UFA-Wochenschau 227/1960 29.11.1960


01 SPD Party Congress in Hanover nomination from Willy Brandt Chancellor. Voting, Hall total, Willy Brandt congratulates the re-election as Chairman of the SPD, applause, group portrait of the SPD leaders Erich Ollenhauer. Interview Carlo Schmid: "the foreman of the team is called Willy Brandt." Brandt beckons big applause. O-ton Willy Brandt: "absolutely our declaration that we faithfully be stand with all rights and obligations to the defence alliance and do nothing, what could jeopardize it is authentic." This is a binding that any candidate for Chancellor for a Social Democrat-led Government would have to go up. You are enough to give clarity our allies (in the off) for the change in Government next year unterschnitten with Erich Ollenhauer, Carlo Schmid, Herbert Wehner. (further on) We are all a family, therefore, our people must finally make peace with itself; I would like to participate with best efforts." Applause, reporter, Brandt and Wissel. (10:00:17 10:01:40) 02. election campaign in Japan the widow of the murdered Socialist leader Asanuma in the election campaign, great at the microphone, election posters, viewers, scenes at the polling station, Ikeda at the election, counting of votes, results, joy of the winner.
(10:01:40 10:02:28) 03 parades before Mobutu in Leopoldville parade of soldiers and tanks before Mobutu, paratroopers jump from aircraft and land, Mobutu is watching.
(10:02:28 10:02:47) 04. Irish UN fallen (Congo) the coffins of six fallen UN soldiers are driven on lorries by Dublin, large crowd farewell, weeping relatives at the grave, soldiers shoot salut.
(10:02:47 10:03:00) 05. launched U.S. nuclear submarine soldiers dressed in historic costumes before sub in the water runs from the stack, baptism guest, the submarine, naming, sub.
(10:03:00 10:03:19) 06. U.S. weather satellite of II of tyre is rotating satellite is in the Hall, antenna, satellite rocket hoisted, start, antennas, trick of the satellite orbit around the Earth, measuring instruments in the satellite centre in many settings, images transmitted from the satellites.
(10:03:19 10:04:11) 07. traffic images single man seeks its way through heavy traffic in Paris, from the top and side pan across the Champs of Élysées recorded.
(10:04:11 10:04:21) 08. International Road guard columns of international road rescue vehicles, wheels, small vans and tow trucks drive through Holland, on the side of the road a driver standing next to their "Duck", which has a breakdown, descend all roadside helpers or, to help the "blonde novice to the Volant", something on the motor, fumble hood to and the "blonde Angel" runs through a trellis of frantic aides.
(10:04:21 10:04:55) 09. Long shots and close-ups of pedestrians, pedestrians cross the intersections, police officer, traffic lights, pedestrian run over intersections, heavy traffic, Günter Beyer in an armour, blending without armor, passes slalom on cars, mounted with coolers of braking cars, Beyer rescues on the podium of a traffic policeman. Examples of wrong behavior: difference between darker and brighter clothes goes next to a zebra crossing across the street, at night, man woman hesitates on the zebra crossing, going on and backward, man tries to jump on a moving bus and falling on the road, another without to look out of a parking space and is fast approached, falls a third after a kiss on the side of the road backwards on a car , Karl Schröder staggers as "Drunken" across the street and ends up in the arms of a police officer.
(10:04:55 10:06:23) 10. Sitting disease examples of this "disease": man used elevator, behind the wheel, in the Office, at the bench, the Lady - or card game, on the escalator, in the car, which takes human being therefore no sleep, is tired in the Office, suffering from loss of appetite, needs to see a doctor. Concerning this "disease": digging around walk, Garden, row, swim.
(10:06:23 10:07:07) 11 German trampoline Championship for the first time was in Frankfurt a German Championships held. Assembly of various jumps. Exercises of German champions Roland Schillinger and Christel Vieweg, both from Freiburg in many settings and sometimes in slow motion.
(10:07:07 10:08:01) 12 underwater hunting in Spain women 'jump' underwater barriers, underwater Hunter in action, so harpooned fish are thrown into the accompanying boat.
(10:08:01 10:08:30) 13 whitewater swim of installation of various conventional white water rafting in canoes. New discipline: float wetsuits and fins drift through the wild water, only protected with a cushion against the impact on the rocks. Many settings of the floats in the torrential waters at the end be hoisted it on the rocks.
(10:08:30 10:09:23)

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Asanuma ; Brandt, Willy ; Ikeda ; Mobuto, Desiré ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schröder, Karl ; Wehner, Herbert ; Wissel ; Schillinger, Roland ; Vieweg, Christl


United States ; Of the Congo ; Almeria ; France ; Hamburg ; Rome ; Japan ; Cap Canaveral ; Dublin ; Ireland ; Hanover ; Frankfurt


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; skydiving, skydiving ; Leisure, recreation ; Parades ; Parliaments ; Political events ; Radar ; Rockets ; Shipping ; Ships ; Deaths, funerals ; Trampoline, jumping on a trampoline ; Medicine ; Military events ; Holiday ; transport questions ; nuclear science ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 227/1960

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m SPD party day, Hannover, election campaign beginning camera: Seib, Jackson campaign in Japan camera: Asalu origin: Metro parades before Mobutu in Leopoldville origin: Belgavox Irish UN fallen (Congo) origin: Pathé News US - nuclear U boat - launching origin: Metro U.S. weather satellite of tyros II origin: Metro traffic images origin: Archive int. Street guard origin: Polygoon pedestrian camera: Rieck seat disease origin: Pathé journal German trampoline Championship camera: Basic, strong underwater hunting in Spain origin: No. do white-water swimming origin: Pathé journal, Gaumont final brand 3, 1 m

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