Welt im Film 329/1951 22.09.1951


01 1st 2nd anniversary of the founding of the Federal Republic flags in front of the Federal House. German flag, great. Heuss upon arrival with geschientem arm, half-close. Flags of the countries on the wall of the Chamber. Adenauer speaking totally, half close to the original sound. "On this day we commemorate with special love Berlin and the German brothers and sisters behind the iron curtain. We ask them to stand steadfast and determined. The day of the peaceful restoration of German unity will come."
(32 m) 02 D train breaks through the iron curtain small station. Train from the Czech Republic on track. Refugees who came by train from the train. Dispatcher talks about escape, original sound with his family and baby on her arm. "Why have they fled with your colleagues with your 24, from Czechoslovakia?" "This was due to political terror in us." "Can you talk the group for all? All because of political terrorist escaped?" "Yes, all, all." "What's over in Czechoslovakia? Is there an internal resistance?" "Now, it is possible, because we are 80% against regime."
(34 m) 03 updates in the near future a. San Francisco: Japanese peace treaty Gromyko at the lectern, total. Dean Acheson, half-close. Gromyko leaves the room in protest. Dean Acheson signs the peace treaty. Joshida signs, half-close.
(23 m) b. Eisenhower, an honorary citizen of Marnes la Coquette Eisenhower immediately, is half-close. Awarding of honorary citizenship. Eisenhower next to Mamie Eisenhower, half close, beckoning.
(15 m) c. Eisenhower during autumn manoeuvres in Northern Germany Eisenhower passes through terrain. Montgomery runs in an open car. Soldiers in the manoeuvres of European troops. Tank. Soldiers at the gun. Stealth tank. Aircraft. Eisenhower as an observer, half-close.
(29 m) d. Munich: Silesians meeting sign welcome Silesians. Costume groups. Appearance of Krakonoš. Mass on the Königsplatz. Emperor speaks, half-close.
(19 m) e. Frankfurt: peace prize of the German book trade for Albert Schweitzer Heuss geschientem arm at the lectern. Albert Schweitzer, half-close. Heuss presented the award to Schweitzer. Albert Schweitzer speaks of flower-decked podium, totally original sound. "Nobody in the world can today received the peace prize for performance, that is obvious, but everyone must accept him only as an encouragement for what he wants to do with simplicity and humility for the idea of peace."
(25 m) 04 sports a. Berlin: International Athletics Festival during the Festival weeks 110 m hurdles: race in ZL. Zepernick runs and WINS in 14.8 seconds. Presentation of Cup, half-close. 5000 m race: Herbert Schade goes into the lead and won in 14 minutes, 22 seconds.
(22 m) b. Stuttgart: Hockey - international match Germany - Switzerland 4-1 game. Swiss player score 1 goal. Terrier in addition to spectator. Bulli. Germany storms and score goal. Total viewers. Germany will score the 1st goal shortly before the end.
(24 m) c. Helsinki: Olympic buildings capture of the city from above. Stadium. Great tower of the stadium. Pan across Stadium with empty seats. The swimming stadium. Craftsmen in the stadium. The velodrome with two riders, totally. Buildings of the Olympic village.
(37 m) 05. Frankfurt: wrestling Primo Carnera - Kurt toe both wrestler in the ring in fight. Laughing spectators, half-close. Wrestling on the floor and Cap. Referee whistles. Carnera won.
(33 m)


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Persons in the Film

Acheson, Dean ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Eisenhower, Mamie ; Gromyko, Andrej ; Heuss, Theodor ; Joshida ; Kaiser, Jakob ; Montgomery, Bernhard ; Schweitzer, Albert ; Carnera, Primo ; Schade, Herbert ; Zehe, Kurt ; Zepernik


Berlin ; Stuttgart ; Frankfurt ; Helsinki ; Munich ; Bonn ; Selb ; Korea ; Bavaria ; France ; San Francisco ; San Francisco ; North Germany


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Customs ; Railways ; Interviews ; Flags ; Refugees ; Olympic Games 1952 ; Medals, awards, honors ; Pacts ; Policy ; Political events ; Rings ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Costumes ; Buildings ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Maneuver ; Contracts ; Distributed ; Hockey ; Cinema commercials ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; German 99.169 weekly show GmbH: ; Policy ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 329/1951

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Federal Republic of Germany

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