Welt im Film 278/1950 01.10.1950


01 Korea: Advance on all fronts rise soldiers from troop transport to country boats. Harassment of ships before landing. Troops go ashore. Mac Arthur's line of Landemanövers.
(38 m) 2 updates in the near future as New York: meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Atlantic Pact States Dean Acheson at the negotiating table, half close, Bevin, Schuman. (Germany policy statements: ending the State of war, protection of the national territory against attacks, extensions of the foreign policy powers of the Federal Republic.)
(15 m) b. Petersberg: Conference of the 3 High Commissioners with Adenauer Adenauer gets out of car and is welcomed. Behind Adenauer Erhard, half-close.
(9 m) c. New York: Korea meeting of the UN Security Council Warren Austin, representative of the United States, shows captured machine guns from North Korea with Russian logo. Jakob Malik, big, the session leaves without saying a Word.
(16 m) 03 Kassel: youth rally youthful upon arrival to demonstration of freedom of. Ernst Reuter speaks, half close, o-ton: "freedom is not a gift of from heaven, freedom is something for which the person must occur daily. - And so I would call for, to do whatever they can do to reach this day, the day of German freedom, the day of European unity, the day of a real genuine lasting peace with us."
(35 m) 04 sports a. Nürburgring: performance test of used cars (ADAC) driver warm by wood fires. Run at startup to car. Start. Car on the track (Opel, VW, Taunus, Borgward).
(25 m) b. United States: training of football players players in gymnastics, for running over a rope line, running against rag doll, zig zag running and throwing.
(20 m) c. Berlin: International powerboat race ball Rod goes down. Start the motor boats. Turn. Spectators on the shore. Winner boat Mecki.
(26 m) 05. Munich: Congress of Warlock Wizard before curtain introduces Kartenkunststücke. Audience clapping. Light bulb trick. Burning light bulbs and wire coming out of mouth. Ball trick.
(40 m) 6th week of the German film Studio. Camera by dancing couple. Curt Oertel, Honorary President of the Spio, speaks to the week of the German film, o-ton: "the good German film is on the rise. Keep faith him, so that he can live and makes you, the German audience, joy." "The violin maker from Mittenwald" Studio mirror. Flap is beaten. Paul Richter in scene. Producer Peter Ostermayr, half-close. Harald Braun artist's stage directions. Artist goes beyond cable. Hannelore Schroth, Karl Schönböck, Director Kurt Hoffmann in film scene. Based on Gustav Fröhlich, Hildegard Knef and Willi Forst, half-close. Dr. Vogt, one of the creators of the sound film, great. Excerpts from the first sound film in the world dating back to 1922: A day on a farm - farmer's wife goes to the chicken coop and lure out chickens. Musicians play on the farm, children dance, farmer's wife's money. Love scene with singing.
(29 m)


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Acheson, Dean ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Austin, Warren ; Bevin, Ernest ; Braun, Harald ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Forst, Willi ; Fröhlich, Gustav ; Hoffmann, Kurt ; Knef, Hildegard ; MacArthur, Douglas ; Malik, Jakob ; Oertel, Curt ; Ostermayr, Peter ; Reuter, Ernst ; Richter, Paul ; Schönböck, Karl ; Schroth, Hannelore ; Schuman, Robert ; Vogt, Hans


Nürburgring ; Berlin ; United States ; Kassel ; Munich ; New York ; Petersberg ; Korea


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Education, youth ; filmmaking ; Football ; motor boat race ; motor sports ; Political events ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; UN ; Korea ; Magician, magic ; NATO ; Football ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 278/1950

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Federal Republic of Germany

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