UFA-Wochenschau 232/1961 03.01.1961


1st Communist incursion into Laos scenes of fighting and destruction. A plane is unloaded soldiers ride in jeeps, chatting up, shoot street fighting, mortar launchings, tanks, burning houses, ruins, bulldozers clear debris aside, group indigenous refugees, women and children, Europeans are evacuated with aircraft, aerial photos of the 7th fleet, gun on a destroyer swings back and forth.
(10:00:16 10:01:29) 02. strike in Belgium on long shots by mass demonstrations, Pan burning canister, Prime Minister Eyskens at a press conference, pan across the destroyed plate glass window of the newspaper "Het folk", escalation of the demonstration with water cannons and mounted police, a bus is by the angry crowd attacked the fleeing bus driver, a man is against a tram, scuffle with police, 2 night shots.
(10:01:29 10:02:21) 03. Jeeps and trucks drive French Atomic bomb in Reggane on the site of Reggane in the Sahara, set up dolls in uniform, tanks, aircraft and artillery on the test site, missile swings, big button and explosion of the atomic bomb.
(10:02:21 10:02:46) 4th new year's day shooting in Berchtesgaden winter totals of Berchtesgaden, Berchtesgaden group sits at the table and prepares the firecrackers shotguns to shoot, is blessed with leaving the House by the housewife with holy water, they shoot the first firecrackers in front of the House, the shotguns are clogged with wooden wedges, then many individual and mass shots.
(10:02:46 10:03:45) 05. winter camping pan from the Zugspitze tent and caravan, wife knits on a camping car, long shot of the square, in the car, dogs great in the snow, camper running ski, go into the speed a hill high.
(10:03:45 10:04:10) 06. New year's event in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany of Assembly of different jumps with start-ups, jumps and landings, jumping by Georg Thoma, who but not could place jump by Helmut Recknagel, was Koba Tsakadse 2, victory leap of the Russians.
(10:04:10 10:05:31) 07 12 UFA-tips for a better life of 1961 (satire) 1. The explanation works for the phone book: Theo Petersen on the phone, shakes his head about the incomprehensible phone book and takes on a "discussion paper".
2. the Briefmarkenlecker: Ralf Berwig attracts a stamp from a vending machine, in addition is Ernst Postler uniform and licking this and other brands.
3. the edible service: Hardy Jürgens consumed also the edible dishes for a cheese bread.
4. handles and seat AIDS for parties: Guests at a standing party, including Georg Pahl, cling to handles attached to the ceiling and sit on Melkschemeln felt after sitting AIDS, a waiter gives them drinks.
5. The "Wicklophon": The wife No more needs the help of her husband at the wool wrap that takes care of the "Wicklophon" on a record player, the husband sits newspaper reading in addition.
6 pillow portrait: Claudia Gauert sleeps on a pillow with the picture of Horst Buchholz.
7 extendable signs on car rueckfenstern: A beetle a Mercedes the priority which the Mercedes driver on his rear window pull up a plate of "Idiot", an other Mercedes overtakes a beetle with a driver at the wheel and pulls takes up a sign "Stop like you", Gudi Pohl on the big wheel, pulls a cord, overtook the Mercedes with the sign "Think!" in the rear window.
8 collection of car exhaust: with plastic bags at the exhaust, car exhaust are captured, delivered at collection points, where Karl Oelsner takes them in reception and paid, even the smallest amounts from a mini bag.
9 fog launcher for pedestrians: to stop the traffic Erich goes with Rob egg a smoke grenade on the road.
10. Portable meter: Hans-Jürgen Rieck, in 2. Series parking with a parking meter in the arm gets out, puts next to the car and big throws a coin.
11 swivel chair for traffic policeman: A policeman controls sitting on a swivel chair the traffic, the chair rotates faster and faster.
12. the "cellar of neurosis": Franz work enters the "cellar of neurosis" which is full of racks with crockery, then he throws various plates on the floor and trampling on it around.
(10:05:31 10:08:19) 8 children as bullfighting school in Mexico children practice bullfighting, where one of the Bullfighter with a CAPA embodies the bull with horns held, another long shot with many children, single large, bull in the courtyard.
(10:08:19 10:08:44) 09. A firecrackers opened Bull run in Pamplona the bulls through the streets of Pamplona, scenes on the streets, iterate over large crowds at the arena entrance, where to put the men on the ground and by the bulls, total and great in the arena hunts a bull behind the young men here.
(10:08:44 10:09:27)

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Berwig, Ralph ; Breit, Ernst ; Eyskens ; Feierabend, Franz ; Gauert, Claudia ; Jürgens, Curd ; Kaue ; Pahl, Georg ; Pohl, Gudrun ; Kärkinen, Juhani ; Recknagel, Helmut ; Sjöberg, Kjell ; Thoma, Georg ; Tsakadse, Koba


Sahara ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; Belgium ; Laos ; Bleckede ; Mexico ; Leverkusen ; Pamplona ; Berchtesgaden


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; civil wars ; Camping, Campinger ; Demonstrations ; Dogs ; Children ; aircraft ; Joke ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; bullfighting ; Animals (except dogs) ; Unrest ; festivals ; winter pictures ; nuclear science ; Dogs ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 232/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m Communist. Invasion of Laos origin: Metro, GAUMONT, archive strike in Belgium origin: Belgavox, Gaumont of French Atombombenexplos. in Reggane origin: Eclair new year shooting in Berchtesgaden camera: Hafner new year ski jumping Garmisch-P.
Camera: Hafner, Vlasdeck, Oakley vol. Bullfighter in Mexico origin: Emasa Bull run in Pamplona origin: No.-do a better life of 1961 camera: Jackson, fire, Seib, o Connor, Vlasdeck, Luppa final brand 3, 1 m

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