Welt im Film 349/1952 09.02.1952


1 current soon a. Berlin: return of the Ullstein-Verlag in German hands swing over by Ullstein House. House of Ullstein, great. Rudolf and Karl Ullstein sign return certificate of the High Commission. Cameramen, half-close. Rudolf Ullstein in printing with type-setter.
(15 m) b. Dortmund: inauguration of the Westfalenhalle Westfalenhalle, large, and settings. Flags. Invasion of the athletes. Athletes of various sports genres, half-close. Heuss delivering opening speech, half-close. Gymnasts dance Olympic Round.
(20 m) c. Bremerhaven: students go to study trip the United States ship America at the wharf, big. Students go to ship. Student speaks, o-ton: "We are pleased that we have the opportunity as German students at an American University to get to know the student life and the student self-government." Farewell. Students go on board. Waving at departure. Ship sails out.
(20 m) d. Frankfurt: US air force exhibition in the IG visitors in the exhibition. Manufacturers on inspection of the equipment, to tender the production.
(17 m) e. keel: the World Club House building site. International flags at the House. Foundation of the international student House.
(13 m) 02 fashionable spring dreams a. Italy: spring fashion mannequins in features and in front of mirror. Demonstration of dress with a spring hat. Colorful summer jacket. Evening dresses from top. Coat and umbrella. 3/4-long skirts. Lace evening dress.
(26 m) b. Cologne: French new small of flat hat. Cap with flowers. Wide hat with flowers. Veil in mind.
(19 m) 03 sport a. New York: Hall Athletics run about a mile: Don Gehrmann WINS In the Sprint. Pole vault: Bob Richards jumps 4.60 m and WINS. 600 M:: George Rhoden WINS by a narrow margin. Runners drop after running through the target.
(21 m) b. Fürth: SPV Fürth - 1 FC Nuremberg 3-3 game on snowman square. MORLOCK shoots the 1:0 Morlock shoots that 2:1 player fall front gate. Fürth shoots compensation. Young, laughing, half-close. Fürth scores the third goal, and seconds before the end shoots balancing Nuremberg.
(30 m) c. Stuttgart: Hans Stretz - Invernizzi shock Exchange, box half-close. Santana is attacking and fighting superior. Invernizzi fends off beats. Santana WINS high points.
(18 m) d. Olching: Skijoring skiers behind motorcycles on the snowy dirt road. Driving through curves and falls. The team of Albin Siegl drives as winner by the target. Albin Siegl and rider with wreath, half-close.
(19 m) 04 colourful image gallery a. Rottenburg: carnival masks pull through the streets. Witch face. Laughing people. Stork. Old historical masks, large. Schneider takes hat off the head with long scissors man.
(24 m) b. California: Gorilla-Intellingenztest animal psychologist in a cage with three gorillas. It shall eat in box. Different boxes are marked with different characters. Gorilla opens right box. Eating is closed with complicated closure. Gorilla opens the lever in succession and eats.
(33 m) c. United States: water ski runner runs on board behind a boat, takes the Chair and head and climbs. Water skier falls from the ladder into the water.
(20 m)


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Persons in the Film

Georg VI. von England ; Heuss, Theodor ; Ullstein, Karl ; Gehrmann ; Invernizzi ; Morlock, Max ; Rhoden ; Richards, Bob ; Siegl, Albert ; Stretz, Hans


New York ; Olching ; Fürth ; Dortmund ; Stuttgart ; Florida ; Kiel ; Frankfurt ; Berlin ; Rottenburg ; Bremerhaven ; Florence ; Cologne ; California


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Higher education ; Industry ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Carnival ; Flags ; Carnival ; Foreign workers ; Football ; Shipping ; Skijoring ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; sporting events ; accident series ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Military ; water skiing ; Surfing ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Construction ; Exhibitions ; Crew ; Japan ; Industrial ; Military ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 349/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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