UFA-Wochenschau 88/1958 02.04.1958


01 Lourdes: Inauguration of the underground Basilica procession with priests and more than 100,000 pilgrims bring the relics in the underground Basilica (36 m) 02 Nazareth: celebration of the Virgin Mary's Day Proclamation procession. The Patriarch of Jerusalem opened the Easter season.
(36 m) 03 Turin: the relics of the Holy burial cloth the burial cloth of Jesus Christ on the figure of Jesus is pictured. Story 4 and 5:38 m (36 m) 04. London: Debutantes before Buckingham Palace young lady meet before Buckingham Palace in elegant clothes. You go through the gate of the Palace, to be introduced into society. (Last reception there by Elizabeth abolished).
(38 m) 05. Holland: State visit of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip will launch. Queen Juliana is Queen Elizabeth, then Philip. Juliana and Elizabeth in carriage, great. 8 cents take horse-drawn carriage ride through the city. People wave. Philip drive next to Princess Beatrix. Elizabeth and Philip waving from the balcony. Giant crowd. Visit the laboratory of fluid engineering in Delft. Gala dinner at the Bürgersaal in Rotterdam. Elizabeth sits next to Philip. Beatrix laughing, great. Bringing out the TOST. Elizabeth and Philip go aboard the Britannia. Fireworks.
(38 m) 06. London: Peter Townsend in the public eye after returning from a trip around the world is Peter Townsend umdrängt by reporters and rises in car.
(6 m) 07 Lüneburg: Princess Margaret visited her regiment from aircraft E [...] R the Queens flight increases Princess Margaret and is welcomed. Walking down the front. Took of the soldiers. Close-up of Margaret.
(18 m) 08 pipeline Wilhelmstr port Cologne laying the pipeline. Dredging of the moat with giant excavators. Installation and welding of the pipes. Blades too.
(30 m) 09 smart and forgetful: the goggles breakdown from NDW 427 / 8: clever and forgetful in workshop working on grinding device. Clever wears goggles, Maria works without protective glasses. Part jumps from and clever against the glasses, which bounces. Maria witnessed the damage and quickly puts on goggles.
(19 m) 10 Holland: Rockwool - new industrial product off the slag from blast furnaces produced stone wool. Iron River. Slag. Clogging of minerals. Rock mineral wool for insulation. Pressing the wool into bales.
(21 m) 11 aircraft landing on the Zugspitze Franz Hailer managed before 36. landing the 1st landing on the Zugspitze with biplane. Piper machine in the approach in the mountains with the glider in tow. Overflight of the Zugspitze. Landing.
(23 m) 12 Hemer, Westphalia: the first reservists of the German armed forces breakdown from NDW 427 / 8: officer gets o-ton: "Company passed out!" Soldiers are in barracks. Dress output of civilian clothes. Appearance to the farewell appeal. The reservists in civilian clothes from the barracks, marching with music.
(22 m) 13 Munich: young people dance jazz club jazz cellar. Jazz band plays.
(20 m) 14 United States: amateur boxing to the "Golden glove" In the boxing match heavy blows dealt. Boxer in white pants have 2 times on the ground and clings to the ring rope. Further boxes. All of a sudden he ends up hit and boxer in black pants go k.o. (23 m) 15 Aintree: Grand National breakdown from NDW 427/12: bookmaker. Start. Viewers. 6 of 31 horses reach the goal. Falls. At the top, what riding favorite Goosander and Mr. Crash on obstacle. Reiterlose horses in the field. Mr. what dissolves and increased the lead to 30 metres in the target.
(42 m)

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Beatrice von Holland ; Bernhard von Holland ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Gross, Walter ; Hailer, Franz ; Hussels, Jupp ; Juliana von Holland ; Margaret von England ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Townsend, Peter


Lourdes ; Hemer, Westphalia ; Rotterdam ; Lüneburg ; London ; Holland ; Munich ; Nazareth ; Turin ; Aintree ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Federal ; Bundeswehr ; Electricity ; Higher education ; Industry ; Fireworks ; Musical events ; Oil ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Buildings ; Military events ; Social events ; Transport: General ; Engagement ; Foreign policy events ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Industrial ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 88/1958

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Unterird. Basilica, Lourdes origin: Eclair, Pathé journal day d. of Mary proclamation, Nazareth camera: Woskowitz Festival of the Holy Shroud, Turin origin: Attualità Catholic.

Last debutantes v. d. Buckinghpal.
Origin: Vis News English royal couple in Holland origin: Polygoon, Polygoon Peter Townsend origin: Archive Prince. Margret in Germany camera: Stoll, Seib, student oil line from Wilhelmshaven Cologne camera: Seib "Goggles" clever and forgetful "Rockwool" from Holland origin: Polygoon 3 aircraft land on d. Zugspitze camera: Rau, Hafner farewell d. 1 conscription. Hemer/West.
Camera: Basic Jazz Club in Munich camera: Rau boxing, Golden Gloves origin: Metro horse racing, grand national origin: Pathé news end brand

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