UFA-Wochenschau 205/1960 28.06.1960


01. the x. International Film Festival in Berlin poster Film Festival. Airplane propeller, great. People wave. Arrival of the stars at the airfield: Ingrid Andree and Hans Lothar, Richard Widmark, Gene Kelly. President of the jury for the award of the Harold Lloyd film awards. Review of old movies: Harold Lloyd on houses wall to House Sims with mouse in the pant leg. Paul Wegener, Charlie Chaplin, Werner Kraus, Lilian Harvey, Renate Müller. Gedächtniskirche Berlin. People in front of the Congress Hall. Arrival of the stars: Director Frederico Fellini, Ingrid van Bergen, Rudolf Platte, Nadja Tiller, and Walter Giller. Opening speech Willy Brandt actuality: "back then in 1951, we admit it openly, this film festival were, so we were also about it, but first and foremost a political issue, one of the characters, will to live this city to express." Clapping. Ulla Jacobson / Sweden, Frederico Fellini / Italy, Richard Widmark / United States, Willy bowing forest / Berlin, Vienna, Grete Weiser. Rut Brandt claps, great. The film awards by State Secretary Dr. Other than representatives of the Minister of the Interior. Best feature film "The bridge". Bernhard Wicki receives award for Best Director. Best cinematography: Klaus of Shibi field for "Labyrinth of passion". Best young actor Götz George in "Jaqueline" best young actress, Cordula Trantow in "The bridge". Best actress Nadja Tiller in "Labyrinth of passion". Best actor Walter Giller in "Roses for the Prosecutor". Nadja Tiller gives interview interview: "it is the 1, time in 7 years that we will jointly turn a town on 2 different movies, and we are very happy, because we have our baby. We lead as something similar to a family life despite the work". Wolfgang Esterer interviewed Walter Giller: "Mr. Giller, you stand in the middle of filming, and we have brought you in historic costume in front of the camera." Please, tell us yet, for which movies you stand in front of the camera?"-"the film is called "Heroes" and is produced by Sokal-film, and that is a musical comedy after an accusation by Lessing, namely "Minna von Barnhelm"." Do you have time to visit the foreign or domestic films, which run on the Festival?"-"unfortunately not, because we turn to evening 7 mostly. Until we get home it is 1/4 before 8 and in the morning we get up again." -"Yes, an 8-hour day when you usually isn't in there?"-"Yet, we have still 40 minutes lunch break." Berlin-Mariendorf trotting course. Race of celebrities. In the Sulky bully Bullan, Ingrid van Bergen and Claus Holm: race. Horse galloping. It wins Helmuth Schmid. Rudolf Platte congratulates. Ingrid van Bergen, great. Wine tasting at the House of rhus with Agnes Fink and Bernhard Wicki, Federal Prize winner film Hanns Lothar (Buddenbrooks) and Ingrid Andree, Johanna Koszian and Willy Forst, Marianne Koch in blond. Walter Gross with champagne glass o-ton: "30 years colleagues, lighting Director and actor and 10 years Berlin Film Festival, well-being!" Gert Fröbe actuality: "Advanced hour I want to blow me my own film festival hymn on the occasion of the opening of the Berlin Film Festival". "Yes, that's Berlin air" is blowing. Schlager rendezvous at the Berliner Waldbühne. "Morning, morning, laughing and happiness again". "Wonderful girl, soon we are a couple." Match Fireworks. Fireworks.
(165 m) 02. Frankfurt: final German Football Championship: HSV - 1 FC Cologne 3-2 tram runs. People flock to the stadium. 70000 visitors in the stadium. Economics Minister Erhard viewers, General Heusinger, Carlo Schmid with HSV flags. Kick-off. Game. Audience, great. Helmut Rahn is storms. Goalkeeper Ewert, Cologne, holds. Transparent: HSV will now pale, 1. FC Köln is master of all classes. Half-time score 0:0 2nd half. Cologne storms. Shot on goal Cologne by Breuer. Cheers of the fans. Uwe Seeler shoots the Ausgleich1: 1 in return. HSV plays to consider. Shot at the misses. Daniels shoots the 2:1 cheers. Audience, great. Man with a paper helmet. Striker Müller shoots the 2:2. cheers. Chanting HSV. Goalkeeper parade. In the 88th minute, Stephen shoots free-kick over the wall, Uwe Seeler shoots the 3:2 spectators cheering and clapping and running the place. Players are worn on the shoulders. Hamburg: Train arriving in train station Dammtor. Crowd. Uwe Seeler and the players of the HSV with motorcade on the way to the HSV space. Team captain Meinke shows the silver bowl.
(125 m)

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Brandt, Willy ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Giller, Walter ; Heusinger ; Schmid, Carlo ; Tiller, Nadja ; Seeler, Uwe


Hamburg ; Berlin ; Frankfurt ; Frankfurt's Waldstadion


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; festivals ; Football ; Reviews ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 205/1960

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand of 7, 6 Berlin Film Festival 1960 introduction pictures airport, meeting the stars jury + old movies old films, Lloyd + Chaplin autographs + opening d. W. Frandt camera: Jürgens, Seib, fire origin: Archive star parade + distribution the Bundesfilmpreis interviews Nadja tiller, W. Gana trotting races, Berlin, Mariendorf wine tasting in the House Gandhi rhus forest stage Fireworks DTE. Football Championship in 1960 in Frankfurt's Waldstadion, HSV: 1 FC Cologne 3-2 camera: Luppa, Stoll, Vlasdeck, reason, Pahl, Seib, o Connor, wild, Krimmel arrival d. winner HSV Hamburg end title 3, 1

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