UFA-Wochenschau 38/1957 17.04.1957


01 Badenweiler: German President Heuss holiday town of Badenweiler Heuss accompanied on the walk through beautiful countryside. Heuss receives the new Japanese Ambassador to his resort.

02. Eilat: hotspot on the Gulf of Aqaba expansion works in the port of Eilat to a naval base. Saudi Arabia considered territory of the Gulf of Aqaba, and wants to block passage of Israeli ships. American oil tankers in Eilat.

03. Geneva: war veterans from 35 countries meet is the association with 20 million members sent representatives from 35 countries. Delegations from Egypt and Israel next to each other. Native American Warrior.

04. Berlin: Exercise of the SED Battlegroups breakdown from NDW 377/3: battle groups of enterprises on motorcycles. Onslaught. Shelled to the Alexanderplatz square between ruins. Storming of houses. Rifle fire.

05. Zwicklett: 80th birthday of Alfred Kubin front door with a name tag. Woman brings bird cage with a Canary to the Jubiliar, looking at his drawings in his work room. His paintings with demonic illustrations.

06. London: Miss Ghana visit the Miss Ghana beauty queen after their arrival at the airfield. Photo reporter. Shopping in London with jewelry and furs.

07. Saarbrücken: election of Miss Saarbrücken go Miss applicants in shorts on the catwalk. Audience, great. 18 year old winner after the election.

08th Mannheim: International competition of weightlifting Germany France 5-2 breakdown from NDW 377/8: featherweight: it wins Waldemar Ertl. Light weight: Willi Kolb pushes a new German lightweight record with 115 kg. After discontinuation of the weight, he touches on the back. Maurice Sanchez loses against Willi Kolb. Middleweight: Jean Debuf WINS with 400 kg.

09th Agnano: harness racing start and race. Outsider Tornese comes from the midfield and takes over the top that he keeps in the final sprint.

10. Berlin: for the Berlin Championship Hertha BSC - tennis Borussia 3-0 80,000 spectators in the Olympic Stadium. In the initial minutes, Hertha BSC score goal after a corner. Spectators cheering. Big audience, great. Shot on goal 2:0 goal camera. Goalkeeper parades. Goalkeeper keeps, is jostled and drops the ball. Spectator with doubting shake of the head. Shot on goal for Hertha 3: run 0 viewers after the game on the field. Police in use.

11 State visit of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in France breakdown from NDW 377 / 1: Elizabeth II and Philip, and Coty driving in an open car through the town after Versailles. The parks with fountains and water games. Upon arrival, onlookers space race. The castle of Versailles with precious painted ceilings. Elizabeth and Philip will visit Versailles. Feast in the Galerie de Glace. In the evening, Elizabeth and Philip on his ship go. Fairy tale ride on the Seine with graphs on the shore. Fireworks (here only fairy tale ride on the Seine).

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Elisabeth II. von England ; Heuss, Theodor ; Kubin, Alfred ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Debuf, Jean ; Ertl, Waldemar ; Kolb, Willi ; Sanchez, Maurice


East Berlin ; Badenweiler ; Zwickledt ; Switzerland ; Eilat ; London ; Saarbrücken ; Geneva ; Paris ; Berlin ; Mannheim ; Hamburg ; France


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; DDR ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Shipping ; beauty pageants ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; harness racing ; Unrest ; hotspots ; Art ; Military events ; Holiday ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; weight lifting ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 38/1957

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand: News time: Heuß on holiday in Badenweiler new Japan. Ambassador Takeuzhi b. Heuß camera: strong, strong hotspot Golf von Aqaba 1 US tankers in Eilat origin: Gaumont, Metro Association of former war participants Geneva origin: Gaumont SED Betriebskampfgruppe maneuver bln. O. origin: DEFA 80th birthday Alfred Kubin's camera: Rau Miß Ghana in London origin: Pathe news election of Miß Saarbrücken camera: strong Gewichthcber Länderk. Dtschld / Holland.
Camera: Strong trotting races. "Gr. Lottery price v. Agnano" origin: SEDI Berlin. Fu.-final Hertha BSC: t. Borussia camera: P Oh State visit Elizabeth II. Paris origin: Gaumont final brand:

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