UFA-Wochenschau 89/1958 10.04.1958


01 art a. Darmstadt: metal sculptures by Helga Föhl Helga Föhl knits in her garage Studio shot parts together. Working with hammer and welding machine on the metal sculptures.

Berlin: aluminum monument for the world exhibition of Professor Heiligers before its aluminium plastic as a symbol of Germany once again resurrected by Professor Heiligers.
(34 m) 02. Indonesia: civil war in the jungles of Sumatra breakdown from NDW 482/2: parachute jump out of plane and fight in the jungle against the rebels of the revolutionary Government to vital oil wells. Country boats. Rebels behind barbed wire.
(12 m) 03 Moscow: Queen Mother Elizabeth of Belgium visited the Tschaikowsky-Festival Queen Mother Elizabeth of Belgium comes from aircraft and is welcomed. President Woroschilow receives Queen Mother Elizabeth.
(10 m) 04. London: festive food of with officers of the Royal Air Force RAF Queen Mother Elizabeth and Princess Margaret go to dinner. Queen Elizabeth holds speech, the original sound and brings out the toast. All stand up among others also Prince Philip among officers.
(19 m) 05. Algeria: French missile test rocket is transported to the launch pad. Rocket launchings and observation of the flight.
(12 m) 06. San Marino: Regent currency breakdown from NDW 428 / 5: on the occasion of the change of Regent, which takes place 2 times a year, a large move of the population takes place. Flag is raised.
(14 m) 07 Würzburg: try the wine Research Institute in poultry farm chickens in farm and be fed. Chicken with wine are soaked in cages. Samples are taken to check alcohol damage. Chickens drink from glasses.
(34 m) 08 London: parking prohibited man drives in an open car to the city in the early morning. P plate. Empty streets. The time is progressing and the streets fill with motor vehicles. Storage. Dispute over parking. Garage full. Stirling Moss greets on cars in a traffic jam. Pedestrians with slung posters protesting against the growing traffic. A police officer can tow Falschparker. Mehrstöckig, high-speed cars (trick) to bring solution.
(48 m) 09 smart and forgetful: Lang Lang BB´s's breakdown from NDW 428/11: Smart meets father forgetful and asks it for his son, who is writing a book currently on education titled "Cattle on the road". Father is nearly run over dish, as he wants to rush to the tram. He is by cleverly kept back. "Caution is especially true for the elderly", herd documented the horsepower of cars.
(34 m) 10 Hamburg: German badminton Championship breakdown from NDW 428/9: finals men: Walter Stuch defeated Peter crisp. Spectators, great laugh. Audience clapping. Walter Stuch and Peter crisp, great. Final men's double: Dültgen Haidari defeat the defending champion Eschweiler Raina. Judge sees on the Chair back and forth. Clapping. Dültgen Haidari get Cup.
(32 m) 11. Prague: International football match Czechoslovakia - Germany 3:2 gameplay footage. Storm of the Czechs and scoring 1:0 just after the start. Cieslarczyk compensates for 1:1 viewers image filling in the 41st minute. 2nd half: Shortly after the start of the game shoots the Czech goalkeeper ball against own players and scores own goal. Shoot the Czechs 2-2 and the 3: leave the place 2 players.
(34 m) 12 United States: bowling Championships breakdown from NDW 428/10: bowlers Bowl on many cars side by side. Hits. All nine.
(15 m)

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Elisabeth von Belgien ; Elizabeth von England ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Föhl, Helga ; Gross, Walter ; Heiligers ; Hussels, Jupp ; Margaret von England ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Woroschilow ; Cieslarczyk ; Dültgen, Claus ; Eschweiler ; Hapke ; Knack, Peter ; Köppel ; Moss, Stirling ; Ropertz ; Stuch, Walter


San Marino ; Moskau ; London ; Darmstadt ; Berlin ; Würzburg ; Algeria ; Indonesia ; Prague ; Hamburg ; United States ; Mönchengladbach


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bowling, bowling, boules, pétanque ; Flags ; Football ; Political events ; Rockets ; Satellite ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Unrest ; automotive engineering, automotive ; automotive industry ; hotspots ; Art ; Curiosities ; Military events ; Transport: General ; space ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Badminton ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 89/1958

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand sculptor Helga Föhl camera: powerful plastic f. Weltausstellg v. Prof. of Holy camera: Pahl Indonesian civil war origin: Metro Prien Queen Mother in Moscow origin: DEFA RAF food in London origin: Pathé news Franz. Rocket experiments in Algeria origin: Pathé journal change of Regent in San Marino origin: iNcom wine contest with chickens camera: strong origin: Canada parking in London origin: Pathe news "Papa forgetful" clever and forgetful in badminton-Meistersch. i. Hamburg camera: Seib, student football Czech Republic/Germany. i. Prague origin: State bowling Meistersch. in America origin: Metro final brand

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