UFA-Wochenschau 231/1960 26.12.1960


Year in review (Panopticon of life) people like You and me, Assembly of people and faces on the street.
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Panopticon of life after the schlager "Panopticon" customized installation of production of wax, wax heads tall, pivoting over wax heads of well-known politicians, including Khrushchev and de Gaulle. Many heads of the "small man of the road", concludes with rides at the Oktoberfest. Exchange interface between Carnival scenes and police actions in France and England and student riots in Korea. Sports: The Boxer Brian beats his referee London k.o., Uwe Seeler is player of the year, German Olympian 1960 including Thoma, Krämer, Kaufmann, Hary and Winkler with transition to children's carousel,. More Exchange cuts between events of the year 1960 and fairground scenes: earthquake in Agadir and in Chile.
(10:03:08)-crazy hairstyles. (10:03:17) wedding of Princess Margaret with Tony Armstrong-Jones and King Baudouin with Fabiola. Birth of Prince Andrew of England and Prince Cyrus of Persia.
(10:03:25) Miss and Mister-elections.
(10:03:54) art happening and Baroque figure, a train crashes into a ravine, a car schliddert over water, a monkey runs ice skating, a bed race.
(10:04:06) (10:01:09 10:04:41) Konrad Adenauer close-ups of him in the plane, with Cardinal Spellman, with Ben Gurion, with front of Brentano and Eisenhower. Bow down before Japanese monks, a Hawaiian girl on his lap puts on a hat, flower wreath gets hung around, gets 3 doctoral hats.

Interview: "the Indian Prime Minister Nehru does stop here an hour on the return flight in delusion, so that we can replace and therefore You understand are... "Laughter", not that! "" "Khrushchev said that Berlin would be in the zone. "Not a word of it!"

(next in the off unterschnitten zone boundary with boots) Because it has been made out specifically that Berlin should not belong to the zone.
(10:05:29) (10:04:41 10:05:35) East Berlin and East Germany 1 may parade in East Berlin with banners, gymnasts, grandstand of politicians and tanks.

O Adenauer: "it is that we lost the war and that we still should see a, to have to pay for it said by Russian officials. We To want to pay. But we To want not to pay with the freedom of 17 million Germans."
(10:05:51) zone border, refugees torches, fire.
(10:06:10) actuality Brandt: "we warn the Gauleiter over: spans the bow not!" Law and justice have never suppressed in the long run."
(10:06:27) (10:05:35 10:06:43) Khrushchev close-ups of him, some with original sound without translation. In France with de Gaulle, a lamb Gets a Sputnik model, in Vienna, signatures of 4 Eastern bloc leaders. The U2 scandal: Photo of by powers, issued debris of U2, actuality Khrushchev at Paris Summit Conference, departure from Paris, court hearing against powers in Moscow.
(10:07:33) Khrushchev before the UN: Castro, with Tito, is entering the UN building, on the lectern (mute), plays drums with his fists on his desk, swivel over the UN building.
Show me for him and South Africa, Adenauer speaks (10:07:59) (10:06:43 10:08:26) civil unrest and independence celebrations in Africa Lumumba, (silent), is located in Bonn Africans.

Various independence celebrations. Rugambwa becomes first black Cardinal. For today a strange juxtaposition of African dancers and Reeperbahn posters.
(10:08:37) Congo crisis: Baudouin in Congo, unrest, Lumumba and Mobutu, UN troops in the use of captive Lumumba is tied up and abused. UN General Assembly, coffins of UN soldiers are driven by Belfast.
(10:09:28) (10:08:26 10:10:22) de Gaulle quote: "... Vive la republique, vive la France!" Cheering French, de Gaulle to France tour in England with Churchill and Queen Elizabeth, is located in the United States Eisenhower, travels in Africa in an open car in Algeria.

Test of the atomic bomb in the Sahara. Interview de Gaulle: "Vive la republique... "(10:11:05) unrest in Algeria, o-ton:"Vive la republique... " ", de Gaulle in Algeria and many settings of the"Bloody Sunday"."
(10:11:14) (10:10:22 10:12:00) Eisenhower and Kennedy Eisenhower head size, the "red telephone", aircraft of the U.S. air force, Eisenhower in Paris, Khrushchev leaves Paris.

Eisenhower on world tour: ticker-tape parade, demonstrations in Japan ticker-tape parade in Brazil avoid a visit there, long shot of his car wedged by people in Manila, journey in Formosa,.
(10:12:21) electoral parade 1952: with grandchildren. With Mamy, with Nixon in the election campaign 1960th campaign Kennedy: In an open car, shakes hands, quote: "... and we shall win! ", balloons ascend in Hall, o-ton:"we are a great country... " "The statue of liberty.
Close-ups of well-known personalities of the year and unknown contemporaries appear alternately (10:12:52) (10:12:00 10:13:28) Assembly-known and unknown figures. Cut to the end after the bulleted list in the "Panopticon of life" hit.
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UFA-Wochenschau 231/1960

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