Welt im Film 285/1950 20.11.1950


01 latest image report a. Korea South Koreans when clean-up work in ruins. Destroyed bridge. US troops in reconstruction of bridge.
(13 m) b. Hong Kong Hong Kong's balloon. British soldiers on observation post. Refugees on the Luohu bridge linking Hong Kong with the Mainland. Control on the Chinese border.
(25 m) 2 updates in the near future as Nobel Prize Laureate for Chemistry Professor Otto Diels and Professor Kurt Alder Professor Diels, Director of the Chemical Institute of the University of Kiel, chemical investigations. Professor Adler, University of Cologne, in chemical analysis. Professor Adler is congratulated by employees.
(14 m) b. Coburg: debate between the City Council and population representative of the City Council talking about their work. Discussion on construction of social housing production sound: "I would like on this occasion to point out, that probably not a refugee, or" To purchase a newly built apartment designated what is Yes the main percentage of current population, should be able to pay usually with 1 mark per square metre is." "Of course, the refugees, the unemployed, who cannot afford even the cheap rent of social housing construction. But it is yet so that the Wohnraumsuchende, which now crowded lives, four to five people in a room that gets a new apartment and they can pay, free makes this one or these 2 rooms and benefit the exactly which unable to pay the rent in the new building."
(33 m) c. Washington: Banquet of the Russian Embassy Wischinsky welcomes guests. Guests at the cold buffet.
(13 m) 03. Stuttgart: German country youth from the United States back young people at work meeting at the agricultural school of Hohenheim. General Groaa, U.S. Land Commissioner of Württemberg Baden, speaks interview: "I am Very much pleased with the efforts, which are undertaken here, to catch the spirit of the new and the old to apply it." Students talk about their experiences in the United States o-ton: "we were all with kindness and cordiality treated. What impressed me most in the school, was the friendly relationship between students and teachers. In the agricultural sector especially the great machine facilities impressed me."
(34 m) 4th technology with surprises a. Kalinga - small car city passes road, men get out of car. Two men wear car.
(15 m) b. Finland: rowing boat with forward rowing rowing man forward in rowing boat over Lake. Rowing with gear transmission.
(9 m) c. Munich: baby skip young woman hanging baby on shoulder strap. Baby bounces up.
(18 m) 5th sport a. Frankfurt: boxing Fred Teichmann - Burl charity, United States beat change. Teichmann has 7. Round to the ground by a low blow. Referee Max Schmeling counts him out and explained Teichmann to the winner by disqualification of the opponent.
(35 m)

Peter Müller - Gilbert floor heavy impact change. Schmeling separates. Peter Müller WINS on points, Boxer with a bouquet of flowers.

b. Frankfurt: football South Germany – West Germany 5-4 game. Spectators in the rain. Western shoots 2 goals. Southern shoots goals in the second half.
(29 m) c. California: diving diver at jumping in ZL and without ZL.
(18 m) d. Berlin: freestyle wrestling hand beats Gong. Ringer box and beat. Vávra, Czech Republic, fights against Rasmussen, Sweden. Wilde ring scenes. Paul Hörbiger among the spectators, great. Referee trying to separate. Wrestling flying rope. Outerwear. Spectator claps, great. Vávra, big wins by knockout (32 m)


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Alder, Kurt ; Diels, Otto ; Gross, Charles P. ; Hörbiger, Paul ; Wyschinsky ; Charity, Burl ; Müller, Peter ; Rasmussen ; Schmeling, Max ; Stock, Gilbert ; Teichmann, Fred ; Vavra


Berlin ; Frankfurt ; California ; Stuttgart ; Hong Kong ; Washington ; Munich ; Korea ; Copenhagen ; Kiel ; Cologne ; Finland ; Coburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; China ; Children ; Education, youth ; Refugees ; Football ; Medals, awards, honors ; Political events ; Rings ; Shipping ; Schools, training ; Swimming ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; Korea ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Social events ; Cinema commercials ; Gastronomy ; Technology ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 285/1950

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