UFA-Wochenschau 170/1959 27.10.1959


01 Werner Krauss + Vienna's Burgtheater. People on the street cry. Coffin laid out. The last wish: "if I died, one should ask my coffin for ten minutes on an empty stage in the light of the work, and the workers should lift the cover, so that colleagues can map To watch is how everything is transitory, as the man who often was on this stage, the King is now like a handful misery." "And no one should make a speech so that he will not be tempted to lie." Coffin is carried. Funeral procession with widow and son. Among the mourners Theodor Heuss. Werner Krauss, great. Game with his wife and his son. The Iffland-ring. Werner Krauss on stage with colleagues after the presentation. Werner Krauss in rolls of film interview: "we forget in this fight that we are people. It is more than just us. You see, I've learned A lot from you."
(39 m) 02. music for the eyes - Dr. Herbert Franke and Rolf Engler show form formation by electronic pulses, painter Rolf Engler before rotating disc translates music pulses into forms. Magnetic tape has been coupled by the physicist Dr. Herbert Franke with oscilloscope. You can see dancing electrons and forms of game - visualized music.
(45 m) 03 Poland: autumn walk through forest camera lens between tree leaves. Deer and deer. Deer fight. Spider Web. Herd of wild boar. Migratory birds fly up.
(16 m) 04 Newfoundland: biggest mink farm in the world white Minks in cages. Small mink is hunted by dog. Mink coats and Cape.
(16 m) 05. Palace Guard behind bars of the Buckingham Palace. Bear hats Guard soldier. Changing of the guard. People watching. Boys with paper helmets make changing of the guard. Boys make grimaces before guards soldier. Guard is removed. Wachablösungen now in the courtyard. Close-up Guard soldier.
(17 m) 06. snake hunters in Cambodia meander on tree snakes across River. Snake hunters catch snakes with slings and carry them to cages on the boat. Poison is taken from fang.
(17 m) 07. Stockholm: Bongo, 6 year old chimpanzee at the Skansen Zoo monkeys gymnastics in the enclosure. Monkey laust boys in the hair. Chimpanzee on leash.
(14 m) 08 Milan: master hairdressers salons hairdressing heads. Viewers. Fashionable short men hairstyles.
Maria (15 m) 09 Maria's contact with the electricity wants to connect drill. Plug of extension cord does not fit into a grounding type plug. Clever explains the need for three-prong plugs.
(41 m) 10 Rome: police fixed to the 107-year-old existence of the Roman police officers parading. Motorcycle pyramid and quadrille of motorcycle riders is impressive.
(30 m) 11th German championship of strength athletes under Ludwig construction balance artist - the 5 Grunex on the bike. Ground floor acrobatics of 5 Siegfried with pyramids. Force on the Trapeze of the 2 Royal. Pyramid of 3 Myros. Luftakt of the 3 Augustus.
(58 m)

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Engler, Rolf ; Franke, Herbert ; Heuss, Theodor ; Krauss, Werner


Milan ; Poland ; Baden-Baden ; Newfoundland ; Vienna ; Hamburg ; London ; Wiesbaden ; Rome ; Augsburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Autumn ; Musical events ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; Art ; Works of art ; Agriculture and forestry ; Landscapes ; Events ; festivals ; Science ; Jobs ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 170/1959

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 Werner Krauss died origin: Austria, archive visible music by electrons camera: Vlasdeck autumn, Polish forests origin: Polkronika mink farm in Newfoundland origin: NFB Canada v. d. bucking Palace Guard. Palace origins: Pathe news snake Hunter i. Cambodia origin: Gaumont, Cine sound monkey i. Skansen Zoo Stockholm origin: Svensk film Mila. Salons show Herrenfris.
Origin: Incom clever and forgetful "Three veins" Italian police show origin: iNcom, SEDI DT. Meistersch. d. art strength athletes camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner final brand 3, 1

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