Welt im Film 236/1949 06.12.1949

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01 Zugspitze: The ski's big premiere special slalom: runners on the track. MIRL Buchner, Germany, close to half. Erika Mahringer, Austria, half-close. It wins Erika Mahringer. Special slalom men: Sepp Gantner, Germany, comes as best German to fourth place. Winner: Louis Seyerling, Austria. Erika Mahringer and Louis Seyerling, great.
(45 m) 02 United States: sensational life: two on a parachute parachute jump out of plane. Skydiver absorbs Springer, whose skydiving does not open, and they end up together. Skydivers received order.
(20 m) 03. streiflichter from Germany a. Stuttgart: fair train on promotional trip on train advertising slides are presented. Printing machine prints newspaper. Fabrics, light bulbs. Liquor stand.
(21 m) b. shipping on wheels railway crane takes motor ship Spessart from the main-Danube Canal. Ship will be transported on giant transporter. Ride through narrow streets. Farmers on the side of the road. Ship is reversed in river.
(29 m) c. Hamburg: dog auction Fund items in the lost and found Office. Dachshund sitting bound on the shelf. Dachshund is driven in cars to dog home. Woman cries because she can't pay dog taxes. Dog is brought to animal protection Association. Dog at the auction, o-ton: "and this Wirehaired TERRIER. He is seven years old, a beautiful age for a dog. It costs a mark. 1.20 mark is provided. No more than 1.20 mark? 1.50 mark for a Wirehaired. Any more? Wool has already for two mark..." New owners go with the dog. Dachshund sitting in Backpack by motorcycle riders.
(32 m) 04 Festival of film a. Rochester: opening a photography and Film Institute bust of George Eastman, inventor of the Filmstrip. The first Kodakkamera in 1888. Man photographed. Moving picture with hand drive. Cinema projector. Wild West scenes. Cecil B. de Mille film. Rudolf Valentino, great Sarah Bernhardt as Queen Elizabeth. Mary Pickford sits in swing. Mary Pickford opened the Film Institute.
(41 m) b. London: Royal premiere police hold people back. Arrival of Queen Elizabeth and King George. Royal couple welcomes actor for the American premiere of the Forsyte saga. Child presented the Queen with flowers. Queen Elizabeth welcomes Greer Garson. King George speaks with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Errol Flynn. Margaret Lockwood, Rosalind Russell, and Jean Simmons. Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret go behind the Royal couple.
(32 m) 5th 200,000 mark! The jackpot in the football pools crowd image filling. Shot on goal. Joy and disappointment among viewers. Postman brings young woman pile of post after winning in the sports lottery. Klaus-Günter Neumann; Walter Gross, Brigitte Mira and the Brettl Stars sing song toto. Original sound. Time-lapse: People at betting offices. Woman rolls out numbers. Excitement at the meeting. People in front of tip sheets. People run to the football pools collection points. Ball flies into goal.
(57 m)


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Buchner Fischer, Annemarie ; Bernhardt, Sarah ; Eastman, George ; Elizabeth von England ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Fairbanks, Douglas ; Flynn, Errol ; Garson, Greer ; Georg VI. von England ; Gross, Walter ; Lockwood, Margaret ; Mahringer, Erika ; Margaret von England ; Neumann, Klaus Günter ; Pickford, Mary ; Russel, Rosalind ; Simmons, Jean ; Valentino, Rudolf ; Seyerling, Louis


California ; Berlin ; Zugspitze ; Hamburg ; Stuttgart ; United States ; Rochester ; London ; Cologne ; Frankfurt am Main, Germany ; Main


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; gambling ; Dogs ; skydiving, skydiving ; filmmaking ; Women, mothers ; Football ; Musical events ; Medals, awards, honors ; Shipping ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Auctions ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; Dogs ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 236/1949

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Federal Republic of Germany

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