UFA-Wochenschau 84/1958 05.03.1958


01 Damascus: Jubilation to Nasser Nasser with arms raised on balcony. People cheer. Bedouin Prince of Syria and the Lebanon pay homage to Nasser.
(33 m) 02 Israel: fertilization of the desert Begev Kibuzbewohner March. Education to the peasants. Creep through at Stacheldrahtverhau. Jumps over obstacles. Drawing of trenches through the desert.

03. Yemen declared accession to the Arab Republic receiving the representative of Yemen on the airfield Yemen declared its accession as a 3rd country after Egypt and Syria.

04. Tunis: Bourgibas appeal to the free world of the American Under Secretary of State Robert Murphy is welcomed at airfield. He attempted to settle dispute between Tunis and France in talks with Bourgiba. Bourgiba remains on pro-Western course.
(33 m) 05 Rheinland: flooding on the Rhine and Moselle breakdown from 423/1: floods. Houses stand in the water. People go over Board in the window of her house. Streets full of water where boats sail. Kid rows in barrels. Shield: Bundesstraße Nr & / locked in Zell (Mosel) roads flood. Trek goes through water. Shield: Bonner persons shipping here, stands in the water. Cameraman filming in the water. Federal House in the water. Border guard soldiers secure with sand bags.
(29 m) 06 winter storms over Europe VW Beetle driving in the snow. Bikers push their wheels on icy road. Railway turnouts are thawed. A snowbound cars.
(29 m) 07. Moscow: old mask Festival Fireworks. Mask Festival takes place at the Central Stadium. Dancing and moving.
(18 m) 08 Japan: Exorcism of the winter people run through the streets with their children on their backs. Temple rings the priest with small Bell, making the winter loses its power over the children.
(11 m) 09 Mexico: necromancy old man. Man is stroking the head of woman. Expulsion of the devil. Old woman injected healing juices. Wheat grains are thrown, to decide about life and death of patients.
(17 m) 10. Suriname: Princess Beatrix visit breakdown from NDW 423 / 7: Beatrix is waving by rows of people. Visit to orphanage. Native traditional dances with hat on his head. Children with flags. Beatrix is folded Flower necklace.
(16 m) 11 Poland: Dance Orchestra celebrates its 50th anniversary conductor conducts. Orchestra Polka, Lach polka is played and Sung.
(20 m) 12th Berlin: election of Miss Berlin breakdown from NDW 423/8: applicants in short shorts on the catwalk. Man Viewer, great. Vera Cornelius, 19 years, will miss Berlin and sits on Opal throne.
(48 m) 13 American new of elegant breitrandiger rose hat. Spring Cap. Mushroom hat. Straw Hat. Close Cap.
(48 m) 14 German shoe fashion shoes on the shelf. Shoes with bows. Sandals. Stiletto heel. Very narrow and pointy shoes. Legs go. Rendezvous and welcome. Shield: Caution waxed. Dance shoes, evening shoes for the dance. Recordings of legs and shoes.
(48 m) 15. Clever and forgetful: the beard is from breakdown from NDW 423/10: smart and forgetful in workshop. Master clever considered damaged chisel, and asks new to get. Maria skin with hammer on chisel. Piece flying off into glass. Maria: "the beard is down" and shows on tool.
(22 m) 16 Tokyo: police against Kamikatze taxis dense traffic. Policemen oppose too fast driving taxis. Parking tickets. Taxi driver lure customers. Salvage cars.
(25 m) 17 Havana: auto racing Grand Prix of Cuba headlines before the race, Fangio Kidnapped. Start. After 5 rounds, racing a Ferrari in the audience. Filmed amateur photographer. Amount of sprays apart. Stay 6 people dead and 50 injured. Rescue work.
(14 m) 18th Berlin: handball World Cup: Germany - Norway of 19:9 superior match of the all-German team. Spectators blowing Horn. German gate litters.
(22 m) 19 Brussels: international football match Belgium - Germany 0:2 breakdown from NDW 423/12: German kick-off. Belgium stormed. Hammad holds. Viewers with beret, great. Belgian goalkeeper drops ball and throws himself on the ball. Older viewers with glasses. Shot over the German gate (Gate camera). Man slaps. In the 25th minute Saeed shoots the 1:0 2nd half: Belgian attacks without success. Viewers with a scarf at the mouth, big. White Terrier running across the square. Germany storms. In the 60th minute, said the 2: shoot 0 spectators with Hat and arms raised.
(29 m)

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Beatrice von Holland ; Bourgiba, Habib ; Cornelius, Vera ; Gross, Walter ; Hussels, Jupp ; Murphy, Robert ; Nasser, Gamal Abdel ; Kuwatli, Schukri el ; Herkenrath, Fritz ; Schaefer ; Schmidt, Alfred


Bonn ; Moskau ; Cairo ; Tunis ; Rheinland ; Israel ; Mexico ; Berlin ; Tokyo ; Poland ; Damascus ; Yemen ; Suriname ; Japan ; Brussels ; Havana


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Federal ; Bundeswehr ; Handball ; cameramen, cameramen ; Disasters ; Fireworks ; Football ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Photographers ; Political events ; Police ; beauty pageants ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; Medicine ; People ; Military ; Transport: General ; veterinary medicine ; Livestock, livestock ; festivals ; Water ; Winter ; Foreign policy events ; Dentistry ; Agriculture ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Agriculture ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 84/1958

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Opening title of Nasser in Damascus origin: Gaumont Fruchtbarmachg. d. Negew / Israel desert origin: Pathé journal Yemen is Arab. Union at origin: DEFA Bourguibas appeal to the free world origin: Pathé journal Überschwrnmg. Rhine + Mosel camera: Luppa, strong, basic snow storms in Europe origin: Polygoon masks ready for winter in Moscow origin: DEFA Spring Festival in Japan origin: Asahi news hexes in Mexico origin: Emasa Prince, Beatrix in Surinam origin: Polygoon Polish. Orchestra celebrates 20jähr. Is.
Origin: Polkronika choice "Miss. Berlin"1958 camera: Pahl sen.

Leisurewear origin: Pathé news shoe fashions camera: student "Is the beard", clever and shot.

Police action agai. Taxi driver/Tok.
Origin: Asahi News car racing/Cuba, Gr. PR. Fangio enführt origin: Metro handball worl. Round straight-Dtld.: Norway, Berlin origin: DEFA soccer. Dtld.: Belgium, Brussels, 2-0 origin: Belgavox final brand

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