UFA-Wochenschau 78/1958 22.01.1958


1 Frankfurt: nuclear reactors is nuclear reactor for the electron research of the University commissioned University Minister Tin. Move pointer.
(19 m) 2 Munich: visit in the first German nuclear reactor insertion of the Brennelements takes place under water.
(19 m) 03 Paris: artificial heart baby boy will receive heart surgery with heart-lung machine on the life. Open heart surgery. Machine takes over the task of the heart.
(23 m) 4th Holland: radioactivity in the small village of Putten breakdown from NDW 417 / 5: in medical treatment of a little girl was canceled in scar Radium needle and stuck in unnoticed. When the child had to vomit and the ejection in the oven was burned, the village was contaminated. House and garden of the family are leaving. Investigation of the population.
(22 m) 5th London: children's toys in the character of the space technology missile launch base as children's toys. Rockets are fired.
(9 m) 06. Florida: Successful launch of the Atlas rocket Atlas rocket is fired.
(7 m) 7 drug raid in the entertainment district of Tokyo. Men search for opium and hashish. Sick Rauschgiftsüchtiger in mental health. Professor civil Prince (20 m) o-ton: "the inner space of the experience is the addiction and the condition resulting from your increasingly occupied by. You can see addiction and addiction, then one that not only drugs play a role, but that there are a wide range of human behaviors, can here into this phenomenon of addiction and addiction will realize. Happiness machines, and it now plays an important role, E.g. the game, thinking machines, you think of roulette in casinos, gaming halls. There also some plays a role dancing, reach a certain motor State of exception, always repeated and almost until is increased to ecstatic forms (´ rock n ´ roll dancer) because you have to think of the still more increased Visual curiosity, lust and greed for sensations. Keep in mind that the motor-cycling, i.e., the Bewegtsein, the movement as such, can accept this character. Seen so addiction, and addiction is a social philological Very much essential phenomenon, and you have to look on it after the fashion and each after the landscape in which it moves only. Find people do it everywhere. (Man is pulled behind a car. Ride through fire. Man sets foot on the head of besiegtem catcher. Motorcycle races with crash).
(45 m) 08 Brazil: the Beggar King of Porto Allegre man in poorer hut has 800,000 of Cruz Eros (40,000 DM), he has been begging together and stored in boxes. Treasury requires taxes now.
(36 m) 09. Dortmund: police Festival fanfare brass. Spectators in the stadium. Band playing. Motorcycle artists. Steeplechase with gas mask and crawling through a long hose. Police dog show with obstacle race over high Explosove and long running through the hose.
(59 m) 10 clever and forgetful: the retraction breakdown from NDW 417 / 8: people go over the pedestrian crossing. Maria runs back on belligerent car and meets clever, who out of his car, gets out and explains that you can cross the pedestrian crossing with caution.
(23 m) 11 Australia: 8 x world record of siblings Konrad Ilsa Konrad, 13 years old, swims world record over 800 m and 880 yards. Close-up. John Konrad, 15 years old 400, 200 m freestyle swimming in a week 6 records over 800. Close-up. Clapping.
(25 m) 12 Garmisch: Bavarian FIBT Championships breakdown from NDW 417 / 10: the skids of Knic bobs are considered. Control, brake. Start. Ex-world champion Kilian sorrowfully observed the railway due to warm weather. Rode. Curves. It win Rösch / hammer.
(25 m) 13 Imst: Austrian Luge Championships Luger at the start and on the railway. Cornering. It wins Franz Isser.
(24 m)

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Bürger-Prinz ; Gross, Walter ; Hussels, Jupp ; Zinn ; Hammer ; Isser, Franz ; Kilian, Gustav ; Konrad, John ; Rösch, Max


Holland ; Frankfurt ; Munich ; Brazil ; Paris ; Hamburg ; Dortmund ; Florida ; London ; Tokyo ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; IMST ; Australia


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Higher education ; art jumping ; Police ; Rockets ; Townscapes: Australia ; Tobogganing ; Satellite ; Swimming ; Skibike ; Toys, toys ; Theatres ; Animals (except dogs) ; diving ; Medicine ; veterinary medicine ; space ; Dentistry ; Atom ; finance ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 78/1958

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Opening title Liliput nuclear reactor uni. Frankft. / M. camera: strong nuclear reactor Munich camera: rough operation m. kale. Heart, Paris origin: Gaumont radioactively tainted House/Holld.
Origin: Polygoon toy rocket. (Auestellg. London) origin: Pathe news start Atlas rocket/United States origin: Metro addicted! Opium RAID Tokyo origin: Asahi news, Gaumont interview Prof. citizens Prince camera: Seib, Rieck machines motorcycles beggar/mill. camera: Seib, student origin: Brazilia film archive Police Sports Festival, Dortmund camera: Luppa, reason "The retraction", clever and forgetful world record swim, Austral. (Konrad)
Origin: Cine sound Zweierbobtrainihg, Garmisch camera: rough, strong, Hafner österr. Rodelmeistersch., IMST origin: Austria end brand

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