Welt im Film 365/1952 31.05.1952


01. the global days of Bonn: Germany agreement solemnly signed aircraft Get up airfield. Eden is welcomed. Dean Acheson rises from aircraft. McCloy, half-close. Car driving in front of the Villa Hammerschmidt. Schuman gets out of car. Police officer greets, large. Heuss Acheson, McCloy, Adenauer, half-close. Heuss and Schuman, half-close. Photographer. Eden Heuss and Adenauer. The Federal House. Signing of the contract. Adenauer speaking actuality on the Treaty, half-close. Eden signed, half-close. Schuman signed, half-close. Dean Acheson signed, half-close. Adenauer signed, half-close. Eden, Schuman, Adenauer and Acheson stand side by side, half-close. Deed, great. Adenauer speaking at press conference, in addition to Felix von Eckart, o-ton: "we are convinced that the path we have embarked on, is the only possible way to reach a reunification in peace and freedom. Only in connection with the European peace and the world peace it will be possible, that one day we come together with our brothers and sisters in the East."
(81 m) 02 updates soon a. Alaska: flight over the North Pole go fur clothing to aircraft pilots of a weather station. Plane taking off. Flight over the North Pole, aerial view of the Arctic.
(17 m) b. Lüneburg Heath: returnees home returnees walk and sit on bench and into the forest. From East concentration camp Homecomers speaks, o-ton: "the medieval methods were applied: torture, Quälung, hits." 54 comrades are slain, which wanted to say not the untruth or were believed in the law."
(25 m) c. Mainz: SCHOTT works produce Jenaer Glas plate: here, the Marshall plan helps greatly. Fixed Assembly at the opening of the glass factory. Operation of the production of Jena glass.
(14 m) 03 sport a. Oberhausen: Athletics - competitions long jump: 7.19 m jumps Fallak, Göbel WINS with 7.39 m discus women: Marianne Werner raises 44.11 m and WINS (ZL). 1500 m run: Werner Lueg goes into the lead at 800 m, being overtaken but in the final sprint by Rolf Lamers, who wins with 3 minutes and 49.4 seconds. Award ceremony with Lamers and Lueg.
(26 m) b. Berlin: Potsdam - Berlin relay runners on the road. Change of season. Günther Dorow during the run, great. Change. Runners of the Charlottenburg district runs as a winner by the target.
(14 m) c. Hamburg: HSV - 1 FC Saarbrücken 4-1 viewers, half-close. Saarbrücken score goal. Audience gets large. Stool shoots 2-1 to Hamburg. Boys jump on the sidelines. Shot on goal for Hamburg.
(24 m) d. Bern: car race start. Race car on the track. Car is skidding and overturns. Carrier bring stretcher. Taruffi, Italy, as a winner in the race, half-close.
(16 m) 04 colourful image gallery a. Berlin: film star lookalike doppelganger Theo Lingen coiffed Doubel Grete Weiser. Doubel Hildegard Knef. Doubles by Hans Albers. Grete Weiser in addition to Carl Schönböck as a spectator, half-close. Doubles by Paul Hörbiger. Käthe Haack laughing as a spectator. Willi Birgel stands between Doppelgangers. Grete Weiser laughs out loud about Doubel. Willi Birgel claps, great. Doubles in a row beyond the stage, led by Marlene Dietrich.
(31 m) b. Bremen: master drummer Freddie Crump Haque Trommler in chef uniform drumming on drums and against his teeth at the gig in the Astoria-Varieté.
(37 m)


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Acheson, Dean ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Birgel, Willi ; Crump, Freddie ; Eckardt von, Felix ; Eden, Anthony ; Haack, Käthe ; Heuss, Theodor ; McCloy, John ; Schönböck, Karl ; Schuman, Robert ; Weiser, Grete ; Doroh, Günther ; Fallak ; Göbel, Margret ; Lamers, Rolf ; Lueg, Werner ; Schemel ; Taruffi ; Werner, Marianne


Bern ; Berlin ; Oberhausen ; Hamburg ; Bonn ; Alaska ; Lüneburg Heath ; Mainz ; North Pole ; Bremen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Returnees, evacuees, Outlander ; Industry ; cameramen, cameramen ; filmmaking ; Football ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Pacts ; Police ; Press, press conferences ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Marshall plan ; Meteorology ; Contracts ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Japan ; Industrial ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 365/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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