UFA-Wochenschau 160/1959 19.08.1959


01 Hawaii: Hurricane Hurricane sea whips up. Surf beating on coast. Palm trees bend.
(8 m) 02. Formosa: flood and earthquake collapsed houses. People are looking for in ruins (700 dead). Tree cranked to.
(8 m) 03. India: flood breakdown from NDW 499 / 7 - here shorter: flooded land. People at clean-up. Dam construction on the Sankh River. Power plant construction.
(10 m) 04 flood in Bavaria and Austria torrential floods of the Salzach River with parts of the building and fallen trees. Tree crashes into the river. Old woman under umbrella. large. Rescue by people in boats. Woman is worn. Child cries. Destroyed motorway bridge near Salzburg. Flooded tracks and roads. Car drives through water.
(36 m) 5th Moscow: Olympics - Sports Festival of the Red Army breakdown from NDW 499 / 5 - this shorter: onslaught of the flag group with images of Communist leader. Mass show of the athletes. Figures are provided. Living bridge, allowing vehicles to drive and that formed to rocket forward supported by thousands of feet.
(19 m) 06. Leipzig: gymnastics and Sports Festival DDR emblem hammer and compasses of athletes held at invasion of sportsmen and sportswomen. Children run to the Royal box and bring flowers DDR sizes and Ulbricht. Sportspeople mass screening with balloons and tires. Viewers filling picture. Motorcycle group and pyramid.
(18 m) 07. Munich: 9 German Protestant Kirchentag talks the President of the Council of the Evangelical Church, Dibelius closing prayer of the final rally actuality: "God, we thank you, that we were allowed to be in these days in such a great community here together. Friendliness and warmth surrounded here us, faith enthusiasm has carried us with each other and your promise has strengthened us all - you shall be my people."
(34 m) 8th Munich: Giacomo Manzu is from Giacomo Manzu, successful sculptor of Italy, great. His sculptures. Young woman next to her sculpture.
(20 m) 9th St. Margarethen: European sculptors in the quarry in Quarry working artists from 8 Nations on sculptures.
(12 m) 10 Weilheim: German painter paints on junkyard painter working on junkyard on easel and used iron parts for his figurative - abstract.
(12 m) 11 Paris: French artist on junkyard Cesar, recipients of the Carnegie Prize, works with welder on junkyard sculpture.
(6 m) 12th Belgrade: Yugoslav children paint on the street children kneel on the street and paint pictures that away then be injected with chalk.
(14 m) 13 United States: driving test for young Americans young people driving on the slalom course to the title of the best teenage driver. The winner over 500,000 competitors will be honored by President Eisenhower.
(10 m) 14 United States: lingerie, Nightgowns, robes perform fashion show in the girls boarding school for young girls.
(20 m) 15. Travemünde week start in the stiff breeze from Travemünde of Findingis and pirates, dragon boats and flying Dutchmen. Boat of the ex-world champion Rolf Mulka with his before SCHOTT man Ingo von Bredow. Boats are hard on the wind.
(30 m) 16 England: archery archers male and female, large arrows on board. Stockholm: World Championship of the archers. The win is the United States who win all 4 titles.
(19 m) 17 Neukirchen: Moto-ball: MSC Saarbrücken-Burbach against ASC Merchweiler 5-0 players on motorbikes shoot ball. Referee runs. Goalkeeper parade. Shot on goal.
(22 m)

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Dibelius ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Grotewohl, Otto ; Heuss, Theodor ; Manu, Giacomo ; Ulbricht, Walter


Moskau ; Leipzig ; England ; Stockholm ; Neukirchen ; Travemünde ; Munich ; Lauffen ; India ; United States ; Hamlet ; Paris ; Yugoslavia ; Germany


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; archery ; Bells ; Disasters ; Moto ball ; motor sports ; natural disasters ; Rain ; Sailing ; sporting events ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Works of art ; Events ; Water ; water emergency ; Fashion ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 160/1959

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 disasters: whirlwind of Hawaiian origin: Metro flood and earthquake, Formosa origin: Metro Überschwemmg. In India origin: film Division flood in Bavaria, Germany + Austria camera: Hafner origin: Austria Spartakiade in Moscow origin: Sovkino gymnastic + Sports Festival in Leipzig origin: DEFA of 9 Evgl. Kirchentag in Munich camera: Vlasdeck, HA Ausstllg. Giacomo Manzù, Munich camera: Vlasdeck sculptor i. quarry, St. Margareth.
Origin: Austria German painter on junkyard (Weilheim) camera: rough French sculptor on junkyard origin: Pathé journal children paintings on d Street, Belgrade origin: Novosti teenager driving test, United States origin: Metro night fashions i. girls boarding house/United States camera: student sailing, "Travemünder Woche" origin: Svensk film archery origin: Pathe News Moto ball, Neukirchen/Saar camera: Luppa final brand 3, 1

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