Welt im Film 339/1951 01.12.1951


01 policy of the week a. Paris: meeting of the political Committee of the United Nations Dean Acheson, great. Representatives of Colombia, Chile and China. The Soviet delegate Malik, half close, again rejects disarmament proposals.
(12 m) b. Adenauer in Paris the French Foreign Ministry, great. Adenauer going up stairs, total. Adenauer between Dean Acheson and Schuman, half-close. Swivel to Schuman and Eden. Handshake Schumann-Adenauer. (Abolition of the occupation Statute)
(12 m) c. Rome: Council of the Atlantic Pact States deputies go up stairs. Courtroom. The Canadian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Pearson, speaks, half-close. (UN and Atlantic Pact are organizations of peace)
(16 m) 02. The flood disaster in Italy flood in the area of the Po. Trees in the water. Map with trace of the flooding area. People drive in boat by road. Man wearing cat. Men wading with household goods by water. Weeping woman. Woman with headscarf in boat, great. House collapses. Furniture on barges. People cook on top of stove outdoors. Helicopter. Aerial view of the flooding area.
(44 m) 03 Rotterdam and Bremerhaven: Atlantic - army grows flags in Rotterdam. Eisenhower speaks to Canadian troops, half-close. Soldiers March past at Eisenhower. Eisenhower greeted arriving U.S. troops before troop in Bremerhaven.
(27 m) 04. Rome: Pope Pius announced the new Holy basin of the bishops at St. Peter's. Pope Pius supported on litter. Pope Pius on throne Chair at Holy pronouncement. Swivel to the dome of the Cathedral. Indoor shots. The mortal remains of Padre Ignazio da Laconi in glass coffin.
(35 m) 05. Copenhagen: explosion accident in the Marina fire extinguishing beam. Unloading operations at night. Destroyed houses in the Navy arsenal. King Frederik at the scene, close to half. Damaged truck. Accident, total.
(26 m) 06. colorful image gallery a. Amsterdam: competition of the makeup artist makeup artist at work. Replica of Emperor Napoleon III. Free mask formation. Faces and big monster.
(17 m) b. Paris: handbag fashion mannequin sits down with handbag on sofa. Small, heart-shaped bag. Bag with built-in music box.
(21 m) 07 sport a. Berlin: Soccer Städtekampf Berlin-London 1:1 game in front of the German goal. Goalkeeper Birkner fends off. Spectators, half close, on elevated stands. Players fall. Birkner holds. Laughing audience. England plays and scoring 1-0. In the 2nd half, Berlin shoots the compensation.
(43 m) b. Berlin: Hans Stretz José Borondo beats Gong knock out punch. The Boxer in the ring in the exhibition hall at the radio tower. Excited spectator. Santana will Borondo after 90 seconds knocked out referee counts. Borondo is run by aides in his corner.
(34 m) c. Zugspitze: Skibob chairlift. Bob driver slide bobs. Skiers ride on Skibikes. The Zugspitzenhaus. MIRL Buchner, great. Fall Dagmar Rom on Skibike, laughing, big, on departure. Ride through the target.
(34 m)


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Persons in the Film

Birkner ; Borondo, José ; Buchner Fischer, Annemarie ; Acheson, Dean ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Eden, Anthony ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Frederik von Dänemark ; Laconi da, Ignazio ; Malik, Jakob ; Pearson, Lester ; Pius XII. ; Schuman, Robert ; Rom, Dagmar ; Stretz, Hans


Berlin ; Zugspitze ; Paris ; Rome ; Bremerhaven ; Copenhagen ; Rotterdam ; Italy ; Amsterdam


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Hands ; Disasters ; Explosions ; Flags ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; Women, mothers ; Football ; Political events ; Religious events ; Skibike ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; UN ; Buildings ; maps ; Military ; Military events ; Water ; water emergency ; Competitions ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; NATO ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Crew ; Fire brigade ; Military ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 339/1951

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Federal Republic of Germany

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