UFA-Wochenschau 228/1960 06.12.1960


01 Business Association of movie theater two long shots from the event in Wiesbaden, Germany. Interview Horst by Hartlieb: "the movie in the movie theater can offer something the audience, what can not provide the television nature in fact. "So I believe that the demand of the cinema on exemption from the amusement tax on behalf of lies the public to this valuable medium film as entertainment and as a cultural asset to get." Ruth Leuwerik actuality: "I have a very strong sense of Justice, and if I know and hear that offered the same entertainment production on the movie screen, be taxed multiple times and same type of tax-free assume performances in other entertainment media, then the feathers reluctant me. I would like to can believe in the basic law, which promises a level playing field for all."
(10:00:16 10:01:22) 02. "Bicycle thieves" and "The Battleship Potemkin" film clips of the two films, including the famous staircase scene from "The Battleship Potemkin".
(10:01:22 10:03:25) 03. Ukrainian dance at the Bolshoi Theater outside, go Khrushchev and companion smack to their seats, dance scene, choir before a large statue of Lenin's on stage, big and totally, applause of the Soviet leader.
(10:03:25 10:03:46) 04 Nationalchinesisches observed through binoculars totally maneuver Chiang Kai Schek firing warship, detonations in the water, the landing maneuver, landing and big, soldiers run firing aircraft across the beach.
(10:03:46 10:04:08) 05. Kennedy with his new Cabinet and daughter Caroline Kennedy presents the press on his doorstep two new members of his Cabinet. With daughter Caroline at his door, both pass Kennedy on the camera, Caroline runs to on the camera.
(10:04:08 10:04:36) 06. Churchill's 86. Birthday mailman bag full congratulations on the doorstep of Churchill's, press people before flower basket in reception, big pie is the door, housemaid, son Randolph gets out of his car, daughter Diana with grandson in her arms, field marshal Montgomery at the door, smiling Churchill great piles of greeting cards.
(10:04:36 10:05:01) 07. Archbishop of Canterbury in Rome on the Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffrey Fisher from Rome Airport: passing on the gangway, reporters and cameramen, Fisher behind the microphone, laughing on camera.
(10:05:01 10:05:18) 08 Tshombe in Brussels at the Brussels Airport: Tschombes daughter, his wife, Tshombe come down the gangway, is greeted by his wife, greets supporters with flag and poster "Vive Tshombe" smiling big and totally.
During his trial in Paris fleeing Lagaillarde which Algerian coup could Pierre Lagaillarde (10:05:18 10:05:33) 09. Sleeping photographer, Lagaillarde comes with his Defender to the process, is embraced by an Algerian paratrooper uniform in Algiers on the street and kissed. Kisses a woman in Paris and in a group.
(10:05:33 10:05:50) 10. The cartoonist H.E.. Prof. H. E. Köhler Köhler reads the newspaper, eyes in his apartment at the breakfast great, a caricature of stop motion of a different cartoon with the German Michel, change cut between Köhler at the drawing board and some of its cartoons (no tax increase until 1962) occurs.
(10:05:50 10:06:45) 11 Christmas at hand of 6 known Christmas songs is illuminated the consumption behavior of German Christmas ironically. "O, you happy..." Christmas lights, heavy traffic and many pedestrians in the streets of a few rushes with a small child and stuffed shopping networks load of a crosswalk, waiting by the roadside, many bags. "You Kinderlein come... ." People go on shop Windows over and in front of shop Windows, expenses, including pumps and Nativity scenes, Christmas lights on the new wall in Hamburg with moving cars. "Santa's coming tomorrow... "Turns heads of children and toys, the first time conventional then war toys." Kling' bells..." Assembly of funds and displayed prices, shop window with prices of coats, fur coats, brilliant for 6300 DM, man with two bags full of drinks, Ashbin, people with full bags and back Assembly of funds and prices. "O Christmas tree..." Changing Christmas decoration on the facade by Karstadt, lights in the city, cars in the darkness, shining cross, pedestrian walk in the dark across the street. "Silent night." Transitions of winter landscapes and snowy trees, large ringing Bell with blending on a nightly winter landscape (10:06:45 10:09:52)

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Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Churchill, Diana ; Churchill, Randolph ; Churchill, Winston ; Fisher, Geoffrey ; Hartlieb von, Horst ; Kennedy, John F. ; Köhler, H. E. ; Lagaillarde, Pierre ; Leuwerik, Ruth ; Montgomery, Bernhard ; Ribicoff ; Tschiangkaischek ; Tschombe ; Tschombé ; Williams, Ron


Wiesbaden ; London ; Paris ; Hersching in Munich ; Hersching Munich ; Formosa ; Moskau ; United States ; Rome ; Brussels ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Justice ; filmmaking ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Ships ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Art ; Works of art ; Maneuver ; transport questions ; Christmas ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 228/1960

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m Business Association d. movie theater, meeting in Wiesbaden ("film as a cultural asset") camera: Seib, strong clips from films: "The Fahraddiebe" + "Battleship Potemkin" ukrain. Dance evening with Soviet leaders origin: Sovkino NAT.-chines. Maneuvers, Formosa origin: Metro Kennedy with new Cabinet + Kennedy m. daughter Caroline origin: Metro, Metro Churchill's 86th birthday origin: Pathé news Archbishop. v. Canterb. Fisher at the Pope origin: iNcom Tshombe arrival in Brussels origin: Belgavox Lagaillarde origin: Pathé journal cartoonist Prof. H. E. Köhler, Herrsching camera: Vlasdeck Christmas (if d. Christmas cash register ringing) camera: Jackson, o Connor final brand 3, 1 m

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