UFA-Wochenschau 182/1960 19.01.1960


01 clever and forgetful: fixed in the hand clever works on the vise, Maria do not clamp the workpiece but wants to hold in the hand, workpiece jumps out of your hand and turns. Clever, the machine turns off quickly.
(31 m) 02 Königssee: Süddeutsche toboggan championships snow-covered landscape. Men wear sledge to start. Greasing the skids. Sign on tree: sledding police banned. Luger on the railway. Driving through curves and falls. Hermann Thaler from Imst / Tyrol WINS in the an and in the doubles with his brother. Ride through the target. Target range with advertising Coca-Cola.
(27 m) 3rd Semmering near Vienna: ski jumping on the Lichtenberg-Hill ski jumper. Falls. Spectators on the side of the Hill. Max Bolkart / Germany WINS. Close-up. Audience clapping.
(18 m) 04 Kitzbühel: Hahnenkamm slalom: runner on the track with closely set gates. 3 is Willy Bogner / Germany. It wins statement Duvillard / France. Abdul-Latif Moiterer / Austria is caught in the gates. Finish Adrien Duvillard. Close-up. Advertisement at the gang: Philips.
(24 m) 5th Füssing: fur fashion show by Kunze-Mannheim in spa show mannequins. Mink, Persian lamb fur. See bathing in the thermal spa. Persian lamb fur pants, Beaver coat with Fox hat, West African Persian lamb fur. Mannequins drop pelts and jump into the Spa.
(28 m) 6th winter day of a driver man resigns from front door, eaves a car around the corner. Man shovels free VW Beetle and the discs do turn away the snow. A couple sitting in the car. Man returns the license plate free, goes to the next VW and falls down. Free return of the discs. Door lock is frozen and thawed with lighter. Engine will not start. Taxi is summoned, which is already occupied.
(35 m) 07. Cologne: handmade speakers at meeting the Prince guard of the time reporting actuality: "driver, front passenger and Bell driver! I would like to urge you, take account of the poor Anhalterinnen day out, every day risk their lives in traffic on the game but At last once. But only to you a prepare a few pleasant hours. Drive slowly and safely, just as contribute, that the insurance At last once come out of their misery barracks." Clapping. Dance of the Funkenmariechen with the dance officer.
(61 m) 8th Munich: enthronement of the Carnival Prince pair guards a marching. Carnival Prince and Princess of Carnival waving to cars. The Münchner Kindl dances on roller skates.
(12 m) 09 Frankfurt: 10 years of holiday on ice dancer. Artistry, jumps, clowns, Ballet.
(31 m) 10 dance and death in Cameroon natives celebrate the country's independence. Coffins with the dead chiefs carried in procession. Hordes of horsemen riding. Dances. Drummers. The Cathedral of Duala and monument of a German "Honor the memory" 1890th Swiss father speaks interview: "the situation of the religion has become Very much bad. In the South we have already more than 7 missions, which are completely empty. The chiefs have violated already 5 father and killed 2. And this week they took again 2 - whether they are alive or not, we don't know that. "The situation is so bad that all afraid for their lives." Images of the country. Negro carries little sister. Police officers stand guard in front of building. Destruction of houses. Wire mess. Dance in place. Christian wedding. Girl naked dance Moon dance in a pagan tribe.
(89 m)

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Bogner, Willy ; Kunze ; Oelsner ; Rau, Kurt ; Duvillard, Henry


Munich ; Switzerland ; Füssing ; Frankfurt ; Cameroon ; Canada ; Semmering near Vienna ; Kitzbühel


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; cameramen, cameramen ; Carnival ; Carnival ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Special reports ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Medicine ; winter pictures ; Revues ; Fashion ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 182/1960

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 "fixed in the hand", CLEV. + Maria Süddt. Toboggan championships, Kakkad.
Camera: Hafner ski jumping and downhill skiing, Semmering.
Origin: Austria ski, Alpine combined. Hahnenkamm/Kitzb.
Origin: Austria fur fashions Füssing thermal camera: Hafner, Vlasdeck car in the snow.
Camera: Pahl handmade speakers, Cologne camera: Luppa, strong Carnival. Prince Inthronisat. Munich camera: Vlasdeck 10 years holiday on ice, Frankft.
Camera: Luppa, strong Cameroon - camera report: Rau, o Connor final brand 3, 1

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