UFA-Wochenschau 251/1961 16.05.1961


1st "The human face of Europe" is a photographic exhibition at the Hamburger Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe. 10 photos of the exhibition, including portraits of old men, mother with baby, a priest confronted with young woman in shorts, different children, man on the couch lying against wall with pin up girls, chauffeur with a poodle on the front passenger seat and youthful visitors.
(10:00:17 10:00:51) 02. Gary Cooper died Coopers head in the shade (still image from "High noon"), photographer, Cooper speaks with a reporter in a diving suit, II is greeted by Elizabeth, and finally the famous scene from "12 noon".
(10:00:51 10:01:31) 03 Shepard during the space flight and Kennedy photo of a sleeping spectator. The Redstone rocket, 4 x recording of Shepard during his space flight, hanging interrupted twice by trick of flying and looking out the porthole of the capsule, the capsule after landing in the Atlantic Ocean on the helicopter, Shepard will be congratulated before Kennedy's White House, Shepard big.
(10:01:31 10:02:18) 4 cyclone in Bavaria from very good shots of the destruction and the affected sections, which stood in the center of the cyclone. At the beginning of 3 photographs of sad children of the photo exhibition. two old women, an old man with a saw from the debris of his house, crying women, destroyed VW Beetle, ruins of a barn and debris from other houses and animals in it (CAT and Rooster), a man saves a chicken from the rubble, a dead pig lies on broken furniture, dead pigeons in the nest, live pigeons on a partially damaged roof, affected at the rubble of their homes, Craftsman repair a roof completely, and large, destroyed House on the corner, 2 boys To try to pick up a rendered out of the ruins, an old woman wearing a spinning wheel, other interested parties and finally an icon in damaged frame.
(10:02:18 10:03:23) 05 Eichmann trial exhibition of concentration camp photographs in Jerusalem: prisoners behind barbed wire, woman with a Jewish star, half verhungertes child and visitors of the exhibition. Eichmann in his glass case during the process and a witness, 6 x in the Exchange cut with actuality. (the interpreter is heard)
(10:03:23 10:04:30) 06. Marc Chagall painting window for Jerusalem synagogue in the workshop of Glasmalerin Brigitte Simon in Reims Marc Chagall designed the Windows of a synagogue in Jerusalem. In a church: Chagall, many recordings by inserting a glass window with Brigitte Simon. In the Studio: Chagall and his colleague Charles Marq, Marq a drawing from a template transfers on a draft, Chagall at work total, half total head and hand size, signature "Marc Chagall in 1961".
(10:04:30 10:05:09) 07 exhibition of modern interior design in Paris photos from the photo exhibition: mannequin, old woman with headscarf, woman, rümpfend the nose. Total visitors, Dining room, Living room, lamps, figure of an OWL, bar with barrel-shaped stools and tables, all with white fur covered, bedroom, wife slips on a rope in the underlying gym and begins an exercise, swing from the bath on a make-up course, woman combing her hair, then according to the text: "A frightening future television": the boss controlled its employees over television cameras, a different Office and monitor images from his desk.
(10:05:09 10:06:20) 09 Hockenheim motorcycling races in the 250cc class and the sidecar to the Grand Prix of Germany. Assembly of spectators close-ups: smoking man, chewing man with cold Stogie in his mouth, pan across 2 hammocks, woman with baby, is grating on the lower leg man and chewing man with a camera. Cornering total and big 250cc, crossing finish line, the winner of Takahashi from Japan Gets the wreath hung around. Start the sidecar, passing over viewers from behind a woman who feeds her baby with a banana on the grandstand, curve, Swivel, installation of cornering, between Werner Zimpel with his Deubel and horns attached to tape recorder, finish line, the winner their winners wreaths.
(10:06:20 10:07:33) 10 Alpine gliding school in Unterwössen glider on the airfield in Unterwössen, preparations for the launch: the hood is closed, propeller jumps and start, glider pilots in the air, with or without tow, a 2. Home, beautiful impressions of the plane from outside and with aerial photographs, flight over a Summit cross, looping mountains in the Exchange cut from the outside and off the plane, and finally 3 landings.
(10:07:33 10:09:27)

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Chagall, Marc ; Cooper, Gary ; Eichmann, Adolf ; Kennedy, John F. ; Marq, Charles ; Shepard, Alan ; Simon, Brigitte ; Vlasdeck, Willy ; Deubel ; Hörner ; Takahashi


Federal Republic of Germany ; Jerusalem ; Paris ; Cannes ; Down-Bayern ; Hollywood ; Unterwössen, Germany ; Reims ; Alps ; Morocco ; United States ; New York ; Food ; Japan ; Hockenheim, Germany ; Hockenheimring ; Draw


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Justice ; Disasters ; filmmaking ; Aviation ; Leisure, recreation ; motor sports ; natural disasters ; Medals, awards, honors ; Rockets ; Reviews ; beauty care ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; Debris ; Art ; Works of art ; Landscapes ; People ; Holiday ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Exhibitions ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 251/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title 7, 6 m "The human face" photo Ausstllg. Hamburg camera: Rieck Gary Cooper origin: Metro, preload "High Noon" Alan Shepard during d. space flight origin: Metro cyclone in Bayern camera: Hafner Eichmann trial camera: Woskowitz origin: Metro Marc Chargall malt synagogue window origin: Pathé journal mod architecture Ausstellg. Paris origin: Gaumont Hockenheim motorcycling camera: ice man, strong, Jürgens, rough mountain. Gliding School in Unterwössen camera: Vlasdeck final brand 3, 1 m

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