UFA-Wochenschau 255/1961 14.06.1961


01 Silesians meeting in Hanover with Adenauer's speech thousands Silesians came to the countryman meeting Hannover. Flame Bowl on a pedestal with the inscription freedom legal peace, audience totals, Adenauer's arrival with companions on the grandstand, he gets from a Schlesierin in costume a costume doll, more viewers, partly in costume at the Konrad Adenauer's speech to the Summit meeting in Vienna. O Adenauer: "it may well be that one believed in Russia, the change in the American Presidency will bring a more favourable climate for the Russian claims. Now, ladies and gentlemen, just this requirement of Soviet Russia it has reached, that the American President has made all the more determined and has taken already, which show that the United States are our demands on the ground."
(10:00:16 10:01:27) 02. Sukarno at Chruschtschow Sukarno on the gangway from his plane in Moscow, cheering women with flags and bouquets, brother kiss with Khrushchev, Sukarno misses the cheering and passes with Khrushchev in an open car through Moscow to more cheering.
(10:01:27 10:01:42) 03 Kennedy for cadets in Indianapolis Kennedy to Offziersanwärtern of the Navy and presented the patent to a cadet, then throw all according to old tradition their caps in the air, the cadets of West point and Colorado Springs similarly.
(10:01:42 10:02:10) 04 Belgian Royal couple to the Pope onslaught of the Swiss Guard, Fabiola great in the car and on the way to the Pope, Baudouin greets the Vatican flag and goes with Prince-Bishop Pacelli to the Papacy, the Belgian Royal couple in multiple settings during the audience with Pope John XXIII (10:02:10 10:02:47) 05. Wedding of Duke of Kent with Katherine Worsley the Cathedral of York, many spectators camped in front of the Cathedral: card players, a woman in a blanket wrapped a newspaper reading, a girl cooks sausages on a small stove, a flag seller, arrival of the Duke of Kent, the bride gets out of her car and enters the Cathedral, wedding guests, including Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon, the Queen Mother, The bride the Archbishop of York Michael Ramsey is granted by her father to the altar followed by many small bridesmaids, Prince Charles, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II. blessing (o-ton without translation), the new Duchess of Kent makes a court curtsey, the couple when leaving the Cathedral after the ceremony before the Queen, goes out through a trellis of the sword, is cheering over after Hovingham Hall, where the fresh-baked Duchess waves to the cheering and one of small bridesmaids follows her into the House.
(10:02:47 10:04:23) 06. Miss Germany election Baden-Baden onslaught of candidates in the Spa of Baden-Baden in the evening gown and swimsuit. Behind the scenes in the dressing room Wolfgang Esterer 2 candidates asked about their motivations: "and promise you now that if you..." "I want to be like mannequin, because I have a training behind me and I hope that I get some deals as a result." - "my wish is the same as for many young girls, I want to be a mannequin. "And I hope that I thus may have an opportunity to take part in a fashion show." A man the catalog of the candidates looks at close-ups of candidates in a bathing suit on the catwalk: Po, legs, pans, concluded the winner Marlene Schmidt, she replies Esterer on the question of whether she takes it seriously with the event: "Yes, I take it Very much seriously, perhaps too seriously." Photographers and pan across the winner Miss Germany sash.
(10:04:23 10:05:34) 07. Hamburg jumping Derby (power jumping) Assembly of 4 jumps, a horse loses his ankle brace, another denied before an obstacle, 3rd, Raimondo d ' Inzeo on Posillipo 2 is between good viewers, Sönke Sönksen on Clivia and Nelson Pessoa WINS in Gran gesture, applause and prize giving ceremony.
(10:05:34 10:06:43) 08 powerboat race in Madrid with führerlosem boat then very long some scenes from the race for the 4th Grand Prix Madrid in curves and persecutions, a driverless boat tracking, among the others back and races here and at the end in the waterfront.
(10:06:43 10:07:48) 9 1 FC Nuremberg Werder Bremen from the audience perspective invasion of both teams in the stadium, banner exchange, kick-off. Then the whole game only audience consisting of, which adequately respond to the text. The game ended 4-0 to Nuremberg.
(10:07:48 10:09:32)

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Armstrong-Jones, Anthony ; Baudouin I. von Belgien ; Prinz Charles ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Elizabeth von England ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Fabiola von Belgien ; Johannes XXIII. ; Kennedy, John F. ; Edward von Kent ; Katherine von Kent ; Margaret von England ; Pacelli ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Ramsey, Michael ; Sukarno ; Schmidt, Marlene ; Inzeo d', Raimondo ; Morlock, Max ; Müller, Friedrich ; Pessoa, Nelson ; Reisch ; Sönksen, Sönke ; Strehl ; Wild ; Philipps, Mark


York ; Annapolis ; Rome ; Baden-Baden ; Hanover ; Nuremberg ; Moskau ; Madrid ; Hamburg-Flottbek ; New York


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Higher education ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; motor boat race ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Political events ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Advertising ; Religious events ; beauty pageants ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Costumes ; Buildings ; People ; Military ; Military events ; Holiday ; Engagement ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 255/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m Silesians meeting Hanover, with speech Adenauer's camera: Luppa, Seib Sukarno when Khrushchev origin: Sovkino Kennedy b. off. candidates of in Annapolis, West point, etc.
Origin: Metro Prien Royal couple at the Pope origin: iNcom wedding heart. v. Kent/Kather. Worsley origin: Pathe news Miss Germany pageant (m. Esterer + Marl.) Schmidt) camera: strong, Jürgens power jumping, Hbg spring-Derby camera: o Connor, Rieck motorboat racing at Madrid origin: No. do football 1 FC Nürnbg / Werder Bremen Nuremberg camera: ice man, final brand 3, 1 m

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