and show jumping in Lüneburg, children in Indian costumes at a screening with ponies and covered wagon. "Prize of the city of Lüneburg": Herbert Meyer, "Teja", Helga Köhler was two jumps and a chute, ride of the second with "DOM fairy" 3 and "Cremona" 1 Köhler big at the award ceremony.
(10:05:36 10:06:39) 07 survey: "What is our freedom worth?"
Observations of people on zebra stripes, in a Café on a small bridge at the Swans feed, mother shoves child in cart, a jeweller's shop, costs incurred by the jeweller and a fur shop, cool of luxury cars. Wolfgang Esterer interviewed people in a garden: Esterer question: "excuse the error, we make a small population survey: you are willing to pay 10% of your income for the freedom of Berlin?" 1st man: "no more." 2. man: "for the freedom of Berlin, Yes." Man: "Yes, easily." 4. man: "that come to us don't." 5. man: "Yes, that would I, if I had the warranty, then there was again calm and peace in all over Germany." Sixth Man: "10%? "Soon is a bit tough, possibly for an official a bit hard, Yes." 7th man: "Yes, we do it already with us at the station." Couple, you: "that is already as ' a kind of taxes." Couple, he: "I pay enough taxes." 8 man: "Yes, I would like to me do not show." 9 husband: "is always difficult, when it comes to the purse, but when it comes to freedom: what do you sacrifice?" 10%? And what would you sacrifice ever?" 10. Man: "it's a question Very much, but I think if the General would be implemented, that would be picked up probably by many and from me." 11th man: "Yes, of course, if it is to buy with money Of course." 1st woman: "I need income, even habekein I'm from my man, but I would give it to." I have my whole family in East Berlin."
(10:06:39 10:08:22) 8 Berlin: the wall (3rd report) people waving from West Berlin to the East, swing by a man in the Bernaustrasse on an old woman at a window, English soldiers erect a tent camp, cannon with the Reichstag in the background, before the Reichstag French soldiers on trucks, U.S. tanks drive to the sector border, soldier in the tank size, two Americans before the wall, head of a colored U.S. soldiers big, Vopo cigarillo, welder with Vopos when removing a cemetery mesh of St Hedwig village, construction of the wall with big stones, beer bottle in the wall gap, workers thought broken glass on the wall wall total plate "St. Hedwig cemetery", Church behind the wall showcases of the municipality in the wall, watching behind the wall: heads of Vopos and two young girls look Patrouillierender Vopo with planting on page gun, women sad window, old man behind barbed wire, covered half of the wall, a boy runs between armored vehicles of the Englishman on his bike by the Berlin enclave of Eisleben in his school, a wedding couple waving to guests from the East Berlin House of the mother of the bride in West Berlin, mother waving back change cut, large, weeping, concluded the cloth wholesale.
(10:08:22 10:10:23)

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Berwig, Sabine ; Esterer ; Fieguth ; Lentschow ; Meyer, Carl Walther ; Petersen, Theo ; Seemann ; Scheliga ; Köhler, Helga ; Kuhweide, Willi ; Meyer, Herbert


Canada ; Berlin ; Paris ; Helgoland ; Hamburg ; Africa ; Bonn ; Cowes ; Lüneburg ; Travemünde


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Camping, Campinger ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Hobby ; Interviews ; Leisure, recreation ; motor boat race ; Political events ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; beauty care ; Sailing ; Special reports ; Sports details, fouls ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Animals (except dogs) ; Landscapes ; Holiday ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 266/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand ski in Canada, Banff NAT. Park origin: NFB Canada Mecki-film "The love letter" to choose origin: archive of vacation photos "Who photographed what?"
Camera: Seib sailing regatta (Finn dinghies, Travemünde) camera: basic powerboat offshore race of Cowes origin: Pathe news pony riding, brawn meadow, Lünebg. Spring rider competing camera: o Connor, "the value what is freedom"? The population survey camera: Seib, Rieck Berlin 'The wall' origin: Berlin reports end-mark

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