UFA-Wochenschau 44/1957 29.05.1957


01 Adenauer in the United States breakdown from NDW 383 / 1: sport plane lands in Gettysburg. Adenauer gets out and is welcomed. Drive to the Gettysburg farm. Adenauer and Eisenhower visit the farm. Cows on the back. Adenauer and Eisenhower in the stables. Presentation of the most beautiful animals. Eisenhower shows award-winning bulls. Chief interpreter Weber at talks here.

02. Madrid: State visit Reza Pahlevi and Soraya breakdown from NDW 383 / 3: KLM aircraft rolls out. Frano and wife on airfield. Shah and Soraya come down stairs and be welcomed. Driving through the city in an open car accompanied by the Moorish guard. Soraya gets out of car and receives flowers. Festive reception at the Palace of El Pardo. Franco, sitting Soraya, Ms. Franco and Shah.

03. Vienna: Parade on the day of the swearing in of President Scherf breakdown from NDW 383/4: parade of all military branches before President Scherf on the VIP, big. Infantry battle groups, off-road vehicles, tanks. Military equipment comes from East and West.

04. Tokyo: Demonstration against H bomb tests breakdown from NDW 383/6: rally and protest running in front of the British Embassy with placards against British nuclear bomb tests. Message members behind bars of the locked message.

05. Tokyo: Meeting of Japanese nuclear scientist Congress and speaker. It was decided to join the manifesto of the Göttinger 18.

06. England: US missile with nuclear explosives on giant transporter is a nuclear missile, which will be established by men in protective clothing.

07 Switzerland: armored combat with Molotov cocktails bottles are filled with an explosive liquid, sealed and doused with gasoline, set on fire and thrown.

08th Soviet newsreels a) 7th session of the Supreme Soviet: the Kremlin. Khrushchev speaks interview session of the Supreme Soviet. Clapping. b) tribute to Khrushchev: President Woroschilow Khrushchev awarded distinction for agricultural merit. Kiss. (c) presentation of the Lenin Award: Professor Malikishvili awarded Lenin Prize for his research in archaeology. Malikishili examined stone inscriptions. (d) Übersoll in car factory: workers Uljanovsk clap while running vehicles by the band as a Übersoll was obtained from 100 cars. (e) new air line of the TU 104: Jet TV 104 flies. Passengers. Aircraft Moscow Delhi almost 6 hours. (f) fishing kolkhoz Don: catch up with fishing nets. Full networks with large fish. (g) snake Catcher: Snake catcher at catching the most poisonous reptile. Fangs, large. h) preparation on the World Festival of youth: female choir sings with Balaleikamusik.

09 father delights are liquor corpses on the roadside and sleep. In the morning excerpt of fathers with liquor, beer and ham. Exit in vintage cars. Contemplation and Prost. Engine is started. Torkelnder returnees is received by women with Ausklopfer.

10 Bayreuth: International football match of Germany - Czechoslovakia 1-1 junior breakdown from NDW 383/11: CSSR storms. Spectators close to half. Gateless 1st half. 2nd half: In the 48th minute, the CSSR shoots the 1:0 audience cheers. German counterattack. Goalkeeper keeps. Excited spectators, great. Goalkeeper parades of the Czechs. Fat man with hit laughs approvingly, big. Czechs storm. Goalkeeper prevented it 2-0 for the Czechs with a fine save. In the 67th minute German compensation goal 1:1 by head-butt. At the end of the game, the Player To give the hand (shorter here).

11 Berlin: Athletics competition Javelin: new year best time by Klaus frost with 80,09 m. pole vault: Manfred Preisker jumps new European record with 4.52 m 12 Abensberg: Sandbahnrennen breakdown from NDW 383/12: motorcycle riders on the track. Race in the the final of the Speedway World Championship. Swirling clouds of dust. Spectators take cover. The Finn Pajari is stripped when overtaking and crashes. Helper jump up and help. Duel between Seidl, Hofmeister / Austria / Germany. Hofmeister WINS. Winner with winner wreaths on the podium and victory lap on the car (shorter here).

13 Nurburgring: race the Nürburg. International flags. Review of engine and car. For Maserati, the training winners drive Fangio and MOSS (in the interview). Flying start. The two Maseratis have initial difficulties and remain there. Toni Brooks on Aston Martin chases it and sits down at the front of the peloton. Cars on the track. Stirling Moss struggle to slowly. In the 10th round, is the car of MOSS in the spin and moves to the side. Maserati has lost a tire. Viewers go to the site of the accident. In the 22nd round, Fangio goes to the box with a broken oil line. Still leads Toni Brooks which must also to the box. But edge can keep up and WINS. Congratulations to Toni Brooks and award ceremony with wreath.

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Brooks, Toni ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Malikishvili ; Muhammed Riza Pahlewi von Persien ; Reza Pahlevi von Persien ; Soraya von Persien ; Schärff ; Vogel, Joachim ; Woroschilow ; Frost, Klaus ; Fangio, Manuel ; Moss, Stirling ; Preusker, Manfred ; Seidl, Josef ; Franco, Carmen


USSR ; Tokyo ; Canada ; Gettysburg ; Madrid ; Moskau ; Vienna ; England ; United States ; Switzerland ; Ahrensberg ; Nürburgring ; Abensberg ; Bayreuth ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Fishing ; fishing ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Medals, awards, honors ; Parades ; Political events ; Rockets ; Satellite ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; automotive industry ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Holiday ; Weapons ; space ; Foreign policy events ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Archaeology ; Atom ; Fisheries ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 44/1957

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Title brand: Adenauer in Gettysburg camera: Luppa pers. Imperial couple in Madrid origin: No. do parade for new. Bundespräs. Dr. Schärf origin: Austria student. Protest. Gaitan. Brit. A bombs verse.
Origin: Metro nuclear warhead missile "Corporal" origin: Pathe news Molotov cocktails to the anti-tank origin: Cine journal d. sovie cross-section Weekly Chronicle origin: Sovkino father's day in Göllheim/Pfalz origin: Fingado athletics in Berlin Juniorenfußb. Dtschld / Czech Republic Bayreuth Speedway in Abensberg camera: strong, Pahl, Hafner, Gerzer English victory at the Nürburgring race camera: Stoll, Seib, students final mark:

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