Welt im Film 238/1949 20.12.1949


01 two big sports events a. Berlin: six days riders on the track in a Sports Hall at the radio tower. Bell will be rung. Rounds are shown. Massaging the driver. Food in the break. Santa Claus on the railway. Spurts. The Australian power rushes. Rigoni. Italy plunges. It win Rigin / Terruzzi, Italy power / Arnold, Australia. Winner with wreath.
(41 m) b. London: football England - Italy 2-0 teams enter. Exchange of the pennant. Game. Snow on the course. Goalkeeper of Italy holds. Kick-off to the second half. England score 1:0 second goal for England. Audience clapping.
(35 m) 02 Brunswick: Meisterschule für puppets puppet heads. Manufacture of puppets. Players and dolls. Puppet play. Dance scene from Faust. Curtain closes.
(32 m) 03 updates soon a. Wiesbaden: Heuss and McCloy on ceremony of the society for Christian Jewish cooperation Heuss and McCloy are welcomed, total. Heuss speaks, half-close. Dr. Alfred Mayer talks.
(13 m) b. Winston Churchill's 75th birthday Churchill gets out of car with his wife and is welcomed by the population.
(8 m) c. Argentina: new led U.S. Ambassador Stanton of Griffis new US becoming Ambassador Stanton of Griffis with riders escort the Palace of President Peron. Griffis Peron presented credentials.
(15 m) d. Hamburg: passenger ship Washington in Hamburg the German flag goes up on the mast of the ship. Ship, half-close. Missionary Sisters on board. Ship on the Elbe.
(27 m) 04. The world celebrates Christmas in America: Church. Choirboys sing silent night, Holy night. England: choirboys in church attendance. Community in the Church. Organ playing. Sweden: Santa Claus gifted children. Greece: worship. Japan: Japanese pray before the crib. Mexico: Church-goers. Decorated altar. Child blesses oneself. Child on mother, great arm in crib. Holland: Child put shoe. Family crib. Germany: People go to the Church through forest. Lighted Church. Farm House. Church-goers. Walk through the cemetery in front of Church. God service. Christmas tree beside the altar. Pastor. Parish blesses oneself. Rosary in hand. Crib.
(132 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Arnold, August ; Churchill, Winston ; Griffis, Stanton ; Heuss, Theodor ; McCloy, John ; Mayer, Alfred ; Peron, Juan ; Rigoni ; Strom ; Terruzzi


Berlin ; London ; Hamburg ; Braunschweig ; Wiesbaden ; Buenos Aires ; America ; England ; Sweden ; Greece ; Japan ; Mexico ; Holland ; Germany


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Flags ; Football ; Political events ; Cycling ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Cultural events ; Puppets ; Christmas ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 238/1949

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Federal Republic of Germany

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