UFA-Wochenschau 187/1960 23.02.1960


01 clever and forgetful: Schussels tools clever control tools in the tool box. Total disorder and broken tools. Maria is rebuked.
(36 m) 02 England: birth of Prince Andrew 41 shot salute. People read the notice at the Buckingham Palace. Review: wedding photo of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Elizabeth with Prince Charles and Princess Anne as babies on her lap. Prince Charles as a boy. Coronation of the Queen.
(22 m) 03 Berlin: Francy Heyne is Francy Heine is applied at fashion ball Crown elected Ambassador of fashion. Filled dance floor. The 10 candidates for the title in evening dresses.
(22 m) 04. Munich: World Championship of amateur dancers couples dancing the Waltz. Karl and Ursula Breuer winner dance.
(20 m) 05. Utrecht: durable socks men go long on socks, which have no holes.
(18 m) 06. England: Automation exhibition off machine comes after insertion of coin finished eating.
(10 m) 07. Brussels: International motor show cars at level: Convair, Renault, VW Karmann.
(9 m 08) England: motorized bed alarm clock ringing. Two men lie in bed, wake up, stuck steering wheel on the device and go in the bed in the Office.
(12 m) 09 Neumünster: ice sailing sailboats on the frozen lake of input fields. Sailing boats in the race (180 km/h). Boats leave at an angle in the corner.
(18 m) 10 Gdynia: winter gulls fly over ice floes. Schiffer knock the ice off the superstructures of ships. Icebreaker in use. Squirrels will be fed and petted. Tits at feeding site.
(16 m) 11 Olympics in Sqaw Valley a. opening ceremony Vice President Nixon to the official gallery. Skier Andi Mead-Lawrence, accompanied by an escort of ski, will bring the Olympic torch into the stadium. Eisschnelläufer Ken Henry ignited the Olympic flame. Carol Heiss is the Olympic Oath.
(15 m) b. figure skating pair skating Marika Kilius and Hans Jürgen Bäumler at Kürlauf. Jump, they lightly touch the gang. You win the silver medal. Kürlauf Barbara Wagner and Robert Paul, Canada. You win a gold medal. Interview.
(31 m) c. neon signs in Las Vegas (6 m) d. skiing women's blowing up of snow dumps to the avalanche protection. Skier is transported on stretcher with a broken leg. Biebl Oberstaufen Heidi run, run. You win a gold medal.
(39 m)

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Bäumler, Hans Jürgen ; Biebl, Heidi ; Breuer, Ursula ; Prinz Charles ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Heyne, Francy ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Kilius, Marika ; Paul, Robert ; Wagner, Barbara ; Philipps, Mark


Brussels ; London ; Utrecht ; Berlin ; Holland ; Las Vegas ; Munich ; England ; Gdynia ; SQU. Valley ; Neumünster ; Reno ; United States ; Squaw Valley


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ice sailing ; Olympics 1972 ; Reviews ; Joke ; beauty pageants ; Cities ; Dance ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; Curiosities ; winter pictures ; Science ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Technology ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 187/1960

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 smart + Maria "Zusammengeschl." England: Prince origin Gebart: Pathé news Ambassador d. fashion + ball i. Berl.
Camera: Pahl sen.

Amateur dance contest in Munich camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner socks cruise in Holland origin: Polygoon automation origin: Pathé news automotive show in Brussels origin: Belgavox raging bed frame origin: Polygoon ice sailing a. d. Einfelder see camera: GA of Polish winter origin: Polkronika Eröffn. d. Olympus.-origin games i. Squaw Valley: Metro Eiskunstlf. Kilius/Bäumler (Silver) origin: Olympic pool interview: Wagner/Paul (gold) origin: Olympic pool report: Las Vegas origin: Metro avalanche blasting origin: Metro Abfahrtslf. d. ladies: Biebl (gold) origin: Olympic pool end title 3, 1

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