Welt im Film 282/1950 30.10.1950


01. on the day of the United Nations: the Bell of freedom - symbol of a crusade shield crusade for freedom. General Clay speaks big. Americans enter on list for Crusade for freedom. Eisenhower speaks, half-close. Liberty Bell on ship. It is loaded on rail transport to Berlin. Liberty Bell in freight train. General Clay gets out of aircraft. Transport of the Bell on vehicles in Berlin. Ernst Reuter and Luise Schröder in addition to Bell in front of Schöneberg Town Hall. Bell is lifted to the Schöneberg City Hall Tower.
(48 m) 2nd picture report from the far East: meet wake wake Iceland and Korea aerial view of the island. Truman gets out of plane and is greeted by Mac Arthur. Handshake Truman - MacArthur. Battleship Missouri! Raising the flag of the United Nations on the battleship. Battle ship fires. Marching troops. Truman delivers speech in San Francisco, close to half (peace policy of the United States) o-ton: "No country in the world which really wants peace has any reason to fear the United States of America."
(50 m) 03 updates soon a. Goslar: Party Congress of the CDU flags on the street. Dr. Konrad Adenauer on the lectern, half close interview speaks as elected leader of the Party (friendship to the United States): "it is in truth a great happiness for mankind, that the American people are free, progressive and determined. The American people has realized, Which one responsibility his power and wealth over all of mankind has imposed on him."
(27 m) b. Berlin: fire in the post Zeugamt plumes of smoke and flames beat out House. Trains of firefighters and managers.
(13 m) c. England: recovery of Georg Bernard Shaw sisters carry Shaw in wheelchair and drive him through Park after recovering from a leg fracture.
(8 m) d. London: family portrait baptism of Princess Anne: Princess Elizabeth Anne on the lap, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother Mary, King George and Prince Philip. King George and Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Charles, great. Close-up of the Princess Elizabeth.
(8 m) e. Canadian quintuplets at the age of 16 pan across the newborn quintuplets. You blow out candles on his 7th birthday. Cardinal Spellman in addition to the 16 year-old quintuplets.
(12 m) 04 sports a. Stuttgart: VFB Stuttgart – FSV Frankfurt 5-1 teams enter. Kick-off. Stuttgart scores a goal. Header to the 2:0 spectators clapping, half-close. 3:0 for Stuttgart. Penalty for Frankfurt will be zeroed. Spectators clapping and waving.
(23 m) b. Cologne: cross-country equestrian group rides through the forest. Flag is lowered. Rider and horse riding through the forest and jump over the obstacles. Horseman rides through target.
(27 m) c. Kaiserslautern: International match Germany - America weightlifting posters of the competition. Weight-lifter. Tomita, United States, levers. Athletes fall weight out of your hand. Spectators, half-close. Theo Aldering levers 410 kg. John Davis, United States, WINS with 455 kg.
(27 m) 5th traffic education car on the road. Child running car and is pulled back by mother. Children play football. Ball rolls on street. Children run from the car. Car knocking when braking. Boy hangs himself on truck and is stopped by a police car and wrote down. Traffic Kasper plays in Delmenhorst. Looking for children, great. Hedgehog Mecki calls his boy off the streets, where cars together and hits him. Small Mecki and Micki. Interview: "are you crazy Pepperl? You instantly go from down the road. Pepperl! Can you not follow! Hey, Pepperl! Wait, I want to teach you the consequences. AU, Mama, Mama! Yes, for heaven's sake, what's this for cry? Up there, where the insane people to death race itself, because a decent Hedgehog does not belong. As Dad, why are angry because each other? Who are not angry, my boy, are only unreasonable, and that can easily cost a life, remember that! "Basically, we are yet far more rational creatures, you must admit that, ladies and gentlemen, what?"
(54 m) 6th special service: Berlin and the world hear the Liberty Bell rally prior to the Schöneberg Town Hall. Screen dimensions. General Taylor talks, total. Adenauer in the audience, totally. McCloy is total. Ernst Reuter speaks interview: "the sound of this our Bell will be heard not only in Berlin and all over Germany, he will penetrate not only across the ocean to the great American people, the sound of this Bell will be out clearly audible to the East." General Clay talks big, and reads the statement, which was signed by millions of Americans. Screen dimensions. People stand up. Ringing the Bell, great. Pictures of Tower Bridge, St. Peter's square, skyline New York. O-ton clay: "it is a deep reverence that we dedicate the World Freedom Bell today. We dedicated it to the eternal honour of all those who have given their life in the course of freedom."
(50 m)


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Aldering, Theo ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Prinz Charles ; Clay, Lucius D. ; Dionne, Marie ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Elizabeth von England ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Georg VI. von England ; MacArthur, Douglas ; McCloy, John ; Mary von England ; Mecki ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Reuter, Ernst ; Shaw, George Bernard ; Spellmann, Francis ; Schröder, Luise ; Taylor, Maxwell ; Truman, Harry ; Davis, John ; Tomita ; Philipps, Mark


Stuttgart ; Kaiserslautern ; Cologne ; Korea ; Berlin ; Hohenaschau ; Island wake ; Canada ; Food ; Delmenhorst ; England ; Hamburg ; Wake Iceland ; Goslar ; San Francisco ; United States ; London ; Epsom ; San Francisco


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bells ; Children ; Flags ; Fire ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; Football ; Political events ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Accidents ; UN ; Korea ; Medicine ; People ; road safety education ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; weight lifting ; Fire brigade ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 282/1950

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Federal Republic of Germany

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