Welt im Film 361/1952 03.05.1952


1st command changes in the NATO armed forces in Minden: Eisenhower immediately, half-close. Eisenhower is to Grandstand and decreases parade of British troops. English Marines marching. Close up of General Ridgway succeeded Eisenhower as Supreme Commander of NATO forces.
(25 m) 02 updates soon a. Frankfurt: Katyn Investigation Committee Danish physician who examined the mass graves in 1943 as a member of the International Commission, demonstrated the neck shot and the bondage of the victims. Swedish journalist on the witness stand.
(27 m) b. Hannover: technical exhibition Vice-Chancellor Blücher crosses accompanied by opening exhibition site, totally. Hall iron and steel. Excavators are presented. Pump. AEG Hall. Television.
(22 m) c. Berlin: Congress half close, speaking at the lectern, exile journalist Reuter, o-ton: "we were also aware, and we are aware that we, by we defend our freedom, defend your freedom at the same time all the time, because our freedom and freedom, these are things that can not be solved." People clap. Reuter in the audience, great.
(25 m) d. Bonn: day of the Heuss forest at lectern, totally. Heuss planted in the courtyard garden of maple tree.
(10 m) e. Neustadt: maritime border sailors carry flags Morse in groups. Sailors row in rowing boats. Border patrol boat on the Baltic Sea. Bug travels through water, great. Man with a mouthpiece on the bridge. Morseverständigung flag.
(23 m) 03 pictures from all over the world a. Windsor Castle: 26 birthday of Queen Elisabeth soldiers from Windsor Castle, total. Elizabeth walks down front of Royal Guard Regiment, total. Elisabeth decreases parade. Philip laughing, half-close. Charles at the window, totally.
(15 m) b. Munich: fashion show Jaques Fath train arriving on station. Mme Fath and mannequins are welcomed. Mannequins on catwalk show. 3/4 long dress and white veil hat. Models on the catwalk. Coat with bow, wide and long. Spectators close to half in addition to catwalk. Plaid shawl for evening dress. Wedding dress and evening gowns on the catwalk.
Folk Festival in the Sahara of desert soldiers stand by the wayside (25 m) c.. Car drives past, soldiers shoot into the air. French Governor decreases parade in Chardais. Men on camels. Battle demonstrations.
(15 m) 04 sports a. Bad Reichenhall: ADAC Germany drive VW at checkpoint. Motorcycle riders. Start At night. Cars with headlights on the road. Mercedes. Cars and motorcycles on the road. Porsche. Sidecar motorcycle. Off-road drive through difficult terrain. VW vans. Car on Highway. Recording through bridge railing. Judges write down times.
(37 m) b. Berlin: boxes Peter Müller - Hans Santana Müller violently attacking. Santana meets Müller. In the 13th round to Santana to the ground, Müller looks up. Santana gets up slowly. Müller will be disqualified. Viewers Get up and calls. Santana with tutors in his corner.
(21 m) c. food: red white food - tennis Borussia Berlin Berlin shoots 1:0 viewers filling picture. Food storms and shoots compensation. Spectators waving, screen-filling. Food shoots 2:1 players embrace the scorer. Berlin shoots another three goals. Viewers run after the game on the square with flags. Berlin players carried on shoulders.
(34 m) 5th special service Berlin report: Soviets shoot French airliner passenger plane before Hall. Bullet holes in the plane. Destroyed seats and bullet holes in the cabin. Shredded Chair. Schwerverletzter interview, actuality is in the hospital: "on the way we saw, Very pretty and sleek, a Soviet jet plane which waggled its wings. Now, we assumed that would be a tribute, proof of friendship, because I saw a second machine, pointed, sitting in front of me Lady on it so somehow that cranked out so weird and then it flashed forward to, and I thought, this is the work of nozzle Jet and Batsch, right next to my seat, that was already a small grazing shot on the left upper arm. I was so on from old Kommiserfahrung full coverage. At the moment on the left hand side a bull's eye, shattered ammunition or explosive projectile, and the Lady in front of me fell like lightning hit on the right hand side, apparently she was wounded so serious like me."

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Blücher, Franz ; Prinz Charles ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Fath ; Heuss, Theodor ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Reuter, Ernst ; Ridgway ; Müller, Peter ; Stretz, Hans


Berlin ; Food ; Bad Reichenhall ; Hanover ; Minden ; Neustadt ; Munich ; Bonn ; Windsor Castle ; Frankfurt ; Windsor ; Sahara ; Windsor Castle


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Federal ; Railways ; Industry ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Flags ; Forestry ; Football ; motor sports ; Parades ; Political events ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Military events ; festivals ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; NATO ; Costumer ; Exhibitions ; Crew ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Industrial ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 361/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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