UFA-Wochenschau 125/1958 16.12.1958


01. peace on Earth - the Bendersche children choir sings carols fir trees in the snow "Quiet trickles of snow". Churchgoers "your Kinderlein come". Lighting of candles "O you happy". Decorated Christmas tree. Cannon shots. Worship, church bells.
(51 m) 2nd curtain on: advent worship service in the Church in the station by Ecker Valley the Church of Stapelburg in the GDR on the zone boundary. Broken line. The disused station Ecker Valley serves as a church. Altar in the former waiting room. God service.
(18 m) 3rd nuclear-missile - US maneuvers with the Regulus missile maneuvers with submarines. Missile is fired.
(11 m) 04 Atomic Alarm - air-raid exercise in Sacramento sirens howling. Family leaves home to evacuate.
(14 m 05) Stockholm: Nobel prizes breakdown from NDW 464 / 2: the Russian poet Boris Pasternak may Nobel Prize in literature do not accept. The Swedish King Gustav V. Adolf von Sweden presented the awards for Chemistry, physics and medicine at 7 scientists: Sanger / England, the Americans, the Russians, Beadle, Tatum and leather mountain Cherenkov, Frank and Tamm. Among those present the Swedish princesses. Swedish Princess dancing to banquet with student.
(21 m) 06. Oslo: award of the Nobel Peace Prize on father Pire breakdown from NDW 464 / 1: in the presence of the Norwegian King Olaf v the Belgian Dominican father Pire of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded for its efforts to alleviate the refugee misery in the world.
(21 m) 07. Stuttgart: invade twin Congress twins. Close-ups of twins.
(14 m) 08 Harlem: exhibition of tropical birds Budgerigar sits on camera. Birds are in small beds on the back and jump, as clock runs. Budgies travel on a small motorcycle. Parakeet balanced on rope.
(17 m) 9th circus life Acrobat runs wrapped in bandages head on cable. Equestrian acrobatics. Elephant training. Lucien greeting, 6 year old horse trainer. Fire juggler. Big tiger. Small poodle on the podium. Children viewers.
(21 m) 10 ice Revue ice ballet dancing. Solo dancers. Salto on the ice. Ice clowns. Children laugh.
(35 m) 11 Paris: Middleweight boxing: Bubi Scholz beats Ballarin / France after violent shock exchange points. In the third round, Ballarin is severely damaged and short to ground. Ballarin attacking, but neglected the coverage and must once again to the ground. Point winner Bubi Scholz in her dressing gown in the ring.
(48 m) 12 Hamburg: European Championship in the light heavyweight: Erich Schöppner defeated Willi Hoepner by k.o. breakdown from NDW 464/8: Gong strike. Challenger Schöppner attacks. Shock Exchange. Hoepner is pushed to the ring rope. In the 5th round, Hoepner has up to 8 on the ground. Referee counts. Laboriously rises Hoepner and must once again to the ground, and is counted. Both boxers in the ring. New Europe master Erich Schöppner.
(48 m) 13. Dortmund: The sportsman of the year Marianne Werner, Sportswoman of the year, receives flowers. Marianne Werner in the shot put. Interior Minister Gerhard Schröder Fritz Thiedemann, sportsman of the year, presented the honorary award of Federal - Fritz Thiedemann on the course. 80 riders WINS in 1958. For the most successful German team, Herbert Schade takes the award contrary to (shot put, pole vault, high jump, hurdles, Sprint) for athletes
(37 m)

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Ballarin ; Beadle, George ; Frank, Ilja ; Gruss, Lucien ; Gustav Adolf VI. von Schweden ; Lederberg, Joshua ; Olaf V. von Norwegen ; Pasternak, Boris ; Pire ; Sanger, Frederic ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Tamm, Igor ; Tatum, Edward Laawrie ; Tscherenkow, Pawel ; Hoepner, Willy ; Schade, Herbert ; Schoeppner, Erich ; Scholz, Gustav ; Thiedemann, Fritz ; Werner, Marianne


United States ; Haarlem ; Oslo ; Stockholm ; Berlin ; Stuttgart ; Munich ; Warsaw ; Zone boundary ; Eckertal ; Dortmund ; Hamburg ; Paris


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Children ; Musical events ; Medals, awards, honors ; Rockets ; Religious events ; Satellite ; Shipping ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Animals (except dogs) ; Curiosities ; People ; Christmas ; space ; Revues ; Advent ; Atom ; Exhibitions ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 125/1958

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand border at Brenner camera: Rau, reason, student Christmas 1958 camera: students Christmas market Nuremberg camera: Hafner, Rieck curtain on: zone border reports camera: Seib launch d. nuclear missile "Regulus" origin: Metro air raid exercises i. California origin: Metro nuclear bomb bunker origin: Metro Nobel Prize Verl. d. KNG. Gustav i. Stockh.
Origin: Vis news Peace Prize. i. Oslo (P. PIRE) origin: Norsk Film Congress d. twins i. Stuttgart camera: strong trained tropical birds i. Haarlem origin: Polygoon 6-year-old artist m. horse number origin: Pathé journal circus i. winter quarters London origin: Chinese artists vis news origin: State int. Ice Revue i. Garmisch camera: Rau, Hafner ice parade i. Munich camera: Luppa, strong, student boxing: Scholz/Ballarin i. Paris origin: Gaumont boxes: Hoepner / Saqib Saeed camera: Stoll, Seib sportsman of the year: M. Werner, Thiedem camera: Basic, Luppa review a. d. successes d. popul. Spor. Origin: Archive end brand

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