Welt im Film 309/1951 04.05.1951


1st picture report from the far East as Tokyo: General Ridgway takes over command that took U.S. troops. Troupe presented General Ridgway. Ridgway is out front.
(14 m) b. Korea: In the fight against the red offensive U.S. tanks to retreat across the river. U.S. troops walk on rocks. Grenades explode. Fire.
(18 m) 02 updates soon a. Hanover: German industrial fair swivel about Fairgrounds. Rock drill. Demag overhead. Soil tampers. Krupp open coaches. Forklift lift car. Giant propeller. Slingshot hurl stones on scaffolding.
(27 m) b. Germersheim: McCloy visited foreign Institute of Mainz University McCloy's arrival. McCloy a donation from the McCloy Fund presented the head of the Institute.
(12 m) c. Munich: Russian DP.s celebrate Easter parade with pictures of Saints. Believers kiss the hands of Russian priest.
(18 m) 03 Düsseldorf: Negro Ballet Berto Pasuka hand drumming on drum. Dancers dance around the fire. Hands drum. (31 m) 04 sports a. Hannover: Eilenriede - race start. Motorcyclists with sidecar push bikes. Riders on the track. Kraus, BMW, and Hermann Böhm, NSU, overtake the field. It win Kraus Huser. Kraus Rahman with wreath. Race the 500 cc solo machines. Riders on the track. Curves. Walter Zeller, BMW, runs and WINS. Zeller with wreath next to Georg Meier, half-close.
(31 m) b. London: Cup final Blackpool - Newcastle United teams are at Wembley Stadium. King George welcomed the teams. Kick-off. Black pool charge ahead. Shot on goal. Viewers heads full picture. Blackpool shoots corner. Players from Newcastle heads on goal. Stadium, total. In the second half, Newcastle the 2.Tor shoots. Newcastle shoots 2-0 from a distance. Newcastle Captain receives Cup and carried on shoulders.
Berlin (34 m) c: Hein ten Hoff Tiger Jones beats poster with the two boxers after points. Crowds at the entrance. People with umbrellas in the forest stage. Cameramen. Jones with cloth over the head in the ring. Ten yard comes. Stadium, total. Boxer in strike change. In the 4th round ten Hoff to a right hook to the ground. Spectator, large. Cinematographer. Referee counts. Ten Hoff stands up again at 8, but it backfires. Attacking Jones. Attacking ten Hoff in the 7th round. Jones hit hard on. Spectator presses thumbs. Ten Hoff boxes superior. Radio announcer. Ten Hoff WINS on points. Audience clapping, filling the screen. Ten Hoff goes from ring.
(57 m)


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Persons in the Film

Böhm, Hermann ; Georg VI. von England ; McCloy, John ; Ridgway ; Huser ; Jones, Gene ; Kraus, Ludwig ; Meier, Georg ; Hoff ten, Hein ; Zeller, Walter


Hanover ; London ; Berlin ; Germersheim ; Korea ; Düsseldorf ; Munich ; Tokyo


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Higher education ; Industry ; cameramen, cameramen ; Football ; motor sports ; musical instruments ; Easter ; Religious events ; Radio, television ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Dance ; Korea ; Military events ; Exhibitions ; Crew ; Japan ; Industrial ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 309/1951

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Federal Republic of Germany

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