Welt im Film 259/1950 18.05.1950


1st 5 years World In the film - review of Germany in the year 1945 debris cities. Debris fields. Women clear rubble. Children play on anti-aircraft gun. Destroyed tracks and trains. Repatriation of migrants. Refugees sit on train station with luggage and wait. People on the running boards of errant railway. Curfew. Empty streets. Soldiers will provide information on the road. Black market. Roundup. Prisoners of war are released. Blowing up a broken bridge. Construction of schools. Football game. Toy manufacturing. Heuss at press meeting. Swastika is knocked on broom farm. Cooking pots and sieves are steel helmets.
(127 m) 1950 - the latest 02 Oberammergau: the passion play mountain landscape. People on the street in Oberammergau, Germany. Viewers go to Festival Hall. Performance: Expulsion from paradise. Jesus entry into Jerusalem. Jesus sells traders from the temple halls. Jesus and the Chief priests. Curtain closes.
(50 m) 03 updates in the near future a. At the end of the London Conference (Germany's inclusion in the community of free peoples). Acheson in conversation with Schumann. Bevin, half-close. Negotiating table.
(8 m) b. poster competition of the Erpl men consider poster designs for the ERP, the best designs.
(13 m) c. Frankfurt: missionaries of the Catholic Church reach Africa missionaries goodbye on the Rhine Main airport. Sisters wave of aircraft stairs.
(13 m) d. Paris: wedding of the sister of the Shah of Persia Princess Fatima with the Americans Lee Hillyer Princess Fatima and Lee Hillyer sitting, big, next to them as best man Aga Khan.
(11 m) 04 sports a. Berlin: Conny Rux suggests Lloyd Marshall ring at the forest stage. Crowds. Shock Exchange. Max Schmeling, big as a referee. Marshall boxes with eyebrow ripped up and is taken after the second round the ring doctor because of technical knock out of the ring. Conny Rux, great.
(28 m) b. Hannover: football Arminia Hannover - Tottenham Hotspur 0:3 game. English soldiers as a spectator, large. Goal for England.
(16 m) c. Cologne: football Germany - Northern Germany 3-4 game. Northern Germany's 4-1 lead. Shots on goal, spectators clap.
(20 m) d. may Cup race on the Hockenheimring motorcycle riders on the track. 500 cc machines. Meier and Heiner-Fleischmann plunge into the curve. Ludwig Kraus WINS. Kraus, Apple eats after the victory. Start the sports car: Starter reduces startup flag. Race. Car turns the corner and moves to the spectators. Car is again being raised. Official waving banner. Helfrich, Mannheim, WINS, and goes first through the target. Helfrich with wreath, large.
(33 m) 05. The freedom is stronger - report debris cities from Berlin. Collapse of building walls. Building. Currency reform. New buildings. VW. Tug. Modern schools. Berlin map-zone. Building in Berlin. Rubble women. Occupation soldiers control election 1946 4 flags in front of the Council building. Flag of the Soviets is obtained. Blockade of Berlin. Air bridge. Lifting the blockade. Barriers go up. Trains. Shots at Potsdamer Platz. Boundary lines are drawn. Communist demonstrations. Railway workers strike. Russian soldier couples together car. Brawl. Police officers with rubber truncheons. Founding of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Eastern State. Torchlight procession. Arrest of Eastern police. Distribution of leaflets. Moving the FDJ. May move to East Berlin. Rally on May 1st in West Berlin. Franz Neumann, SPD, speaks interview: "for months the Communists through their propaganda for the Pentecostal movement in Berlin To try to generate unrest. Achieved but have the opposite." Dr. Walter Schreiber, CDU, speaks interview: "it is the way of totalitarian systems, to soften up the people through pressure and threat. This despicable system is known, we Christian Democrats enough so that it can impress us No more." Seriously, Scharmowski, UGG speaks interview: "our Pentecostal slogan is: friendly, alert but resolutely." Carl Hubert Schwennicke speaks interview: "the purpose of this propaganda campaign is mainly to the Berlin population, to inhibit the economic revival and to disrupt trade relations between Berlin and the Western zones of Germany. The mercenaries of Moscow have not so far achieved this goal, and they also won't achieve it." Ernst Reuter interview speaks: "the attempt of Communists and their client, the Soviet occupying forces, to intimidate the Berlin population by its announcement of the Pentecostal March, is doomed to failure. No one can conquer this city. No one will conquer this city, Berlin will remain always in his hand of free, upright, German men."
(261 m)


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Acheson, Dean ; Bevin, Ernest ; Fatima von Persien ; Hillyer, Lee ; Khan, Aga ; Neumann, Franz ; Reuter, Ernst ; Scharmowski, Ernst ; Schreiber, Walter ; Schuman, Robert ; Schwennicke, Carl Hubert ; Fleischmann, Heiner ; Helfrich ; Kraus, Ludwig ; Marshall, Lloyd ; Meier, Georg ; Rux, Conny ; Schmeling, Max


Hockenheim, Germany ; Berlin ; Hanover ; Cologne ; Frankfurt ; Paris ; Oberammergau, Germany ; London


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Higher education ; Football ; motor sports ; Political events ; Religious events ; Reviews ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Landscapes ; Marshall plan ; Engagement ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 259/1950

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Federal Republic of Germany

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