UFA-Wochenschau 87/1958 26.03.1958


01 Strasbourg: first session of the European Parliament breakdown from NDW 426/1 (shorter here): flags of European countries. Soldiers stand at attention. Arrival of Ludwig Erhard. Soldier salute, great. Arrival of Robert Schuman. The European Parliament. The meeting elects Robert Schuman as its first President. Europe flag blows.
(5 m) 2nd Moscow: choice of the "Supreme Soviet" Khrushchev on the lectern as safest candidate. Audience stand up and clap.
(4 m) 03 New Zealand: triumphant reception for Antarctic Explorer Sir Edmund Hillary and Dr Vivian Fuchs aboard waving Hillary and Fuchs. You disembark and are greeted by their wives. Hillary and Fox with their wives.
(6 m) 4th Accra: 1st anniversary of Ghana's independence parade with dancing women and men.
(4 m) 5th United States: start of the second US satellite breakdown from NDW 426/4: launch preparations. Small satellite, which is to be worn in space. A vanguard rocket. Control Center Cape Canaveral. The circular orbit of the satellite will be shown on map.
(7 m) 06. We are looking for the spring snow mountains. Snow clearing vehicles. Icicles. Stream flows under snow. Bee hive. Bees on flowers. Flower meadow. Birds of prey circling. Farmer plowing his land. Young lovers. Duck mother swims with her boys in Bach. Swan fleet.
(35 m) 7th London in the spring of empty chairs on the banks of the River Thames. Queen Mother Elizabeth in the Parliament. Buckingham guard parades. Out the Palace Guard on horseback riding. Young woman sitting on park bench of Hyde Park. Man passes by and interested looks around. Delivery of spring hats in shop Windows. Easter hat.
(35 m) 08 spring in Rome via alley wife window. Painter Novella Parisini pulls up shutters and painted at easel. Emilio Schubert in the designs for the winter fashion with mannequin. Tourists from the Colosseum. Cats Lounge on the road. People in the Park. Kasper theatre performance. On the Via Veneto, sit people in coffee and drink espresso. Cat sitting on a Chair.
(35 m) 09 Rome: 250,000 youths before Pope Pius XII. breakdown of NDW 426/3: St. Peter's square full of people. The Swiss guards deployed. Pius is carried on a litter and blesses the young people from all over the world.
(11 m) 10 60 + 30 = 90 clever and forgetful breakdown from NDW 426/12: on crossing the car drive by clever and forgetful almost against each other due to non-observance of the right of way. Both get out and fight. Until Maria sees his mistake.
(28 m) 11 spring in Paris traffic on the Champs Elysee. Fishermen on the Seine. Fashion show on the river Seine. Man dressing Lantern. Make addition of chairs in the open. Dove sitting on the head of statue. Pair of lovers. Children's playground with carousel. Chlochards drink on the street. Dog scratching. Junk at the flea market. Painter paints on road. Nadja Tiller and Walter Giller window-shopping while reading a newspaper on the Bank. Choice of the most beautiful man in Europe. Muscle men show up. Rock ´ ´ n roll dancer. Lovers kisses.
in Berlin, thermometer (36 m) 12 spring shows 2 degrees above zero. Notice of the weather map of the Meteorological Institute. Traditional egg ride on the Wannsee to destination restaurant. Ducks on the pond in the snow. Lama looks stable. Goats in the snow. Susanne Erichsen with 2 Afghan dogs on the Kurfürstendamm. People sit in street coffee. Newspaper headline: The spring is still waiting. The public transportation strike. Closed subway entrances. Buses in depot. Many pedestrians. Spring flowers break up (time lapse before and back). Wedding carriage driving in the snow.
(49 m) 13 Oberstdorf: international ski flying week breakdown from NDW 426/12: Max Bolkart jumps and is 7, Kalevi Kärkinen / Finland is 4, Andreas Däscher / Switzerland 2 falls. Willi Egger / Austria crashes hard and must be brought to the hospital. Ski jumper in ZL for the bounce back. It wins Helmut Recknagel / Thuringia with 135 m viewers on the edge of the Hill. Helmut Recknagel, great.
(35 m)

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Bolkart, Max ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Elizabeth von England ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Erichsen, Susanne ; Fuchs, Vivian ; Gaillard, Felix ; Giller, Walter ; Gross, Walter ; Hillary, Edmund ; Hussels, Jupp ; Parigini, Novella ; Pius XII. ; Schubert, Emilio ; Schuman, Robert ; Tiller, Nadja ; Däscher, Andreas ; Egger, Willi ; Kärkinen, Juhani ; Recknagel, Helmut


Strasbourg ; New Zealand ; India ; London ; Rome ; Paris ; Berlin ; Accra ; Hungary ; United States ; Moskau ; Oberstdorf ; Vatican


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Flowers ; Higher education ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Expeditions ; Flags ; Spring, spring pictures ; Plants ; Political events ; Rockets ; Religious events ; Satellite ; beauty pageants ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Skibike ; Skijoring ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; observatories ; Strike, strike ; Animals (except dogs) ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Meteorology ; Military ; Transport: General ; Engagement ; space ; Fashion ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 87/1958

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand eye lens 1 Sitzg. Europ.-Parliament, Straßbg.
Origin: d. view of Colonel in the world of choice. Sovie Moscow origin: DEFA reception Hillary + Fox, New Zealand origin: Pathe news independence day Ghana in Accra origin: vis news start 2. US boots ("Vanguard") origin: Metro spring Assembly + townscapes by: London, Rome, Paris + Berlin camera: student origin: State, n. Queen Mother returning from Australasia.
Origin: Pathe news spring in London (Hyde Park) origin: Pathé news, archive leisurewear origin: Emasa spring in Rome camera: Rau painter Novella Parisini, Rome camera: Rau Emilio Schuberth camera: rough spring in Rome camera: Rau St. Joseph day in Rome audience with the Pope, St. Peter's square origin: iNcom end title clever and forgetful spring in Paris camera: students flea market camera: students tiller and Giller in Paris camera: students Gaillard origin: archive of choice of the most beautiful man origin: Gaumont rock ' n roll camera: students spring in Berlin Wannsee egg ride camera: Pahl Zoo camera: Pahl fashion on the street camera: Pahl Kurfürst insulation camera: Pahl strike Berlin transport company camera: P Berlin (wedding) camera: Pahl ski jump Oberstdorf camera: Hafner, strong end title

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