Welt im Film 244/1950 31.01.1950


01 Colombo: Commonwealth Conference Senate building in Colombo. Nehru, half-close. Bevin, half close, talking with Ministers of the Commonwealth.
(18 m) 2nd movie stars, models, Ballet rats a. Wiesbaden: young stars from Hollywood man with a camera, great. Young movie star sitting round table from Hollywood on the occasion of the premiere of the American film Francis in Wiesbaden. Jackie Coogan, half close, at dinner. Picture of Jackie Coogan as a child star.
(14 m) b. Dirndl fashion show on the road In the van mannequin on the move itself. Demonstration of Dirndl dresses before vans on the road. Child in the Dirndl Dress.
(15 m) c. Munich: children dance studio Susa Böhm Kinder with dance training. Demonstration of a folk dance.
(24 m) 03 Volkshochschule ULM leaves Street Railway from Ulm Münster. Modern posters to stop column as advertising for adult education. Inge Scholl, the sister of Hans and Sophie Scholl, at a meeting of the folk high school, half-close. Crafts, fashion drawing, and trying on. Instruction of the Norwegian painter Lindström in advertising and decoration. Meeting for reconstruction of Ulm.
(42 m) 04 Australia: woman paralyzed by polio helps with feet woman sits on Chair and crochet with the feet, writes typewriter with feet and sewing.
(31 m) 05. images from all over the world a. Quebec: bridge made of aluminium alloy construction parts of the bridge. Workers wearing part of bridge - the bridge under construction.
(13 m) b. Australia: expects pony pony reads numbers on board and correctly anticipates the foot by scratching.
(24 m) c. Paris: vegetables hats fashion designer considered vegetables in the market. He keeps cabbage on hat. Hat models with bananas, lettuce leaf as edge, cabbage leaf and cauliflower decoration.
(23 m) 6th Garmisch Partenkirchen: end of winter sports week Olympic ice stadium. Special: Runner on the track. Sepp Folger, Rosenheim, WINS. Ice dancing: By Maxi and Ernst Baier. Exotic dance on the ice. Ski jumping: Jumper on the Hill. Ntzell, Sweden, 91.5 m jumps and crashes. Sepp Weiler WINS with 88 m. Sepp Weiler, big, sign autographs.
(72 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Baier, Maxi ; Bevin, Ernest ; Coogan, Jackie ; Lindström ; Nehru, Indira ; Scholl, Inge ; Folger, Sepp ; Netzell, Dan ; Weiler, Sepp


Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; Quebec ; Garmisch Partenkirchen ; Colombo ; Wiesbaden ; Australia ; Ulm ; Munich ; Westfalen ; Paris


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ice skating ; Higher education ; Children ; filmmaking ; Women, mothers ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Political events ; Sensations ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Fashion ; Construction ; Autographs ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 244/1950

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Federal Republic of Germany

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