UFA-Wochenschau 243/1961 21.03.1961


01. protest of the Economic Association of movie theater owners against the amusement Tax swing from chandeliers in the boardroom in Düsseldorf, two Halbtotalen and two cameramen in the lens. Interview Dr. Hermann Schwerin: "a holdover from the show booth hours of film, as fine people is the cinemas not or only secretly visited. We will fight against such a defamation, which lowers us unfairly compared to other means of entertainment. If two do the same it is not the same. With us, "Faust" is a pleasure, a revelry on the theater a heavily subsidised art performance. And if television brings what we bring to the cinema, or then no speech at all performances of even lower quality of entertainment tax."
(10:00:15 10:01:01) 02. Installation of neon signs, filming for a movie by the love of a Chinese dance girl to a German sailor, scenes in a bar with Akiko and Hanns Lothar, the cameraman filming in Hong Kong Claus of the diamond field, Helmut Griem flirts with Akiko, outdoor shots with close-ups of the actors and the cameraman behind the camera, Lothar and Akiko go out of the picture.
(01: 10:01 10:01:31) 03. Refugees in Hong Kong if a train to the border between Hong Kong and Red China, refugees with bags on their backs across the tracks, customs officer, papers are checked, each dragging A lot of baggage that is, long line at the check-in, close-up shots of a child, a woman and a customs official in Hong Kong streets: cars, double-decker buses, pedestrians, a place by the British built refugee settlement in Kowloon, facade with A lot of drying laundry, built in a slum near the settlement of corrugated metal, wood and sheet metal parts, is playing children and a water carrier.
(10:01:31 10:02:38) 04 education of by Kennedy's peace corps Kennedy founded a peace corps, in which volunteers must serve three years in developing countries. The White House, Kennedy before the fireplace, a short interview (without translation), truck driving swing group in landscape with volunteers on the loading platforms in their locations, briefing, montage of huts, wells and homes construction and disinfection of houses.
(10:02:38 10:03:15) 05. icebreaker on the St. Lawrence River aerial photographs of the Canadian icebreaker "John Mac Donald" and a group of white whales, the ice-breaker side, bow and breaking ice.
(10:03:15 10:03:30) 06. spring in Italy and Nightgown fashions time lapse recording by breaking up flowers, hat with flower border, joins group mannequins with hats on the street, mannequin in white lace Nightgown blearily out the door of an Italian country house, balanced "nachtwandelnd" in a dark another nightgown on a balustrade and a baby-doll Nightie fashion on the catwalk with male viewers.
(10:03:30 10:04:13) 07. Examples and comparisons of daily routine and the work performance of a housewife shows housewife story, where the day sections are each separated by an alarm clock. Woman in bed, 5:50 o'clock: Alarm goes off, then tick breads on a treadmill in a bakery, bread, 07:00: market group of enthusiasts, alternately housewives and walkers legs, construction workers carry bricks, woman climbs a staircase, skyscraper, household accounts, Marcel Cleinow as an accountant is covered by folders, the "housewife" Inge Possehl hangs laundry, running from room to room, Assembly of vacuum cleaning, ironing, sweep and throw garbage in the garbage chute, Total of a landfill, housewife in a high-rise window cleaning, scaffolders, 11:30: cut potatoes in a pot, dish wash, image sharing: plates are stacked left, right the Eiffel Tower, 13:45: Possehl helps son with their school homework, bathes baby, 18:05: sitting, he reads the newspaper the "couple" Possehl and Liebtrau on a couch, she yawns, Living room clock 21:30, Liebtrau shakes his head.
(10:04:13 10:06:00) 08. Mens clothing and underwear story men's fashion on the catwalk: coat, coat, and suit. Wolfgang Esterer interviewed Heinz Oestergaard. Actuality Oestergaard: "glad that the new men's fashion more joy of life expresses that the rich colour range is also available. "Today, in liberal professions, I can wear a lumberjack, a jacket with a sweater and these different ways, that To give use me maybe a performance in the profession." (in the off undercut with: men's fashion business, man with a lumberjack, a jacket and showcase). Esterer: "I appeal to your sense of humour, a little when I ask you now, what do you think of the controversy over short or long pants?" Oestergaard: "I'll not catch me in the winter and wear shorts, but I will get dressed also there appropriately according to the seasons, to protect my body." (in the off, undercut with short and long underpants on a clothesline and leg in long underpants). Man legs in the streets of Berlin. Street interviews Esterer: "What do you think of the controversy over short or long pants?" Old man: "For men or for women?" "For men." "Oh, men! Yes, the long pants, wearing the winter." Younger man: "I would me not argue, it's always on the wearer." Woman bares her legs with a mid-length pants. Elderly woman: "I think... the long, they look Very good." Young woman: "well, in the winter they are may be appropriate, but I think it's hilarious, if is so'n man suddenly somehow when you move or something, then come to the fore so long underpants." Appropriate recording. Young girl: "then green - so army underwear." Elderly man: "one can say that hard, elegant man wearing short, not?". Esterer can be seen in a laundry shop long underwear and a shirt pants, swinging over the same. Seller: "I, for example, a French nylon slip in white once and also Very much chic and elegant in black.". The black panties.
(10:06:00 10:07:46) 09 Geneva car show series spinning cars, Mercedes stand: open the boot, Mercedes 220 SE and 300 SL, other cars, and details such as steering wheels and front views, pan across a sports car, the glass model of the Wankel engine, a racing car.
(10:07:46 10:08:27) 10 car race on the airfield of horse box overturns start, then impressive shots in the corners and darting and spinning cars, a small car and remains on the page, leaving the driver unharmed, finally will be 2 x an other car and stops on the wheels.
(10:08:27 10:09:27)

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Akiko ; Esterer ; Griem, Helmut ; Liebtrau ; Lothar, Hans ; Oestergaard, Heinz ; Possehl, Inge ; Rautenfeld von, Claus ; Schwerin ; Thiele, Rolf


Hamburg ; Hong Kong ; Düsseldorf ; Berlin ; Geneva ; Canada ; Washington ; Horse box


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; China ; Railways ; Industrial events ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; filmmaking ; Escape ; Refugees ; motor sports ; Political events ; Joke ; Shipping ; Ships ; Schools, training ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Fashion ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 243/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m protest d. Wirtsch.verb. d. movie theater owners agai. (Amusement Tax) camera: Seib speech Dr. Schwerin / 1 scene of Faust) origin: Sovkino Filmaufn. m. Hong Kong Akiko + Hanns Lothar Hong Kong Berieht / refugees Ausbildg. from Kennedy's "Peace corps" origin: Metro d. icebreaker St. Lawrence River origin: Metro spring + Italian Nightgown fashions origin: Salgado, archive housewife story camera: fire origin: Hungaro, archive mens clothing + panties stroy m. interviews camera: Seib, Jürgens origin: Gaumont, Gaumont Autosalon Geneva origin: Cine journal car race on d. airfield v. horse field camera: strong, basic final brand 3, 1 m

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