Welt im Film 256/1950 27.04.1950


01 political streiflichter a. Berlin: Western commanders approve free elections for the Berlin meeting of the Allied headquarters. Newspaper front page for free elections. Invitation to the Russian commander General Kotikow for four power commandery.
(17 m) b. ERP resources for West Berlin presentation of checks over 700,000 mark. Construction site with poster ERP helps build. Crane on a construction site.
(14 m) c. Berlin: arrest of Eastern police Vopos be interrogation resulted because of illegal driving through West Berlin. Vopos in negotiation. Weapons of the Vopos.
(13 m) 2 India: Holy dip in the Ganges River relocation. Indian, big. Hindus make the pilgrimage. Fakirs along the way. Indians on the banks of the Ganges. Bath in the Holy River.
(33 m) 03 sport a. London: European Championships in artistic roller skating runner. Freestyle European champion Baran/Falk.
(20 m) b. Chicago: United States - Europe Amateur Boxing Boxer in the ring. Lightweight fight of Burroughs, United States, against McCullagh, Ireland. Heavyweight Sudduth, United States, against Deglinnocenti, France. The Frenchman has several times to the ground. US box relay WINS 12:4 (28 m) c. Palm Beach: elimination fights in the springboard diving of women's different jumpers ZL. Mary Cunningham, prevails.
(28 m) 04. Denmark: medium people will sit in Spiritism session exposed to table. Secret camera suggests that zither feet of the medium and makes character that will supposedly be written by magic.
(37 m) 5th news from Germany a. Braunschweig: auction of the Guelph treasure armour can be worn. Auctioneer-Versteigerung the Napoleon of silver.
(20 m) b. East Frisia: extends sea rescue lifeboat. Boat in the storm on the Lake. Casualty on the wreck on the mast. Inflatable boat. Castaway is recovered.
(31 m) c. fencing club Germania of fencing course. Basic exercises. Sabre exhibition match between the German champions of the Polish Army master Adamoschek and Casmir.
(21 m) 06. California: Auto ball small cars go against big ball and him To try to drive through line. Cars move. Ball is pushed over the goal line.
(? m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Adamoschek ; Baran, Ria ; Burroughs ; Casmir ; Cunningham, Mary ; Deglinnocenti ; Falk, Ria ; MacCullagh ; Sudduth


Chicago ; Frankfurt ; California ; London ; Palm Beach ; Berlin ; Braunschweig ; India ; East Frisia ; West Berlin ; Denmark


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Boxes ; DDR ; India ; Disasters ; Fencing ; Foreign workers ; motor sports ; Police ; Religious events ; skating ; Shipping ; Swimming ; Marshall plan ; Weapons ; Elections ; Home ; Magician, magic ; Costumer ; Construction ; Auctions ; construction ; Crew ; finance ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 256/1950

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Federal Republic of Germany

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