Welt im Film 272/1950 16.08.1950


01 Korea: UN - force grows aerial view of the port of Pusan. Ships in the port. Troop transport. War material on trains. Guns at the front. Fighter jets attack military targets with missiles. Impacts. Landing on aircraft carriers. Unfired missile flies landing on the deck of the aircraft carrier and is thrown by two men overboard.
(42 m) 2 Strasbourg: 15 nations meet in the Council of Churchill rising from car, half-close. Schumann's arrival. Flags of European countries will go up on the mast. Session. Dr. Pünder in conversation with Churchill. Theme of the meeting: formation of a pan-European force.
(24 m) 03 Göppingen: German Swimming Championships spectators, half-close. 100 m crawl women: swimming, turn. It wins Gertrud Herbruck, Pirmasens. Springboard men: Springer. Jump of winner Aderholt, Gronau (ZL). Diving men: it wins Günther Haase. Springboard diving women: it wins Paula Tatarek. Viewers filling picture. 100 m butterfly men. Herbert Klein leads, stops, irritated by the shouts of the audience, floats further and WINS. Audience clapping. Small in the middle of the winner, great.
(50 m) 4 updates in the near future a. Berlin: construction of block of flats in wedding sign in front of construction site Marshall Plan aid. Construction of block of flats. Construction workers. Richtkranz, great. Ernst Reuter at setting party, half-close.
(16 m) b. Berlin: degradation of still images of the Siegesallee statues of emperors of the Siegesallee be removed.
(19 m) c. Hamburg: opening Amerika Haus at the Lombardsbrücke Amerika Haus, total. Hall. Brewer to speak at opening, totally. Posting of journals. Library. Girl reading. Kids craft.
(19 m) 05. images from all over the world a. India: Festival of the 3 gods figures of deities. Indian Pilgrim. Pilgrims take stills of deities on large cars. Pilgrims dancing on cars.
(20 m) b. Cologne: the glass man working at establishing a transparent people, bone, nerves. Pan across the glass man. (16 m) c. Paris: Hat fashion show mannequins stuck to cigarettes. Hat with veil, great. Cap with dagger. Black Cap.
(22 m) 6th sports a. Hamburg: football German - American Soccer League - HSV 9:3 inlet of the teams. Game. Boy among spectators with small trumpet, large. Shot on goal. Audience clapping, big.
(23 m) b. Hamburg: German Tennis Championships finals men single: Gottfried von CRAMM plays against Drobny. Game. Audience contact glances back and forth, half-close. Von CRAMM, playing in long pants. Drobny WINS. Drobný receives Cup, great.
(28 m) c. Berlin: international ring er tournament Sports Hall at the radio tower: go the wrestler in the ring in the district. Horn Fischer, Germany, Equatore, Italy. Excited spectator. Doppelnelson. Equatore WINS after hard fight.
(29 m)


Persons in the Film

Aderholt ; Brauer, Max ; Churchill, Winston ; Cramm von, Gottfried ; Pünder ; Reuter, Ernst ; Schuman, Robert ; Drobny, Jaroslav ; Equatore ; Haase, Günter ; Herbruck, Gertrud ; Hornfischer ; Klein, Herbert ; Tatarek, Paula


FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Hamburg ; Göppingen, Germany ; Berlin ; Strasbourg ; India ; Cologne ; Paris


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Monuments ; India ; Children ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Flags ; Football ; Smoking ; Religious events ; Rings ; Reviews ; Swimming ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Tennis ; Buildings ; Korea ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Marshall plan ; Medicine ; Home ; Removal ; Fashion ; Construction ; construction ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


Newsreel (G)



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Welt im Film 272/1950

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Federal Republic of Germany

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