UFA-Wochenschau 5/1956 29.08.1956


1st uranium mine in the Fichtelgebirge mountains Tower. Uranium mining in mine underground. Miners with Geiger counters in search of uranium. Geiger counter fails. Ore is mined and transported to Loren. 1 German nuclear reactor in Karlsruhe should be supplied with this uranium. No protections for miners.

02. British and American aircraft of new nuclear bomber of the British air force Vickers valiant. Settings of the aircraft. Start with rocket propulsion on a short runway. Settings of reconnaissance of the U.S. Navy with the frame attachment for radar antenna.

03. Munich: dental show dentist opens door to the waiting room and leads the patient in the treatment room. Drilling of teeth by tormented patient, their hands handle the Chair become cramped. Treatment with nitrous oxide without pain. Teeth, big. Modern drill with many turns. Flexible dental prosthesis made of nylon, which survives car trip without damage.

04. San Francisco: Party Convention of the Republican Party of the cow Palace as a venue. Parade with girls and chimney sweeps. Eisenhower with ticker-tape parade. Election meeting of the presidential candidates. Election results will be announced to actuality. Cheers and many signs I like IKE. Eisenhower and Nixon.

05. Hamburg: American caravan city caravan used by heavy vehicles. Caravan city. Interior with a fridge and stove. Breakfast in the car. The lit Reeperbahn with Zillertal, Café Lausen, Moulin Rouge and the great freedom.

06 Canada: Feast day of lumberjacks lumberjacks cut through thick tree trunks and hack. Running and balancing on logs in the water. Jousting. Baumstammklettererer up and down.

07. Paris: Autumn and winter fashion tight angular costume, next coat, high Cap. Tight gowns with rich draping asymmetrical. High waist. Fur stole, deep back snippets.

08. Animal stories a) Hamburg: milk bottle for Bunny child. 2 children to feed small hares with milk bottle. b) CAT mother than piglets nurse. Piglet drinking from cat and cuddles, bigger than the cat nurse who licks his piglets. Piglet in addition to cat children.

09th adventure with Jupp Hussels and Walter Gross: the walk together walk breakdown from NDW 344/12 Haridas and gross. Haridas told exciting story, young not looking out for traffic and must be held back before crossing the roadway several times by Haridas. Big complains and then looks up that special attention at the street crossing is necessary.

10 Berlin: police show breakdown of 344 / 1 - here some other interface (cyclists and police dogs on the luggage carrier. Torchlight procession in the evening and the hundreds of thousands in the Olympic Stadium match Fireworks). Hundreds of thousands in the Olympic Stadium as a spectator. The police invasion. Motorcycle riders. Large-scale onslaught. Competition with jump over obstacles and crawling through hose. Drive through flames and standing on motorcycle with air balloon shooting. Motorcycle pyramids. Audience clapping. Flag wavers. Images and words points in the stadium.

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Gross, Walter ; Hussels, Jupp ; Nixon, Richard


Fichtelgebirge ; Munich ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Paris ; San Francisco ; Canada


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Children ; Fireworks ; Leisure, recreation ; Political events ; Police ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; Medicine ; Holiday ; Transport: General ; veterinary medicine ; Competitions ; Dentistry ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Atom ; Exhibitions ; Mine ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 5/1956

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Uranium in the Fichtelgebirge camera: Essmann nuclear bombers and flying saucers origin: Pathé news, Metro dental show in Munich camera: Rau election campaign in America origin: Metro, paramount Americ. Trailer caravan in Hamburg camera: Seib feast day of the lumberjack in Canada origin: Canada of fashion tips from Paris origin: Pathé journal, Gaumont animal stories camera: Luppa, students 'good advice on the curb"police show in Berlin camera: Pahl conclusion:

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