UFA-Wochenschau 208/1960 20.07.1960


01 doomsday clock is ticking, great. 14.7.1960, 13,45 pm. Cable car goes up to the Mont-Blanc. Giuseppe Bianco sectarians with his followers on the Mont-Blanc in security for the expected end of the world. Food. Drinking from a bottle of wine. Trombonist. Clouds in the sky. Alarm clock is ticking, great.
(22 m) 02 Brussels: demonstration against misguided colonial policy of the Government move with banners: Nos enfants level acres et nutiles - Nos femmes violees.
(6 m) 03. chaos in the Congo - UN attacks destroyed houses, burned-out cars, pillaged shops. House, in which the Italian Consul had been murdered. White boy with rifle hinged to. Use of Belgian paratroopers. Nurse in house for cover. Verwundeter taken on stretcher. Session of the UN Security Council. U.S. delegate Cabbot lodge speaks. Arrival of United Nations troops from Ethiopia, Ghana, Morocco, Tunis as a replacement for the Belgian soldiers. Khrushchev, big, Prime Minister Lumumba promises the help of the Red Army.
(28 m) 04. Moscow: soldiers are discharged soldiers kneel down and kiss the red flag at release party, to then be trained on more modern weapons.
(10 m) 05. Tokyo: Prime Minister Kishi's assassination after assassination attempt is carried away Kishi. Assassin is taken away. (Assassination took place because of its leniency towards the radical demonstrators against the United States.) Demonstration against the conclusion of the Security Treaty between Japan and the United States. Demonstrators singing the Internationale.
(25 m) 06. Los Angeles: John F. Kennedy is presidential candidate of Kennedy in the crowd at Party Congress of the Democratic Party. Carried posters with pictures of Kennedy, Johnson, Sevenson and Senator Symington. Young speaker at lectern speak for Kennedy. John F. Kennedy at lectern quote: "... and we shall win!" Balloons.
(26 m) 07. The bulls of Pamplona young men and young bulls race through the streets of Pamplona in arena overthrow humans. Fighting in the arena. Bull takes young man on the horns.
(18 m) 08 Calgary/Canada: car racing and Rodeo Parade through the town. Bing Crosby sits on cars. Indians March on Blackfoot. Covered wagon race and Rodeo bulls and horses.
(27 m) 09 Hamburg: show jumping Derby dressage Derby: judge at the judges table greet with hat. Reiner Klimke at the dressage on Charmör. Gallop traversal. Dressage program o-ton: Pirouette, strong trot, Piaffe, passage, hold, sincerely. Clapping. Show jumping Derby: Rider on the course. Alwin Schockemöhle on the mold of Bacchus. Refusal before the planking behind the great wall. Magnus von Buchwald crashes on Servus 4 error points to the moat, Fritz Thiedemann on retina ZL (2). Kurt Jarasinski, heaths, Raffaela ride flawlessly and WINS. Audience clapping. Award ceremony. Elegant spectators, great.
(55 m) 10. Munich: art gymnastics qualifying for Olympics vault, horizontal bar, floor exercise, rings. Siegfried abundance / Leipzig in the floor exercise (3). Günter Lyhs (2) parallel bars. Philip Fürst on high bar (1.).
(36 m)

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Buchwald von, Magnus ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Crosby, Bing ; Kennedy, John F. ; Kishi ; Fülle, Siegfried ; Fürst Philipp ; Jarasinski, Kurt ; Klimke, Reiner ; Lyhs, Günter


Brussels ; Tokyo ; Mont Blanc ; Of the Congo ; Moskau ; Los Angeles ; Pamplona ; Calgary ; Hamburg-Flottbek ; Munich ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; civil wars ; Demonstrations ; Special events ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Gymnastics ; Unrest ; Military events ; festivals ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 208/1960

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 end of the world (Mont Blanc) origin: Salgado, Incom demonstration in Brussels origin: vis news riots of Congo lodge before the UN (because of the Congo) origin: Metro UN forces in the Congo origin: vis news Soviets dismissed soldiers for work service origin: Sovkino assassination of Japan Minist. Pres.. Kishi origin: Asahi news, Metro Kennedy as Präsidsch. Candidate United States origin: Metro Bull Run, Pamplona origin: No.-do car racing + Rodeo, Calgary, Canada origin: Metro show jumping Derby Hamburg big Bhubaneshwar camera: Rau, o Connor, Rieck, Jackson United Rome excretions of the gymnast in Munich camera: Luppa, basic end title 3, 1

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