UFA-Wochenschau 180/1960 05.01.1960


01 New York: Vierling baptism according to the Orthodox Rite priest baptizes quads, which are connected with the whole body in the baptismal font. Babies in Taufkleidern on the arm of the godfather.
(12 m) 02. Hamburg: 1 Board derived Babyhotel Secretary in phone interview: "... Dr. KLEMM". Door please do not disturb sign. Door is opened. Baby sitting on the pot. Baby in crib. Baden. Listen to. Sunlamps. Baby bottles be warmed. Babies from England, Germany. Small Persian drinking from bottle.
(28 m) 03 Bonn: Konrad Adenauer's 84th birthday Bundeswehr formation the gun presents. Officer reports. German army music Corps plays. Adenauer is out front. The Palais Schaumburg congratulates the family with grandchildren and orphans from Bonn. Children give flowers and pictures. Congratulations of the Cabinet members with Erhard, Stücklen, Strauss, officers. Birthday Serenade of the Bundeswehr before the Palais Schaumburg.
(22 m) 04. Niigata: Japan repatriated North Korean refugees refugees say goodbye. Wines. Mourning. Protesters want to prevent departure. Men sit on the tracks. Street fighting. Police with batons carry away protesters. Buses run to two Soviet ships in the port of Niigata. Refugees waving by ships out.
(31 m) 05. Algeria: a look behind the front of the rebel army faces of members of the Liberation Army. Soldier in the light of the paddle is at mg. General Hoffman at speech at the 5th anniversary of the struggle against France. Verwundeter is connected to the head. Training in forest camp. Close combat at night blindfolded. Air-raid exercise. Civilians run in shelters.
(21 m) 06. Algiers: French Builder create new District new homes the "Cité Climat de France". Newly constructed building. Family in newly built apartment.
(17 m) 07 Léopoldville: visit King Baudouin greeting Baudouin on the airfield by dignitaries. Ride through the city. Monument to Leopold II Baudouin is raised before the monument. Negro children wave.
(16 m) 08 independence for Cameroon plays music Chapel. Arrival of UN Secretary General Dag Hammerskjöld at the airfield. Henry Cabbot Lodge and Federal Minister Dr. von Merkatz convey congratulations to the Prime Minister Ahidjo. Ahidjo is standing in an open car through the city. Flag of Cameroon is raised. Feast with women. Took. Watched the parade of young women, boys and students. A black Princess in white dress leads the procession. Soldiers and tribal delegations marching dances. (Oral report of our cameraman Rau: the Interior of the country, armed men are to enforce free elections.)
(43 m) 09 smart and forgetful: the oil spill can be forgetful bucket with oil of stool falling and disappears to wash and to move, without having to worry about the oil spill. Clever wants that he cleans the floor and goes. Maria runs fast from behind him, to go home to, slips and sits with the clean pants in the oil.
(35 m) 10 Sidney: boxes: Championship welterweight titleholder of Georges Barnes, England, defeated the Challenger Billy Todd, Australia, knockout violent impact change. Todd is in the 6th round knockout (12 m) 11 Pilsen: figure skating Kürlauf of Mraszkova Docekalova and the European champion Karel Divin.
(10 m) 12 Squaw Valley: preparations for the Winter Olympics of American skier slalom.
(14 m) 13 Adelboden/Switzerland: international ski days of German victory in the international ski days in Adelboden. Giant slalom of while strong snowfall. Hans Peter Laning was 6, second the Italian Pedrozelli: Winner: Ludwig Leitner.
Oberstdorf (22 m) 14: ski jumping four hills Tournament Max Bolkart wins the international ski jumping. Various settings of the jumps. Some downfalls. Winner: Max Bolkart.
(26 m)

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Barnes, George ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Baudouin I. von Belgien ; Hofmann ; Klemm, Ursula ; Rau, Kurt ; Divin, Karel ; Mraszkova-Docekalova ; Todd, Billy


Hamburg ; Algiers ; Niigata/Japan ; Bonn ; New York ; Algeria ; Squaw Valley ; Leopoldville ; Cameroon ; Sidney ; Pilsen ; Oberstdorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Demonstrations ; Ice skating, art running ; Children ; child care, education problems ; Escape ; Refugees ; Schools, training ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; Buildings ; Maneuver ; Events ; winter pictures ; Jobs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 180/1960

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 quads baptism origin: Metro baby hotel, Hamburg (Dr. KLEMM) camera: Seib Adenauer's 84th birthday camera: Luppa, strong Korean. Returning from Japan origin: Asahi news uprising in Algeria origin: Novosti French building in ALG. "Cité Climat de France" origin: Eclair Kön. Baudouin in Prien Congo origin: Belgavox Cameroon - camera report: Rau, o Connor "The man to trap", CLEV. + Shot.

Boxes, Weltergew.-Mstrsch. Sidney origin: Cine sound in Czech figure skating. Oly candidates, Pilsen origin: document ski training, Squaw Valley origin: Metro ski slalom, Adelboden/Switzerland camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner ski jumping; Oberstdorf camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner final brand 3, 1

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